The funniest gender reveal reaction from my kids {video}

I am so glad I had the camera rolling when I revealed the gender to our kids yesterday.
They came home from school knowing I’d be telling them whether they were having a baby brother or a baby sister, so needless to say they were excited. We walked right in the door and I sat them down, telling them I had something for them. I had 2 suckers hidden in my pocket and if I gave them a blue one it meant we were having a boy, and a pink one would mean we were having a girl. I grabbed my camera and started taping right before I gave them the suckers and here’s what happened:
I was not expecting that reaction from Ayden! This whole time we’d been prepping for a bad reaction from Lily if we found out the baby was a boy, because she had proclaimed many times over that she did not want another brother. We were relieved and elated at our ultrasound Tuesday to find out it was a girl, and both mine and my husband’s first words were “Lily will be so excited.” We knew Ayden would be a little bummed about it not being a boy, but he’s such an easy going kid that we figured he’d really be happy either way.
I cut the video off after 35 seconds (even though I really wanted to keep taping) because I felt really bad for him and wanted to make sure he was OK. Right after I stopped taping he stomped downstairs to his room shouting “I don’t want to be surrounded by girls anymore!” He had a good little cry by himself for a couple of minutes and I heard him take of his shoes and throw them at the wall. Then he marched back upstairs, wiped his eyes, took a deep breath, and told me that he was actually OK with having another sister (thankfully- she’s coming bro) and that he was just surprised because he really thought it was going to be a boy. Then I hugged him, kissed him, and told him to grab a snack and that he could play XBOX for the entire day if that would make him feel better. That cheered him up quite a bit, and he was totally fine afterwards.
I loved Lily’s reaction too- how she just sat there with a huge smile on her face staring at Ayden crying. Then her proclaiming “Yay! It’s a girl!” while he wept made me giggle. She also thought he might forfeit his sucker, which didn’t happen.
Besides that little hiccup in our gender reveal, we are all now super happy and excited about adding another little girl to our expanding family. And I learned a valuable lesson here- always record big announcements like this, because people’s reactions, especially children, are priceless! I’m sure we’ll be laughing at this video for years to come.


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