Tips for Selecting an Air Mattress


    Today, air mattresses are excellent for temporary everyday bedding, extra bedding for vacation rentals, comfortable camping options, and over-night guests. One of the main appeals of today’s air mattresses is that they offer a reasonably comfortable bedding option that may be folded and kept in a closet.

    You might be able to get away with a less expensive, basic air mattress if you only use it sometimes when you go camping. However, you should pick a more premium, robust one that is made for indoor use if you want to provide overnight visitors more comfort. The top layer of many expensive air mattresses is thicker and more comfy. Twin, double, queen, and king are the sizes of air mattresses, respectively. A few air mattresses are also incredibly thin, while others are thicker. High-end models have collapsible frames and may be stacked to create a higher bed.

    Types of Air Mattresses

    Given the wide variety of air mattresses on the market, it is safe to say that selecting the best air mattress can be extremely difficult. There are a variety of air mattress brands and features available. You should spend some time getting familiar with the many kinds of air mattresses that are available if you want to take on this challenge.

    Air mattresses fall into three main categories:

    • Temporary Air Mattresses
    • Camping Air Mattresses
    • Permanent Air Mattresses

    Temporary Air Mattresses

    When compared to camping air mattresses, temporary air mattresses are often heavier, larger, and taller. Temporary air mattresses are typically thought of as inflated beds that are utilized inside of homes and are made to be:

    • Accessible
    • Comfortable
    • Easily setup

    Standard bed sizes including twin, full, queen, and king-size mattresses are typically followed by this kind of air mattress. Standard sheets often fit on this type of mattress and include characteristics that allow them to stick to the bed itself.

    On the top of temporary air mattresses, flock bedding is not unusual. There is no need for additional sheets when using this flock material, which is a synthetic velvet-like material that covers the top of the bed. It depends on the particular model, however this is not the only material that is used. The price can change depending on the quality of the materials, which can be lower or greater. Furthermore, it’s critical to keep in mind that cleaning certain contaminants out of flocking materials can be a little challenging.

    Buying a temporary air mattress primarily serves the purpose of giving overnight guests a more comfortable sleeping environment. These air mattresses typically have better air chambers and more elements that resemble conventional beds than a straightforward inflated bed would. Some variants will incorporate air chambers at the head of the bed to simulate pillows and offer neck support.

    Temporary air mattresses are lighter, more portable, and typically more compact than permanent air beds. They may be folded up and fitted inside of something like a plastic container, making them frequently smaller and simpler to store. Some temporary air mattresses are approved for camping use, but if you want to use the temporary air mattress for both sleeping on and off the ground, look for extra foundation protection.

    Camping Air Mattresses

    Camping - Tent

    There are always exceptions to everything but camping air mattresses are normally lightweight and smaller in both height and width. In general, air mattresses for camping are made to:

    • Portable and Compact
    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Waterproof

    Most frequently, the bottom of these mattresses is made of extra-thick vinyl, which helps to shield them from piercings. Flock top bedding material is particularly popular because standard sheet sizes do not often fit camping air mattresses. Some air mattresses for camping have low-profile bodies and use unique air and foam mixtures. In the air mattress sector, there are a ton of emerging technologies to keep an eye on.

    Comfort is frequently cited as the main factor when choosing an air mattress for camping. You can sleep elevated off the rocky, uneven, chilly, and occasionally wet ground when you go camping with an inflatable mattress. When sleeping on the ground, in a tent, or even inside a truck bed, it is practically impossible to prevent getting wet overnight. Nobody desires to have a wet awakening. Keep the qualities of a waterproof camping air mattress in mind.

    The term “sleeping pads” refers to the extremely portable and small ultra-lightweight air mattresses that are also available. Backpackers and bushcrafters frequently use sleeping pads. For travelers seeking the lightest pack and a restful night’s sleep, these kinds of air mattresses are of utmost value.

    Permanent Air Mattresses

    Although there are always exceptions, permanent air mattresses are often heavier and larger overall and in height. Permanent air mattresses are often made to:

    • Used for a long duration
    • Emulate or replace a conventional bed
    • Have a sturdy support structure
    • Elevated and highly accessible

    Permanent air mattresses, sometimes known as air beds, are made to be used over an extended period of time, much like a regular bed. They frequently top the list of the three types of air mattresses for weight, height, and thickness. featuring the most cutting-edge air chambers and cutting-edge technology.

    Usually, these mattresses are utilized in place of regular beds. Permanent air mattresses are frequently utilized inside makeshift guest rooms to replace guests’ beds. Additionally, permanent air mattresses fit normal sheet sizes and frequently have cutting-edge features built in to keep them from falling off.

    10 Tips Before Purchasing Your Air Mattress

    It’s important to start your search for an air mattress by taking into account the information below because qualities and features vary as greatly as pricing.

