Things I {don’t} Love Thursday

I’ve been having a lot of fun doing Things I {don’t} Love, so I made it a linky!
It’s pretty simple: all you have to do is make a blog post about things you don’t love, or things you currently don’t like. It could be anything. You know how everyone does Things I Love Thursday? Just do that but think of things you hate. Easy peasy, right? It could be a pop culture trend, a beauty item, a fashion trend, a hairstyle, a restaurant, a book, a movie, a person (keep it clean people!), a song, a store, etc, etc, etc. You can do just one thing you don’t like or you can do 20. Got it? Good. Make sure to follow me via GFC {under my picture in the left column}, add the button below to your blog or blog post {or link to this blog}, and then link up your Things I {don’t} Love Thursday post! Make sure to follow me via Twitter as well so we can tweet each other about our mutual dislikes! 🙂 
Soooooooo, here’s what I’m currently not loving:
1. Older celebrities getting really bad plastic surgery. It seems like I’ve been seeing so much of this lately! One of my friends even commented on it on Facebook yesterday. I saw Bette Midler in a commercial for this new movie she’s in and her eyes were super squinty looking and her face looked majorly tucked & pulled pretty tight.


 Then I saw Olivia Newton John on Ellen. Oh dear. I loved her in Grease! She was aging pretty nicely I thought…until now.

{don’t get me started on John Travolta’s fake hair}

2. People over-spending on Christmas. I’m not saying it’s bad to spoil your kids once in a while. But don’t go broke doing it! I’ve heard of so many people who are barely making ends meet and they stress themselves out so much this this time of year about money and about getting their kid everything he/she wants for Christmas. There’s nothing wrong with scaling back if you need to. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on toys and junk that are just going to end up broken, or that the kids will get bored with in about a week or two.

{this will not be me this year!}

3. Sons of Anarchy being over until next season. I’m so bummed! One of my favorite shows. The season finale was last night…I won’t spoil it for anyone, but this picture is from one of my favorite parts that had me fist pumping & cheering for Jax Teller!


So, what are you currently not loving? Link up below and let us know!