Things I {don’t} Love Thursday

A couple of weeks ago I started doing Things I {don’t} Love Thursdays. A few people commented saying they would like it if this were a linky party, so that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do! 
It’s pretty simple: all you have to do is make a blog post about things you don’t love, or things you currently don’t like. It could be anything. You know how everyone does Things I Love Thursday? Just do that but think of things you hate. Easy peasy, right? It could be a pop culture trend, a beauty item, a fashion trend, a hairstyle, a restaurant, a book, a movie, a person (keep it clean people!), a song, a store, etc, etc, etc. You can do just one thing you don’t like or you can do 20. Got it? Good. Make sure to follow me via GFC {under my picture in the left column}, add the button below to your blog or blog post {or link to this blog}, and then link up your Things I {don’t} Love Thursday post! Make sure to follow me via Twitter as well so we can tweet each other about our mutual dislikes! 🙂 
Soooooooo, here’s what I’m currently not loving:

 1. People who don’t stay out my personal “bubble” in public. Have you ever been annoyed by someone standing too close behind you in line at the grocery store? Or maybe you were browsing an item and a stranger stood right next to you…a little too close. I can’t stand those people! It seems like they follow me wherever I go. Sometimes I’ll be standing in line for something and the person behind me will actually brush up against my hair! Like my hair that’s all the way down my back. If you’re standing so close that you can touch the hair of the person in front of you, back off!
 Source: Loopy Rocket

2. Rain. It’s so annoying. It rains all the time here too. So depressing & dreary! 
 This is what I have to look forward to! At least if it’s going to be crappy out I’d like some snow, just on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. Then it can go away again.
3. Customer Service Reps. Listen, I know being a CSR at a call center is probably one of the suckiest jobs ever. Trust me, I’ve been there! (I totally worked as a in a call center & took orders over the phone for customers. It wasn’t very awesome). However, I wasn’t rude to the customers. Even the ones calling to complain. You’re getting paid to kiss the customer’s butt, so do your job. That’s why it’s called “customer service.” Unless the customer is being a totally unreasonable jerk or calling names of course…then you can totally give them an attitude right back. However, customers get upset when a business messes up an order or overcharges them or whatever. It’s the CSR’s job to handle these customers. If you can’t do it nicely find a different job! As a paying customer I don’t have to put up with snotty 20 year olds taking my phone call when my money is on the line.
{I totally took phone orders for this company when I was 18}

That’s it for now! Link up below and tell me what you’re currently not loving.