The Only Things You Need for A Great First Date


    Working up the courage to ask your special someone out on a date is extremely nerve-wracking. But, getting a yes and planning that first date is even more difficult. We wish to make sure everything is top-notch. We want everything to create the best impression. Since it is the first date, we are also never sure about what our loved one would like the most and what would annoy them. It is confusing and brings about loads of anxiety.

    We see that you have already managed to get over your nerves and have bagged a yes from that special someone. Moving ahead, we will look at how to make the planning and execution phase, of your first date, easy and fun.

    First dates are all about being nervous, shy and confused. You want to make sure your special someone has the best time of their life with you, but at the same time, you are super nervous about how to make that happen. Let us tell you that ensuring a great first date with your loved one doesn’t require too many things.

    We have all heard the well-known adage, ’Less is more’. Keeping it minimalistic and simple, yet classy and chic, is what will make your first date amazing. It is not necessary to do too much to make a long-lasting impact. Some basic, but well-thought-of, things can also make an excellent first impression.

    In this article, we are going to mention how you only need a few things to make that first date a great one.

    A Perfect Location:

    One of the most important things on a first date is the venue. The place you choose is going to decide the vibe of the meet-up. Whether you decide to go for a dinner date, a movie-night or a trip to a favorite place, the location will set the mood going. Hence, choosing the perfect location is key.

    You might want to keep in consideration the interests of your date partner when selecting a location. If they are more into trips and visiting places, then a date-night to their favorite museum, or art-gallery, might be a good choice. If they are a fan of watching movies, then planning a movie night could be a good option. Your date partner could also have an interest in eating out, in which case, a dinner-date would sound more appropriate.

    Dinner dates are probably the safest option. Selecting a nice and peaceful spot in a dimly-lit, romantic restaurant can never go wrong. It also provides you with the opportunity to talk and get to know each other better without any distractions.

    However, the first dates are usually about breaking the ice and getting friendly around each other. With that in mind, movie-dates or outdoor trips are also a great idea. They allow you to relax by shifting your focus to the activity you both are doing together, rather than focusing on the sole objective of making an impression.

    We, humans, are known to do things better when we don’t worry about doing them. Shifting the focus on having a good time rather than making a good impression will, in fact, help you make a better impact on your date.

    A Great Meal:

    Whether you plan to go to a restaurant or a movie, a night out without a proper meal is incomplete. Since it is the first date, the urge to plan out a fancy three-course meal might seem inevitable to make a good impression. Also, if your date partner is a foodie, they would love to enjoy a full coursed meal at a fancy restaurant.

    However, the dinner doesn’t necessarily have to be too extravagant. Eating at their favorite burger joint, after the movie, could also be fun. It is the company that matters after all, and not just the food.

    You need to keep in mind that first dates are all about getting to know each other. It is even okay if you discuss and plan the night-out together. Communication is key. Doing things with similar interests would ensure an enjoyable date for both parties.

    Engaging Conversation:

    We already know that first dates are all about making the right impression and opening up to each other. But the more important question here is how?

    The place, the meal and the environment can have a major impact but your personality is going to make it or break it.

    First off, getting rid of the butterflies in the stomach is going to be key. You need to make sure you act yourself and not someone bent on making a good impression. People admire originality and authenticity. Being confident is vital in making a decent first impression.

    Also, being yourself will help you get to know whether you both are the right match and whether a second date would be appropriate or not. Trying to give an unrealistic impression of what you are, is only going to turn into a mess later on.

    Next, make sure you bring interesting discussions to the meet-up. An engaging conversation is important to make sure your date partner does not get bored. Talk about hobbies, interests, what they love the most, their pet-peeves, etc. Anything that helps you both get to know each other better.

    Maintaining eye-contact, when interacting, keeps the other person engaged in conversation. Make sure to put your nervousness aside, and be confident when striking a discussion. Your body language says a lot about you. As much as you speak verbally, you convey through your expressions and gestures. Exuding friendliness through your actions will help the other person be frank and open up without hesitation.

    The bottom line is, first dates are basically about getting to know the other party. Hence, engaging and friendly conversation is essential.

    Fun Activities:

    It isn’t necessary that a date always has to be at a romantic restaurant. You can also try out different fun activities with your special someone on the first date. Exploring unique ideas, to spend the day together, can help to make the first date experience even better.

    These are just a few ideas to get you started. However, these are not exhaustive. You should plan something that both of you have interest in and hence, would enjoy doing together. The idea is to make this experience as personal and as interesting as it can be for both the individuals involved.

    Planning out the first date isn’t an easy task. It is confusing and nerve-wracking, to say the least. However, with a little effort and thought process, you can make the simplest of experiences an unforgettable one. Focus on the few essentials we have outlined above, and you are good to go on your way to make that amazing first impression!

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