The Top Five Lunchbox Backpacks

When you go on a picnic or a hike, you normally want to take some food along with you. But figuring out how to do so can be a bit tricky. You can take some baskets with you but there is a better way. Lunchbox backpacks are a great investment for outings as well as normal office life if you take some lunch along with you every day.

What separates these bags from normal ones you ask? Lunchbox backpacks are designed to be leak-proof and to keep your food hot or cold. They might also be designed in a more storage efficient way regarding food items. These are great backpacks for when you want to go hiking or camping or even just a picnic. You’re free of the hassle of baskets and can carry around your food more easily. So let’s dive in and go through our top five choices for lunchbox backpacks.

Where to Buy
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MIER Insulated Cooler Backpack Leakproof Soft Cooler for Lunch, Picnic, Hiking, Beach, Park, 24Can
Slotra 17 inch Laptop Backpack with Lunch Box USB Port Travel Computer Backpack Large Capacity Busniess Commute Bag
Igloo Outdoorsman Gizmo Backpack
Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler


MATEIN Lunch Backpack

MATEIN put together a great backpack here. This particular bag has all the bells and whistles of good backpacks in addition to the lunchbox feature. The insulated lunch compartment of the backpack is spacious and also quite easy to clean. It can keep your food warm or cold for 2-4 hours and is easily accessible on the front. Other than that the bag has a main compartment, a laptop pocket for laptops up to 17 inches, two front pockets, two mesh pockets on each side, and another pocket on the back. It also has a USB charging port and other welcome stuff like ventilated straps, a D-Ring, and a padded top handle.

MIER Insulated Cooler Backpack

This bag comes in two different sizes along with its color options and is purely intended to store food. The main compartment of the bag is one giant insulated lunch compartment available in 24-can and 30-can sizes. Owing to its height you can even store tall bottles inside. The compartment keeps your food cold or warm for hours and is easy to clean too. And of course, it’s leak-proof too. But it’s not just that main lunch compartment. There are a handful of additional pockets included too, like a front pocket, two mesh pockets on each side, and a second smaller front pocket. Other than that the bag has a padded top handle, ventilated back and straps, and has a water resistant bottom to boot. All in all, an excellent lunch backpack.

Slotra Backpack with Lunch Box

Like the MATEIN backpack we listed above, this backpack isn’t for you if you’re simply looking for a lunch bag. However, it is a great choice if you’re looking for a laptop bag with an added lunch compartment. The SLOTRA backpack has a laptop anti-theft compartment on its back suited for laptops up to 17 inches wide. It also has a USB charging port and a main pocket with a ton of useful slots. The straps are comfortable and come with a chest strap to ease the load on your back. As for the lunch compartment, it slides out from the side of the bag and is decently sized for everyday needs.

Igloo Outdoorsman Gizmo Backpack

The Igloo Outdoorsman Gizmo is another backpack designed for maximum food storage. This backpack is intended for drinks and beverages but will do for food as well. The sleek inside of the main food compartment features extra insulation and foam to keep your drinks colder for longer. There’s also a pretty handy feature in this backpack; the mesh side pockets for drinks have straps above them to keep your drinks securely in place. As expected, the back and shoulder straps are padded and ventilated too. There is also a back pocket for laptops or slim books among other items. And it wouldn’t be complete without some storage apart from food, so there are two front pockets too.

Coleman Backpack Cooler

The Coleman C003 backpack is a simple yet efficient lunchbox backpack at an affordable price. It sets out to do one thing and it does it marvelously: store food. There is one main compartment that is quite spacious and keeps your food warm or cold for hours in a sealed and insulated environment. Then there is a second front compartment for additional items. The size of the bag is very large, advertised as a 28-can capacity. Other than that there’s the standard mesh side pockets and adjustable padded shoulder straps. One thing that’s missing is a padded top handle but that’s a small compromise for what you’re getting and at what price.


And that concludes our top five lunchbox backpacks list. Hopefully you found something that satisfies your needs. In the meanwhile, why not go through some of our other lists? We’ve got tons. Like the one on our top five cheap hair clippers under $50. Or how about our picks for the five best digital alarm clocks? Browse around and you’re sure to find something that catches your fancy.