The Different Types of Hair Accessories


    Hair accessories come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and designs. These things do us a service by securing our hairstyles, keeping the hair up when it’s hot, getting bangs off the face, or serve as decoration and style to the hair. It’s easy to buy them and stock up, but do you know what they are called? If you want to know, here are the different types of hair accessories: 

    Hair accessories come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and designs. These things do us a service by securing our hairstyles, keeping the hair up when it’s hot, getting bangs off the face, or serving as decoration and style to the hair. It’s easy to buy them and stock up, but do you know what they are called? If you want to know, here are the different types of hair accessories:

    1. Jaw or claw clip

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    A jaw or claw clip is made of prongs on two sides that come together like fingers clasping. These two-pronged sides are held together by a spring. Also known as butterfly clips, these are perfect for everyday, casual looks.

    Jaw clips come in different styles and sizes, from jumbo to mini. Some big ones can be used to secure a ponytail and turn it into an updo, which is perfect if you like to let your hair up to keep your neck cool. Medium jaw clips are great for half-up or half-down hairdos. Meanwhile, there are mini jaw clips that are perfect for separating pieces of hair. This last one is most commonly used for kids.

    It works best for casual occasions, like when you get your jeans on to head down to the mall or when doing housework at home. If your hair is styled in an updo or something more formal, jaw clips can be good for the office or even a nice dinner. 

    2. Snap clip

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    Here’s a hair accessory that keeps on coming back. This is made of little metal clips that come in various colors and uses an easy snapping mechanism to fasten the hair. Its purpose is to keep the hair out of the face, to place bangs on the sides, or tidy up stray hairs. It can be used for any hair length. And it comes in different colors and sizes, making it a great accessory for kids. There are also simple, minimalist options for adults.  

    Snap clips are pretty much used for the same purpose as mini jaw clips, but their advantage is that they sit flat on the hair and are a little tighter, so they have a more secure hold.

    3. Banana clip

    A banana clip is a U-shaped, hinged clip with jaws on either side of the clip. It is fastened at one end, making the hair fall like a cascade. There are three types of banana clips for the hair: clincher, round, and fishtail. You can use this type of clip to make a ponytail instead of using elastics or scrunchies. It’s also great for French twists.

    This hair accessory works best on medium to long lengths of all textures and styles. The longer and thicker your hair is, the stronger and heavier clip you need.

    4. Barrettes

    You’ve probably played with this one as a child. A barrette is a small metal clip with a tension bar and fastener underneath. The tension bar pops into place to secure the hair. Generally, barrettes are smaller than hair clips, making them ideal for thin hair or hair on the side of the head. They are worn differently, depending on their size and the overall look you want for your hair.

    Short barrettes can be used to pull back bits of hair from around the face, while bigger barrettes are worn at the back of the head to pull back all or most of the hair. Just make sure the barrette size suits your hair’s weight so it will hold.

    5. Hairpins

    Stylish hairpins for a dark-haired girl. Pearl Earrings

    Hair pins or bobby pins are made of thin metal, curved at one end and open at the other. It comes in a bunch of different colors and sizes, and they also range from plain to decorated. These pins are a great way to secure buns and more formal hairstyles like chignons. Hair pins that match your hair color allow for an invisible hold, but if you want some sparkle, choose pins with ornamentation.

    6. Headbands

    Headbands are hair accessories that sit around the head. It’s worn either around the forehead or around the top of the head. It’s usually worn to keep hair away from the eyes or the face, but they are also usually worn for decorative purposes.

    Headbands are usually made of a piece of formed, curved plastic or metal designed to sit on top of the head. Another type of headband is made of a single loop of material made of elastic and fabrics, so it will stretch to fit over the head and fit snugly in place. Formed headbands are popular because they won’t lose their shape, but fabric headbands are generally more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time because they will conform to the head and won’t dig into the skin.

    Unlike other hair accessories that come and go, headbands are always in fashion because there’s a huge range of designs to choose from. Make sure you get the right size for your head because it will hurt if it’s too small.

    7. Elastics and hair ties

    While there are a number of names and types of hair elastics, they all have the same purpose and design – to stretch and fit around the hair and help hold it in place. They are very simple and cheap – people often buy them in multiple numbers or in bulk because it’s easy to lose. It’s typically used to make a ponytail, but it can also be used for gathering hair away from the eyes.

    Elastics and hair ties are a broad term that includes ponytails and scrunchies. Most hair elastics are made of rubber bands coated with fabric.

    8. Spiral hair tie

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    Wearing a ponytail for too long daily can create a permanent crease on your hair. But there are plastic ones like spiral hair ties (those coil hair ties with telephone cord-like elastics), which don’t wrap too tightly and put less pressure on the hair. Plastic spiral hair ties are also a better option for gym goers since the hair tie won’t absorb sweat.

    9. Scrunchies

    These are hair ties covered with fabric to make it bulky, pretty, and gentler on the hair. Scrunchies are also typically used to accessorize an outfit. These hair ties are available in many different sizes, colors, and materials, making it easy to find scrunchies that will match an outfit.

    10. Minimalist hair clip

    The minimalist mantra is “less is more.” It can also be applied to hair styling. The newest trend in hair accessories is the minimalist clip or geometric hair clip, which is thin like a bobby pin, but the front has geometric or other simple designs. It’s typically made of metal coated in gold and other similar colors.

    This type of hair clip is best for achieving a dainty look.

    11. Comb clips

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    Comb clips are a vintage accessory that looks and works like a comb but looks like a clip when placed in the hair. It technically doesn’t “clip” the hair but looks and acts like it. It’s also stylish because it’s typically made with jewel embellishments.

    Combs are great for styling medium to long hair since it’s great for creating an updo. It can also be used for creating French twists and securing ponytails (and making them look a bit different, too).

    If you want an updo or you feel like wearing a ponytail for a formal occasion, a comb clip is definitely a suitable option.

    12. Tiaras

    Tiaras are popular hair accessories for women who really want to make a statement and look like a princess. It looks very similar to a crown, and it rests on the head similarly. In general, tiaras are highly embellished, typically with rhinestones, so it catches and reflects the light and draws attention to the wearer.

    Tiaras have a small section of combs along the ends so they can be pressed gently into the hair so it will stay in place. As it’s often worn in weddings, pageants, and dances like proms – tiaras must be kept from shifting or falling out. You can use some bobby pins to keep them in place.

    It can be available in gold or silver, and the adornment comes in different sizes – from a little ornate to a full-style crown. Large tiaras or crowns are generally used only for pageants and fashion shows, while brides and young girls tend to wear smaller tiaras.

    13. Headpieces

    Headpieces are often purely decorative and feature decorative items (like feathers, flowers, netting, ribbons, top hats, and other stuff) attached to clips and sometimes headbands. Their difference is the ornamentation – its size, color, and design are often more pronounced than typical clips and headbands.

    Headpieces are suitable for all hairstyles and are preferable if you want something noticeable. It’s often used in formal occasions, parties, festivals, or any event where you dress up.


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