The Importance of Brushing Your Cat Regularly


    There is nothing more important than a clean cat. After all, a clean cat is a happy cat. This is why your feline friend needs the grooming it can get from you. Whether it is about bathing, nail trimming, brushing, and other maintenance, the extraordinary things you do for your cat will go a long way. 

    Cats typically do not love being groomed. They may fight with you during the grooming process, you have to seek professional help from veterinarians. This is a very crucial decision on your part to avoid potential injury that could occur to yourself or your cat.

    Because cats love cleaning themselves, your feline friends spend a good part of their day grooming themselves.

    But every week or so, your cat needs your help grooming. You can brush off the trapped dirt and loose fur off their coat. This weekly ritual helps keep their coat glossy and smooth, aside from preventing matted hair and excess fur shedding. If not addressed, tangles might quickly become a problem that a professional groomer can only untangle. It becomes more important as your cat ages and doesn’t groom itself that often.

    In case your cat is longhaired, you need to be familiar with daily grooming.

    This is very crucial because the coats of longhaired cats quickly tangle and mat. Thus, regular grooming is needed.

    When you have shorthaired cat, you still need to devote time to grooming your feline friend. It is part of keeping the cat healthy and clean. 

    The cat may not have a coat that mats, however, the usual brushing will result in shedding. This is something to be taken care of to avoid the hair getting ingested through her self-grooming.

    While your cats are normally into keeping themselves clean, they still need your help to avoid matter fur and fur balls.

    Woman combs a dozing cat's fur. Ginger cat's head lies on woman hand. The fluffy pet comfortably settled to sleep. Cute cozy background, morning bedtime at home.

    The extra matted fur can bring uncomfortable for your feline friend. The grooming session can help to get rid of the dead skin and coat of shed hair. 

    You can also apply the clipping to ensure the maintenance and the coat length suit the time or season. This is why it is recommended to give regular grooming to your cat and ensure that this will be part of its healthcare routine. Moreover, getting professional and regular cat grooming can assist you in minimizing the problem.

    Some excellent benefits of brushing your cats regularly 

    1. Grooming allows you to check for parasites such as ticks and fleas.
    2. Brushing time with your cat can help strengthen and deepen the connection between the two of you.
    3. Regular grooming helps desensitize your feline friend to being handled.
    4. Regular grooming keeps the cat from swallowing its hair.
    5. Regular grooming is essential for their overall well-being and health.
    6. Brushing your cat helps distributes the natural oil, which helps the maintenance of healthy skin and coat.
    7. Brushing can remove tangles before they turn into mats.
    8. Grooming allows you to monitor for any ear problems, allergies, health issues, and other skin abnormalities in your cat.

    Woman combing a ginger cat with a comb

    Now that you understand the importance of regularly brushing your cat, here is a rundown of the five options for the best brushes you can find in the market. But note that not all brushes are right for your cat. Depending on their hair length, one type of brush or comb might be a better fit than another. 

    Some great options in choosing the best brushes for your cats

    1. A brush that removes fur without hurting the cat’s skin

    To keep your cat from swallowing loose hair, it’s a great idea to remove that hair from its undercoat with the help of a de-shedding brush. Thus, you must find the tool that can perfectly deliver this job. The brush should have features for small cats with short to long hair, so it can remove the loose undercoat fur without hurting their skin or coat.

    Pick the one with a comfortable handle and a quick-release button that retracts the brush teeth, so you can just wipe the hair off the brush.

    2. A brush that is lightweight, easy-to-use

    If your cat has long hair and a thick topcoat, you have to pick a slicker brush. Something that is not only budget-friendly but lightweight, easy-to-use, and ergonomic solution to grooming her. 

    Choose a brush that is designed to pull loose hair and remove tangles, trapped dust, and dander. The handle should also be comfortable to hold and features an anti-slip grip.

    It is important that you can easily rest your thumb when using the brush to avoid brushing fatigue.

    A lightweight brush saves you from taking a break every few minutes because of the discomfort brushing causes.

    With regards to easy-to-use, pick the design features wavy bristles that are gentle on the skin (which helps avoid skin irritation), and a push-button that retracts the teeth, making cleaning the fur easy. It’s helpful because traditional slicker brushes get hair trapped in them that are near-impossible to clean. This means you must either resort to bobby pins or use your fingernails to clear the brush.

    Young woman grooming her domestic cat with furminator glove closeup view

    3. A cat brush that is wide but with thinner bristles

    It is ideal to pick a wider brush but with thinner bristles. Make sure that it is also durable, well-built, and perfect for cats with medium-to-long hair. It’ll clean trapped dirt and dander, and it can also remove dead hair. Regardless of your cat’s coat, it should help reduce excessive shedding.

    The thinner pin-like needles are important because they can curve toward the end, maximizing hair removal. 

    However, ensure you don’t overbrush and remove too much hair.

    4. A dematting comb is ideal for cats

    Long-haired cats frequently require de-matting, undercoat combing, and de-shedding. And to make this grooming routine easier, you can use a multi-functional tool dematting comb. This type of brush has two sides – one for removing loose hair and another for brushing out mats. Both sides have different teeth densities, making the brush more versatile.

    To achieve a comfortable hold for long periods, pick a dematting comb that features a non-slip handle made of silicone gel that offers a comfortable and secure grip.

    5. A cat brush that can groom and massage in one

    Wouldn’t it be great for your cat if you could groom and massage her at the same time? That’s what a curry comb is meant to do. These implements remove dander, dust, and loose hair, but unlike traditional brushes, the bristles on curry combs are flexible. Flexible soft teeth that massage. 

    Find a brand that can brush and gently massages your cat, which stimulates healthy oil production keeping your cat’s coat glossy and smooth. This type of brush also deepens your cat’s fur and draws loose hair.

    Final Thoughts

    Grooming your cat regularly has plenty of benefits. These things are not something you have to take for granted. This is also why you need to find the right tools so that the grooming time can be fun and relaxing. Choosing the right brush can help prevent hairballs and excessive shedding by drawing out loose hair. A comb can brush out tangles or mats, and it can stimulate healthy natural oil production. But if the tangles have worsened to a point where you require help from a groomer, a simple comb might not do the trick. You have to get professional help and spend some time in the market to pick your best cat brush, too.


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