The Complete Guide to Selecting Scent Diffusers: Everything to Know


    Did you know that people’s ability to smell a particular odor will vary? If you notice odors at low levels while others don’t, you don’t have to be stuck smelling them.

    Get rid of the smelly smells by investing in an oil diffuser. Because there are different options on the market, it might be hard to choose.

    Keep reading to learn what to consider when selecting scent diffusers.

    Think About Size

    When selecting scent diffusers, it’s important to know that there are various sizes to choose from. If you want an entire room to be taken over by the scent of essential oils, you’ll need to buy a scent diffuser based on the size of that room.

    A smaller-sized diffuser is perfect for a work desk. If you have a large living room or den, you’ll want a bigger oil diffuser. Go here for extra large space scent diffusers.

    If you aren’t sure which diffuser to buy based on your size requirements, read online customer reviews to get a better idea.

    Research the Different Diffuser Types

    There are different types of diffusers on the market that might suit your needs better than others. Do your research before dropping any money.

    Some of the most common types of scent diffusers include the following:

    • Heat
    • Nebulizing
    • Candle
    • Water

    Each has its own mechanism for delivering scents.

    You might also find that some diffusers feature lighting options. If you enjoy soft ambient lighting, buy a diffuser with light settings that can be programmed. You can also choose diffusers without lights if you prefer them.

    Consider Other Members in Your Space

    Scent diffuser features might not be equipped for every member in your shared space.

    For example, if you have kids and want to place an oil diffuser in your home, try to avoid heat or candle versions. These types of diffusers are fire hazards.

    If you have pets, you might want to consider opting for a smaller diffuser so the scents don’t bother them. When you do purchase a diffuser, it’s important to use essential oils that won’t negatively impact the health of your pets.

    Compare Prices

    There are a lot of diffuser manufacturers on the market so it’s important to begin comparing diffuser prices when you think of a budget. Some diffusers are far more expensive than others.

    The price will depend on size, type, brand, and features. The cheapest diffusers can be found for under $20 but if you want something more high-end, you’ll be paying a few hundred dollars.

    Selecting Scent Diffusers the Right Way

    Selecting scent diffusers requires research so that you know your options. With this guide, you know you need to consider size requirements, research the different diffuser types, and consider other members of your shared space.

    Create a budget and compare different scent diffuser prices to find one that fits your budget and your needs.

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