The Top Five Backpack Beach Chairs

People love to relax; it’s just in our nature. And we have been finding luxurious means of relaxation since the beginning of time, or at least since we showed up on this planet. One of those luxurious activities, coveted by those that live further inland, is going to a beach. It might seem simple on paper, but once you have actually experienced it you will fall in love with it.

Being surrounded by the sounds of rushing water, the wind, maybe the sound of the seagulls, and the salty tinge of the sea on your nose while you lay back on the sand or splash around in the water.Truly it is one of the most relaxing yet fun activities you can partake in. And as with most relaxation activities, there are a bunch of items people like to take along with them to enhance the experience. For going to the beach, there can be beachballs, mats, and beach chairs among others. Beach chairs are a great way to just kick back and relax on the beach without getting any sand on your person. So, in this post we will go over the top five beach chairs you can get that can be folded into a backpack for easy portability and accessibility.

Where to Buy
Rio Beach Portable Folding Backpack Lay Flat Beach Lounge Chair with Backpack Straps and Storage Pouch
Tommy Bahama ASC529TB-217-1 Lace Up Backpack Beach Chair, 4 Positions, Solid
Rio Beach 17" Extended Height 4 Position Folding Beach Chair
Rio Brands Gear 5 Position Steel Backpack Chair with Cooler
Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel Bar


Rio Beach Portable Folding Backpack Beach Lounge Chair

The greatest thing about this backpack beach chair is that it is compact, yet unfolds into quite a long chair you can lie down on. The chair also comes with the option of adjusting the recline to wherever you want at whichever angle you desire. You can also flatten it and lay down completely if you wish. This chair is also quite close to the ground, just 10 inches up from it actually, and makes it very easy to get on or off of it.

The chair also only weighs 9lbs and is super light and easy to carry around, thanks in part to the straps so you can wear it like a backpack. Despite its weight though, it is also durable as well, and made of rust resistant steel. Furthermore, quite like a backpack rather than a chair, it also has a pouch you can put stuff in while wearing it on your back. Just be sure not to press down on the middle when getting in or it might just snap closed in your face.

Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair

A rather stylish looking chair, it is just that, a backpack beach chair. It doesn’t come with the option to lay back completely, but it does provide four different recline options and a lock to hold the chair in place and stop it from snapping closed. Furthermore, it has a very welcome neck support pillow at the top that allows for more comfortable seating for longer durations.

In backpack mode the chair is light and easy to carry and also features a pouch to put other things inside of. But in addition to that, it has another interior pocket closed by Velcro and also has a cup holder type pocket to put any beverage inside while sitting. The chair is also quite sturdy and the fabric is very comfortable to sit on.

Rio Beach 17″ Folding Beach Chair

Weighing only 8lbs, this backpack beach chair from RIO Gear sits 17 inches above the ground and has four different recline positions available. The armrests are quite wide and you can rest your whole arms on them. The chair also has a plastic cup holder in which you can place drinks without the fear of them falling over out of the holder. It also has a pocket to one side where you can place other items.

The chair also has a bottle opener and a cellphone slot for just a tad more luxury bragging rights. The material is rust resistant aluminum and is quite durable and sturdy. The backpack straps can of course be adjusted to your preference, and are also padded for extra comfort when carrying around the chair.

Rio BrandsSteel Backpack Chair

Another quite stylish beach chair, this one also features a neck support cushion that can be adjusted to your liking as well. Sitting 11 inches off the ground and weighing 11lbs as well, this backpack beach chair has five different positions and also allows full reclining ability. The armrests are made of wood, while the side pocket also includes a cellphone pocket and a drink holder pocket. The chair comes with a towel bar as well and the drink holder pocket features insulation.

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair

This backpack beach chair is available in a lot of different beautiful and colorful patterns, in case that is one of the buying factors you have on your mind. Other than that, this chair has a higher load bearing capacity than most and still manages to remain light at just 8lbs. It too features an adjustable pillow for neck support and comes with five different recline positions including the ability to lay flat.

This chair has two storage compartments built in, one of which is insulated as well. It also has the standard drink holder pocket, cellphone slot, and towel bar. The frame material is rust resistant aluminum and the seat material is polyester fabric, which means you can rest in the chair for hours on end in comfort.


And that was our list on the top five backpack beach chairs you can get for a wonderful time at the beach the next time you visit. No more carrying chairs by hand across the sand to the perfect spot, now you’re going to do that on your back in style. Looking for more backpack related top five lists? We’ve got one on the top five cheap laptop backpacks under $50. Doesn’t catch your fancy? How about the top five travel backpacks.