    Mattress Size

    Air bed the camping gear isolated

    The majority of air mattresses come in several sizes, including twin, double, and queen. It could be more difficult to find larger sizes, like a California king or a twin XL. A twin or double air mattress will do when purchasing an air mattress for one person. If there will be two persons using the mattress, you might wish to get a queen or even two twin mattresses joined together to make a king. Twin mattresses may occasionally keep air better than larger beds. It would be preferable to buy several smaller mattresses as opposed to one larger one.

    Rise Height

    The target market for the thinnest air mattresses is frequently campers who only want to elevate themselves slightly above the tent floor. These are simpler to inflate, deflate, and pack for travel even though they can only be a few inches thick. Typical low-rise mattresses can range in height from 8 to 10 inches. These are excellent for a college dorm or visiting grandchildren. High-rise mattresses are preferable for senior visitors or longer-term sleeping needs because they can be as tall as 22 inches. 

    Frequency of Use

    You might wish to make an investment in a higher-quality mattress if you want to use your air mattress as a normal bed, even for a brief while. In order to learn if the model was intended for daily usage, you should speak with the manufacturer. A lot of them are only meant to be used occasionally.

    Indoor or Outdoor Use

    two tents

    You should also consider where you will most likely utilize your air mattress. Some are made specifically for use inside, where the temperature and humidity are more stable. If you’re looking for an air mattress for camping, you might want to get one made specifically for that purpose to ensure increased longevity in harsh outdoor environments.


    Quality products should be supported by quality companies. The air mattress and inflation pump should both be covered by a minimum one-year warranty on the top air mattresses.

    Luxury Features

    A built-in USB connector may be available in the most expensive models, making it simple to charge mobile devices such phones. Other features of certain air mattresses include reinforced edges to avoid edge collapsing and adjustable hardness on various sides of the bed. To increase comfort, many air mattresses have a softer material put over the vinyl base. A layer of memory foam, soft sheets, or blankets can be added to increase comfort even further.

    Illumination Features

    Some air mattresses have LED lights along the base of the bed, which is somewhat gimmicky yet functional. For journeys to the kitchen or bathroom at odd hours, this offers a nightlight option. Some types could additionally have LED lights to show the stiffness selection possibilities.

    Inflation Developments

    Purchasing a blow-up air mattress can still enable you to save money. You can even choose to go one step further and utilize a manual hand pump or a vacuum cleaner attachment. The most recent models, however, include outlets that they can plug into to automatically inflate and deflate with the press of a button. Even the best air mattresses use sensors to detect pressure decreases and top off the air automatically in the middle of the night.

    Air Mattress Coil Count

    The use of coils is no longer limited to conventional beds. A high-quality queen-sized air mattress should have a coil count of at least 30. By ensuring that the air is dispersed evenly throughout the mattress, this innovation will raise the level of comfort.

    Air Mattress Weight Limits

    Rolled colorful air mattresses for camping and trekking holidays

    Most air mattresses will list a maximum weight capacity. Make sure that the air mattress’ regular users won’t go over this cap. If they do, you might want to think about switching to a different model or getting a second air mattress to accommodate several heavier persons.

    Sleeping position

    Your choice of air mattress comfort level may be influenced by how you sleep. A firm top surface or a deep mattress, for instance, can be your best option if you prefer to sleep on your stomach and are overweight. You might choose comfort firm if you want to sleep on your back. If you move about a lot, choose for a mattress with two air-filled chambers. The range of your sleeping firmness and position scale for sleeping on your stomach is from gentle to above medium firm, or 5-7. On a sleeping scale, sleeping on the side varies from extremely soft to medium, or 3-6, whereas sleeping on the back runs from medium to fairly hard, or 5-7.

    Other body conditions

    Think about your physical or medical conditions before purchasing an air bed. Is your physique hyper-flexible or stiff? Have you got broad hips? Do you have a back or shoulder injury? A sore shoulder can keep you up at night, and if you have broad hips, a hard mattress can bend your spine. A soft mattress won’t work for someone who moves around a lot. Adapt the comfort or firmness level of the air bed to your physical needs.

    You can speak with a specialist about your mattress, spine, and body alignment. Before buying a mattress, you can visit them for a while. A consultant may conduct trial-and-error experiments to determine how your weight is dispersed throughout the mattress or how your curve fits its contour. Verify any claims made by the mattress vendor that their product is orthopedic or has medical approval. In actuality, no organization accredits these labels.


    Depending on the size and features, air mattresses may be purchased for anywhere from $50 to $300 or more. Before committing to one, make sure to know how much you are willing to pay. Don’t base all of your purchasing decisions purely on pricing. Price may not always correspond to quality. Select only the extras you require because you can be offered pillow toppers, bed frames, and bed covers even though all you need is a basic mattress. 


    Whether it’s your own or your child’s friends staying with you, chances are you’ll want them to have the greatest possible night’s sleep. Some individuals may feel that a pull-out couch bed is the ideal option for them. But what if you don’t have much room, or if visitors only stay with you sometimes, and you need something you can put up, pack up, and then forget about? If this holds true for you, you might want to think about making a purchase of a high-quality air mattress.

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