Things I {don’t} Love Thursday!

A few weeks ago I started doing Things I Love Thursday. Since then I’ve come to realize that it’s harder for me to think of things I love, and that it’s actually a lot easier to come up with things I don’t love that I’d like to share with you guys. So here’s what I’m not loving at the moment:
1. This guy
Seriously? Gangnam style or whatever the crap it is? I don’t get it. Why does our country become obsessed with stupid internet crap like this & then never let it go? I don’t think I ever laughed or even smiled one time while seeing this guy dance around like an idiot. It’s not funny! I just don’t get it. Stuff like this makes me roll my eyes & think “Just go away!” Everyone stop giving this guy attention & maybe he’ll go away faster.
“You Only Live Once.” Uhhhhhh…when were we ever living twice? I don’t understand why this phrase is some big thing. I thought YOLO was a candy at first to be quite honest. I must be getting old.
3. One Direction
Really? Boy bands again? Ok, but can we at least pick some attractive guys this time? And why do they always have sucky hair? I love how the music industries can get these groups of just average looking guys together and make every girl in the world think they are some heart throbs. I can’t tell you one song they sing because I’ve purposely ignored everything having to do with these guys. Go away!

What are you not loving right now? This will be a linky next week so create your Things I Don’t Love post too & link up next Thursday 🙂


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