Things I Don’t Love

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My neighbor almost burning down the neighborhood. Yeah, this guy. I noticed earlier in the day while checking the mail and riding bikes with Lily that the dude was not watching his burn pile in the backyard. Hours later we had firetrucks rolling down the street. I hope they told him tending to his burn pile was probably more important than detailing his low-rider truck.
Kids who are left to “fend for themselves” at a young age. Maybe I’m just the mean, paranoid, clingy mom who won’t let her kids out of her sight, but hey, I’m OK with that. I’ve noticed every time we go to the park or the splash pad that there are more and more kids with no parents or adults. Really? An 8 year old can go the park himself? I don’t care if you only live 3 blocks away & it’s in a residential area. What if he got hurt? Kidnapped? Lost? Hit by a car? What if he was hungry? Did he bring water to drink & stay hydrated? Did anyone put sunscreen on him before he left the house? What if other kids were mean to him or picked on him? These are all things that fly through my head while I’m sitting there cursing the parents in my head.
Making Rafflecopter widgets. Planning giveaways is a lot of work, and adding all of the links to the giveaway widget is probably what I dread most.
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