The Best Retro and Vintage Board Games

Are you a vintage game lover and still wish to continue in the fun with your family or friends? Good news! That exciting vintage experience can be ignited again as you can still play those retro board games just the way you once did or were told about. Travel back through time to check out these popular vintage board games you can still play today!

Where to Buy
The 19'' Vintage Mosaic Designs Backgammon Board Game Set
Reversi Game Set with Magnetic Folding Board
Wooden Checkers Board Game
Guess Who? Board Game
Jenga Classic Game
Hasbro Mouse Trap Board Game
SET Enterprises Karma Card Game
The Game of Life Game
Classic Chutes and Ladders Board Game
Winning Moves Games Risk 1959

1. Winning Moves Games Risk 1959

This is a game of moves. Make the “right moves” and conquer the world! The retro version contains an original style art plus an over-sized bi-fold game board, 6 sets of classy wooden “army” pieces, high standard dice, a deck of area cards, and of course a rules book which features a History of Risk.

2. The 19” Vintage Mosaic Designs Backgammon Board Game Set

Does this game ring a bell? I’m sure it does! This is the highest standard of Backgammon board games made from wood with impressive retro mosaic designs you can ever imagine. It contains a pair of dice with matching melamine checkers. The size is 19.2″ x 24″ / 48cm x 60cm when the board is opened.

3. Reversi Game Set with Magnetic Folding Board

Known for its durability as a result of its high impact-resistant plastic, this game has a magnetic design as it comes with magnetic pieces which stick with clicks. The board is very portable, you can fold it in half for better storage and convenience, making it a pleasurable traveling game for all ages.  It’s perfect for those long road trips when you want to keep away from the electronics.

4. Wooden Checkers Board Game

Introduce your kids to this classy puzzle game of chess and you’d be doing them a huge favor because it helps children learn very fast and makes them think smartly. The wooden checkers board game comes with the chess pieces, checkers pieces, one manual pack as well as three black bags. Surely, it is a great educational tool for the entire family.

5. Guess Who? Board Game

The classic Guess Who Board Game is a typical game involving two players, each attempting to guess which character out of 24 possibilities their opponent has chosen. Your opponent has a mystery person on his card. If you can find the matching face in the crowd by asking the right questions to eliminate the wrong faces then you are on your way to winning. Get this board game and start enjoying the life of the 70’s and 80’s.

6. Jenga Classic Game

There is never a dull moment when you have Jenga Classic Game around you. It’s a perfect game that connects friends, brings out your skills, laughter, suspense and just maybe a little luck if you ask me. Concentration is one of the skills you need to win this block-stacking and stack-crashing game of Jenga. After successfully stacking the wooden blocks in a sturdy tower, next is to take turns pulling out the blocks one by one until the whole stack is crashed down.

7. Hasbro Mouse Trap Board Game

This is a scurry-to-the-finish vintage game that challenges you to get your mouse around the board without getting stuck. In this game, you race to the finish and steal your opponent’s mouse before your mouse gets caught. The game comes with a game board, 4 plastic mice, 25 mouse trap building parts, 2 metals, and other accessories.

8. SET Enterprises Karma Card Game

Have you just had dinner and you’re bored? Or are you throwing a party but not sure of the games to include to keep the party bubbling? Well, it’s time to go the retro way with the award-winning Karma Card Game, where what goes around comes around. This game is fast-paced and easy to learn. It is fun for both kids and adults. Friends and families have agreed that Karma game is indeed a blast as you can never play just one game and get tired.

9. The Game of Life Game

Are you a parent looking for ways to teach your kids about life? Then this classic game is for you and your kids. In this vintage game, life gives to you what you throw at it. Practice makes perfect in the retro game of Life. Would you go to college and live on loans as a student? Or start working to receive your earnings on payday? Would you rather go bankrupt or earn millions in stock and real estate? The choice is yours to make as anything is possible with a spin of the Life wheel.

10. Classic Chutes and Ladders Board Game

Chutes and Ladders Board Game requires no form of reading whatsoever to understand as its one of the simplest vintage games everyone enjoys playing. With the delightful artwork of the popular 1970’s edition, you’re sure not missing out on the experiences of the 70’s.

Other retro and vintage board games include Winning Moves Games Classic Trouble Board, Hasbro Sorry Board Game, Game Night, and Hasbro Battleship Board Game with Planes.

Now that you have a list of some very interesting vintage games, what would you rather do? Did I hear you say you’d make an order right away? Exactly! That’s the way to go.