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    OVO is a leading Canadian vacuum cleaner brand that primarily sells central vacuum cleaners. OVO is a brand owned by Nadair, a company that was established in 1980 selling different electric items such as lighting, ceiling fans, and vacuum cleaners. 

    As the product portfolio of Nadair started to grow, the company released a new brand called OVO after feedback from their specialty dealers. OVO launched a product line of vacuum cleaners that were affordable, simple, and at par with Nadair’s stringent quality standards. 

    The Brand

    Although the OVO is a relatively new brand, Nadair has an experience of more than 35 years of producing various home appliances and electrical items. The brand is most known for their home and commercial central vacuum system. OVO offers pre-sales and after-sales support through product guidance, installation, and repairs. 

    Benefits of OVO Vacuum Cleaners

    Vacuuming a hardwood floor in a house.

    OVO Vacuum Cleaners enjoy a positive reputation among their customers for their innovative quality and features:

    • Noise-reducing foam, allowing for hassle-free cleaning.
    • Strong motors, ensuring effective, smooth & efficient vacuuming of your home.
    • Soft-start technology, increasing the longevity of the OVO vacuum motors by 20% more than competitors.
    • 99.97% high-efficiency filtration system, reducing the chances of allergy symptoms & respiratory issues by improving air quality.
    • Double air filtration by high-efficiency filtration & disposable filtration bag, purifying air up to 99.97%.
    • Triple layer filtration bag, removing all harmful airborne particles.
    • Warrantied for 10 years.


    Vacuum attachment on a wooden floor.

    OVO sells a wide variety of vacuum cleaners, accessories, and other products. Let’s have a look at their product categories:

    • Wall-Mounted Vacuums
    • Central Vacuums
    • Attachments and Installation Kits
    • Hoses and Covers
    • Bags/Filters
    • Brushes
    • Replacement parts
    • Inlets
    • Slim lights

    OVO sells different types of vacuum cleaners. All their products are innovative in design, efficient, and face strict quality control. 

    Let’s look at some of OVO’s most efficient and effective vacuum cleaners.

    OVO Central Vacuum

    The OVO Central Vacuum is one of the most selling products of OVO. It is a powerful vacuum with 700AW, 5.7 inches, 2 stages motor with a capacity of 140.2 Cubic Feet Per Minute. It is also equipped with the start-stop technology which improves the life expectancy of the vacuum motor by 20%. It comes in hose sizes of 30’, 35’, 40’, and 50’.

    In addition, the vacuum is fitted with a noise reducing foam and a muffler in the motor chamber. It is also a heavy-duty product as it can cover more than 8,000 square feet of area with 8 inlets or more. You can use the vacuum cleaner with or without disposable bags which are included in the package and a permanent washable filter is also included.

    OVO’s central vacuum product also has a 3 second delay system where any residual debris is removed out of the piping or hose. It also has a LED indicator which allows the users to know the status of the vacuum cleaner. OVO, on top of the disposable bags and permanent washable filter, has included 1 triple layer disposable filter. 

    To improve convenience for their customers, OVO’s central vacuums do not require a dedicated circuit breaker as it can work on 15 amps, and you can plug the vacuum cleaner into the regular 110-120V outlets. It is compatible with an existing network of piping with 2 inches outer diameter PVC pipes.

    Pros Cons
    • Large debris capacity of 35 liters / 9.25 gallons.
    • Powerful motor pulling 700 Air Watts with a 2-stage motor.
    • Noise-reduction integrated muffler & foam.
    • Works with regular sockets.
    • Only vacuum, other attachment kits are available and need to be bought if required.
    • Low tech adoption in the unit as compared to other brands.
    • Can be expensive.

    OVO Wall Mounted Vacuum

    The OVO Wall Mounted Vacuum is a popular product of OVO. As the name implies, it is an unorthodox vacuum cleaner. Since it’s wall mounted, the risk of tripping and injuring yourself is much lower and makes vacuum cleaning an overall safe & easy process. 

    The cannister of the vacuum cleaner is of good quality as it is built of rolled steel which is corrosion resistant, and the capacity is 18 liters or 4.75 gallons. The OVO Wall Mounted Vacuum is compact in size and can be mounted in tight spaces. 

    The vacuum is also twice as powerful as its competitors with the Ametek lamb motor which pulls 595 Air Watts. It is also equipped with the start-stop technology which improves the life expectancy of the motor by 20%. The vacuum is three times quieter than competitors as it has an integrated muffler and noise-reducing foam in the motor compartment.

    OVO Wall Mounted Vacuum is super easy to use as well as you simply plug in the hose into the inlet and turn on the vacuum. You can also use the vacuum with attachment kits and hoses. The vacuum cleaner comes with a 12.5 liters triple layers disposable bag. It is fitted with a LED indicator, informing you the status.

    Pros Cons
    • Easy to install.
    • Large disposable bags.
    • Comes with a mounting board.
    • Powerful with 595 Air Watts.
    • No need to install piping.
    • Light weight and compact.
    • May face issues with the suction button.
    • Might need electrical skills when using attachments kits to discern connections

    OVO Portable Central Vacuum

    OVO’s portable central vacuum is a solid choice for those looking to purchase a portable vacuum. It is two times more powerful than other upright vacuums with 595 Air Watts and three times quieter than its competitors with only 62 dB noise levels. The vacuum is equipped with filtration bags and has an 18-liter / 4.75 gallons rolled steel canister. 

    It is easy to install as it is compact with a weight of only 22 pounds and dimensions of 16 in x 16 in x 22 in. The motor is one stage and comes with a protection filter with the ‘Crash’ type. As with the other products of OVO, the portable central vacuum also comes with a soft start/stop feature to improve the life expectancy of the motor. 

    The vacuum cleaner comes with disposable filtration bags as well which are 12.5 liters / 3.3 gallons. The vacuum cleaner can cover up to 1,600 square feet of area with hose apartments. The portable central vacuum is perfect for studios, condos, and apartments. 

    Pros Cons
    • Easy to install.
    • Large disposable bags.
    • Covers up to 1,600 square feet which is perfect for small houses.
    • Pulls an impressive 595 Air Watts.
    • Light weight.
    • Motor protection filter.
    • Power may not be enough for heavier vacuuming operations.
    • Attachment kits may need to be bought for better coverage.


    OVO is an established brand in the world of vacuum cleaners and has been producing excellent products since 1980 with a focus on customer satisfaction through product innovation and quality standards. No product or a particular brand is perfect in all aspects and you have to consider both pros and cons before making a purchase. There are few downsides of OVO products too that we have highlighted above, which you should consider before finalizing your choice for a vacuum cleaner.

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