The Purpose of Humidifiers—Important Benefits

When talking about humidity, it is the amount of moisture that is in the air around you.  When you are outdoors, the humidity can be high but can also be low.  The humidity level affects your comfort level along with your health.  Most people will find that they are most comfortable when the humidity is between 30 and 60 percent.  When you are inside a home or building, the air can be dry with low humidity.

Purpose of a humidifier

A humidifier is used to raise the humidity in an enclosed indoor area.  It does this by turning water in the machine into a vapor or fine mist before releasing it back into the air.  How often you want to run depends on the individual and the humidity level in the space.  You can run it some of the time or all the time.

Humidifier maintenance

When you purchase the humidifier, you will need to regularly fill it with water along with keeping it clean.  You will also need to make sure that you change the filter at least once a month.

Important benefits

  • Nose and sinus pain reduced: With dry air, your nose and throat can become quite dry.  This can be very uncomfortable so when you use a humidifier, it will help to keep them moist, making breathing more comfortable.
  • Relief from allergies: Allergies can be unbearable, especially if the air is not humid.  The mucous membranes that help to keep the allergens out of our noses can become dry if the air is not humid enough.  This will cause them not to work correctly.  A humidifier will help lubricate these membranes and decrease the symptoms of your allergies.
  • Support your sleep: Many people snore when they sleep, which can be a sign of sleep apnea.  It can also mean that you need more moisture in your body.  When a person snores, it can mean that the air is not able to move smoothly around your throat, mouth, and nose.  With a humid environment, the airflow will improve.  Although it may not cure snoring, it will help to improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Improve dry skin: If you have dry skin, you know that it can become flaky, dry, and inflamed.  Although there is lotion for dry skin, the humidifier can help moisten the air and help to alleviate your dry skin.
  • Alleviate sore throat: Most of the time, when your nose is dry, so will your throat.  Low humidity can cause a chronic sore throat.  To fix this issue, keep the air humid.  Also, make sure that the filters are clean.


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