The Pinterest Project Linky Party!

Welcome to the first ever Pinterest Project Linky Party!
Joining me in co-hosting this fab party are my 2 bloggy BFFs, Amber from My Three Bittles & Sarah from Fortune Favors the Brave.
If you want more info on what The Pinterest Project is about, go here.  
It’s pretty simple: have you ever tried to make something cool from Pinterest? Great! You can link up to this party then. It doesn’t have to be a tutorial or anything like that. All you have to do is show us the original pin or idea and then show us what yours turned out like. Good or bad, we wanna see! If you want to include a tutorial or additional pictures, go for it. If you totally failed & your craft looks more like a big pile of crap, then go ahead & take a picture of it, link it up here, and show us so we can have a good laugh before you throw it away. Seriously, I love seeing things people have created from Pinterest. 
Link up your project at the bottom of this post!
But first, check out my project from this week 🙂
I wanted to make a maxi dress like this:
I saw this pin from
It was supposed to be super easy, so I went for it. Here’s what I came up with:
Pretty cute, right?! And actually it wasn’t too hard. I did tweak a few things in the construction of the dress, and I made the belt 100% from scratch. I’ve decided to turn this dress into my own tutorial with all of the changes & stuff I made. Also, more on the belt later 😉
This project was super fun & I’m so excited that I have a cute dress to show for it.
What do you think?
Don’t mind the bazillion pictures I lamely took of myself.
I tried to get it from all angles so that you didn’t think I was tricking you into thinking this was cute, only to have it be a total mess from another angle. Nope. This is totally cute all around.
And the belt:
I’m loving the belt. I think it’s my favorite part of the whole outfit actually. And the coolest thing? It can be used for a bunch of other dress/shirts that I already have 🙂 Like I said, check back later for info on the belt.
Here’s my super easy maxi dress tutorial!
So now is your chance to show off a Pinterest Project that you’ve made (or attempted to make). Haven’t made anything from Pinterest yet? That’s ok! Go explore and find something easy to start with, link it up here and then come back & show us your version at next week’s party.
 Make sure to follow all 3 of the hosts (the first 3 links below). And remember, it can be an old or new project, and you can link as many as you want. Follow us all on Twitter & Facebook to see if we mention your link up as some of our favorites.
Add me on Pinterest & you can see what I’m brainstorming for upcoming projects!