Things I Don’t Love

At long last- time for a brand new edition of Things I Don’t Love Thursday!
This is a fun little linky I’d been hosting, but had to put it on hiatus for a bit while we moved and got settled again. Well, we’re settled, and I’ve got plenty of things that I’m not loving right now, so let’s get it going! I hope you’ll join me and link up.


Here’s how it works:
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Moving. Here’s an obvious one. Moving sucks- big time. I’ve done it so many times now that I should be a professional mover or something. I guess in order to be a professional though I’d need to be good at it- which I’m not. I’m normally a very clean, organized person, but packing kills me. I usually end up throwing everything into bags and boxes with absolutely no rhyme or reason. See how nicely I packed up my husband’s audio cords for his music stuff? I’m such a great packer!
Snow. Yep- hate it. Which is unfortunate because I just moved back to my hometown and we get a lot of snow here. We just had our first taste of winter on Tuesday, and while my kids were extremely excited, I was not. Snowy weather means I go into hermit mode and pretty much never leave the house except to grocery shop.
Grocery shopping. Oh how I loathe grocery shopping. I never know what to get, so I always get the same old stuff every time. No one gives me input on what they want to eat and they all just say “You know what we like. Just get whatever!” Then I come home, put everything away, and get to hear complaints of there being nothing to eat, even though I just spent $125 on food. I wish I could have someone else do the shopping and meal planning for me because I’m completely burnt out and over it. Personal grocery shopper, anyone?

Now it’s your turn!

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