The Guide to the Kangol Hat

Kangol is a clothing company in England and it is one of the most popular brands in the industry of classic headwear. Their famous hats have a kangaroo logo on them and they became more popular in the 80s when hip-hop artists and celebrities wore them in their shows and other public events. Let us know more about the history of the Kangol hat and how it became popular over the years.

History of Kangol

Kangol was founded by a Jewish Polish World War I veteran named Jacque Spreiregen. Sometime in the 1920s, Jacque was working in London as an importer. In 1938, he began importing Basque berets from France as headwear for the workers and military. Later on, he opened a factory at Cleator, Cumbria, England and his nephew Joseph Meisner helped him run it. It was the manufacturing HQ for his own creation which is Kangol. The company’s name came from the letter K from knitting, the ANG from angora, and the OL from wool. The company produced hats for workers, golfers, and soldiers.

Then, a second factory was opened at nearby Frizington. Later on, under the director of Jacque’s younger nephew Sylvail Meisner, a third factor was opened which manufactured motorcycle helmets and seatbelts in Carlisle. Kangol became the major beret supplier to the armed forces during the Second World War which includes famous Field Marshal Montgomery.

Since 2006, Kangol has been owned by Sports Direct when they acquired the brand from private equity fund August Equity Trust. The licenses to manufacture and sell Kangol products were bought by a lot of different companies including Topshop and D2. However, at the end of August 2009, the company’s outlet shop closed, but the hats will still continue to be made at their sites in the United States and in Eastern Europe.

Kangol Hats’ Popularity

During and after the war, Kangol berets became popular in terms of fashion. Mary Quant and Pierre Cardin worked with the company in the 1960s and the products they made were used by rich and famous people such as the Beatles, Arnold Palmer, and later Diana, Princess of Wales when she wore a Kangol hat in an appearance in Vogue magazine in 1983. With this, women, even those who would never have desired a felt cap started buying them. Aside from that, the company also supplied uniformed organizations like the Scout Association.

In 1983, the Kangaroo logo was adopted by Kangol because Americans would always ask where they could get the “Kangaroo hat”. But no Kangol hat has ever actually been manufactured in Australia.

Kangol berets entered a new phase of fashion history when they were adopted by members of the hip-hop community in the 1980s. Some of them were Grandmaster Flash, Slick Rick, LL Cool J, and the Notorious B.I.G. In 1991, the Kangol brand was even more popularized by the movie New Jack City.

In the 1990s, more consciously stylish products were released such as the furgora Spitfire, which was an angora-wool mix. This Kangol hat became famous when it was worn by American actor and film producer Samuel L. Jackson in 1997 when he played Ordell Robbie in the American crime thriller film Jackie Brown.

Aside from Samuel L. Jackson, Wesley Snipes also wore a Kangol Hat when he played Nino Brown in the cult classic, New Jack City. The band leader for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno named Kevin Eubanks also sported a Kangol beret on an almost nightly basis. In 2009, Eminem has also given life to the Kangol hat because of his video clip for “Beautiful” where he wore the Cotton Twill Army Kangol hat. And for that entire era, he was rarely seen without one.

The Best Kangol Hats

Where to Buy
Kangol’s Army Hat
Kangol’s Classic Bucket Hats
Kangol’s Pork Pie Hat
Kangol’s Flat Hats
Kangol’s Furgora Hat


Today, Kangol offers a lot of different hat styles and designs. If you’re looking into buying one, here are some of the best Kangol hat styles and designs you can find in the market. Whether you’re looking for the classic ones or even for more modern designs, we got them covered for you.

1. Kangol’s Army Hats

This is one of the most accessible Kangol headwear styles in the market. Kangol’s army hats come in different colors and styles, and they can give one a back casual look. They are best paired with a similar color outfit for a stylish look. They are fitted and adjustable for a more comfortable fit. Some of the best Kangol army hats are the Flexfit Army Cap, the Ripstop Army Cap, the Textured Wool Army Cap, and the Cotton Twill Army Cap.

2. Kangol’s Furgora Hats

The furgora casual hats do not have any creasing or pinching which gives them a stiff rounded dome on the crown. They are made with the angora-wool blend. These hats adopt the look of a bowler hat, however, it lacks an upturned brim. Kangol’s furgora casual hats come in different styles such as the Furgora 504 Cap, the Old School Classic Bucket Shape hat, and the Beanie Version of your favorite bucket hat.

3. Kangol’s Pork Pie Hats

Kangol’s Pork Pie hat resembles a fedora but it has a flat top and a circular indent. It also has a small upturned brim. If you want to go out and have fun on the streets and still have people admiring your look, then this is a great choice for you. Their Pork Pie hats come in different styles as well such as the Wool Mowbray Pork Pie, the Wheat Braid Pork Pie, and the Kross Pork Pie.

4. Kangol’s Flat Hats

If you want to look more fashionable in your trench coat that is paired with a woolen pullover, the, wearing one of Kangol’s flat hats will definitely complete your look. Their flat hats are the combination of tweed clothing and a vintage-like color which is perfect for a day out in the woods. Some of the best flat hats you can get from Kangol are the Wool 504-s Flat Ivy Hat, the Tropic 504 Ventair Hat, the Seamless Wool 507 Flat Ivy Hat, and the Wool 504 Earlap Flat Ivy Hat.

5. Kangol’s Classic Bucket Hats

Kangol’s classic bucket hats can definitely serve as protective attire for your forehead and eyes when you go outside, or maybe provide you with a sense of privacy if you do not want to display your identity. But no matter what your reason is for wearing one, it can definitely add style to your outfit. Their bucket hats come in different colors and styles. Some of the best ones are the Wool Lahinch Bucket Hat, the Tropic Casual Bucket Hat, the Bermuda Casual Bucket Hat, and the Classic Cotton Bucket Hat.

Kangol hats are definitely one of those fashion accessories that never go out of style even though they have been around for many years. We hope this guide will be able to help you find the best Kangol hat that will suit your style.