Things I {don’t} Love Thursday

It’s that time again!
We made it past Hump Day, and Friday is thiiiiiiiiiis close. It’s been a long week. Anyone else feel that way?! I like to start my Thursday mornings with a cup of coffee and a little linky party called Things I {don’t} Love. So grab a cup and let loose! Tell me what you’re currently not loving this week.

 HTML. It’s been giving me a migraine for the last 2 days. I had to change a few things on the blog and for some reason it seemed to take me a lot longer than it usually does. I was almost in tears at one point because of it, and it didn’t help that Photobucket and I were not getting along at the same time. I would probably say my biggest complaint when it comes to blogging is all of the technical stuff you have to do.

Not having a printer. This could be easily solved if I would just go buy one. But I’m cheap, so every time I go to the store with the intentions of buying one I usually end up talking myself out it. A printer would definitely make my life a lot easier though. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to drive to the library with both kids just to print a couple of pages. So annoying!

Exercise. I can’t do it! I just hate exercise. It’s the only one of my resolutions that I’m totally failing at right now. I really like the idea of starting the 30 Day Shred again, but I’m just so lazy. It doesn’t sound like any fun at all!



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