These girls

These girls know how to cheer me up.
Janie & Amber are my Blog BFFs. You’ve probably heard me say that before, so let me explain: I’ve “known” them for over 5 years now. Yep- 5 years. Maybe 6 actually. We didn’t meet through blogging, but actually through an old website called CafeMom waaaay back in like 2007ish. Cafemom is a dramatic website for bored moms with nothing better to do but sit around and gossip…I think it still exists, though I haven’t been on it in years, and I don’t recommend visiting the site unless you want drama. Anyway, the three of us were all pregnant with our daughters at the time (and we all have boys who were born first) and we got to know each other through a group we were in on the website. We would chat online just about every day and we got to know each other pretty well. Eventually we left Cafemom but remained friends, and a few years ago we all individually started blogging. The rest is history- and that’s how they came to be my Blog BFFs. 
I talk to these girls every day- literally every single day, in some way or another. They are my go-to girls for everything, and they know more about me than probably anyone (besides my husband). The only thing is that I’ve never met them. Amber and Janie have met each other. They are both military wives, so somewhere along the way they were closer to each other and actually met up and hung out (with their husbands too). I was super jealous. I’m about 2,800 miles away from each of them, because Amber is in Georgia now and Janie is in New York.
So you guys know I’ve been having a rough time lately, right?
 Imagine my surprise when this popped up on my Facebook page yesterday:
My Blog BFFs are ambassadors for this awesome shoe company called LUV Footwear. They get to do these things called “Random Acts of LUV” where they can give out a pair of cute LUVs flats to someone of their choice. They both conspired together to get this awesome picture and they are giving me a double dose of LUV for August- a pair of flats for myself and for Lily!
This seriously made my freaking week. For real. I was just asking them about LUVs because I wanted to get Lily a pair for school, so I guess they were scrambling to hurry up and do this before I placed my order! They are such good little planners, haha. Seriously though, we are so excited to get our LUVs flats and I can’t thank my besties enough for cheering me up and making me feel LUVed! 🙂 
Check out these cute ones Lily picked out!
If you wanna check out LUVs head over there & use the promo AMLUV20 or SELUV20 to get 20% off your pair of LUVs flats. 
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