The Best Places To Shop In Hawaii


    Hawaii remains one of the best places to go shopping in the US. Whilst prices may have risen over the years, there are still deals to be found. In combination with great weather and sandy beaches, this makes Hawaii an even more fantastic destination to visit. But what are the best places to shop in Hawaii?

    Most of us are traveling quite a distance until we reach Hawaii, and once we are here, we are looking for value. After all, we spend a lot on flights and accommodation, why shouldn’t we spend a bit on ourselves?

    You can find all the best places to shop in Hawaii listed below.

    Alo Moana Center

    As the largest open air mall, you know that this place is going to be great. No where in the world is there a better place to have an open mall but Hawaii. The mall is located in Honolulu and has a range of retail and dining options. There are approximately 37 retail shops. Here you will also find Bloomingdale’s, a first for Hawaii.

    Waikele Premium Outlets

    To find premium brands at discount prices, Waikele is the place to go. Located in Waipahu, this former sugarcane plantation has more to offer. Here you can find products well below their retail price, and with over 54 specialty stores, the range is huge. There are a good number of dining options so that you can spend a descent amount of time looking for the best deal.

    T Galleria Hawaii

    One of the best places to visit in Hawaii for luxury brands is the T Galleria Hawaii. This can be an excellent place just to window shop at some of the high end luxury products. Located in Honolulu, this mall is also located conveniently near the beach and offers parking. There is a wide range of products for both men and women, and it is an impressive place to visit.

    Poipu Shopping Village


    Poipu is a rather high-end enclave located on the southern coast of Kauai. It boasts several upscale hotels, resorts, restaurants and a main shopping center, the Poipu Shopping Village. Located in the heart of this small town, Poipu Shopping Village features a picture-pretty garden setting. It is a rather quaint mall but it makes sure that you will get everything you want and need. Poipu Shopping Village has 22 shops which include a jewelry store, a gift shop, several clothing stores and award-winning restaurants. There is a couple of really interesting shops to check out: a store that sells clothes and accessories that are entirely made of bamboo, and an interactive shop that sells clothes, accessories and beauty products using UV-color changing technology. With its eclecticism, shopping at Poipu Shopping Village will be anything but boring.

    Haleiwa Store Lots

    With over 27,000 square feet, this open air mall has recently had a major facelift. This makes now a better time to visit than ever before. Here you will find around 21 stores and several dining options. You can get a bus from the main town to get to this shopping mall, where you are likely to find yourself surrounded by locals. This is a shopping mall popular with both locals and visitors, and with that comes a certain charm.

    Kahala Mall

    Although the above options definitely have their advantages, one shopping mall stands above the rest as the best shopping mall in Hawaii. This title has to go to the Kahala Mall. This enclosed shopping mall allows you to escape from the heat any time of year. In addition to its shops and dining options, this mall offers free exercise programs in the early morning, and is a favorite among locals.



    Now it’s time to go beyond the comfortable air conditioned shopping malls and add some variety to your shopping activities in Hawaii. Like any other major cities in the world, Honolulu has its own Chinatown. It was established during the late 19th century and it remains the oldest Chinatown in the US. It has endured several adversities, (including the Great Fire of 1900 and the bubonic plague) and today it has transformed into an attractive tourist spot. Here you can find trendy cafes, restaurants, museums, shops, boutiques and many kinds of entertainment. Of course, the shops here are predominantly Asian. You can find butchers chopping up fresh meat and poultry on the spot, a baked goods store, or vendors selling tropical beverages and sweet treats on the sidewalks. Of course, you cannot leave Chinatown without purchasing souvenirs, such as classic Chinese garments and jewelry, or the latest in beach wear and accessories.

    The Shops at Wailea

    When you’re in Wailea-Makena on the island of Maui, you will certainly never forget to drop by at The Shops at Wailea. Nestled in the heart of the Wailea Resort, it boasts over 70 stores and boutiques that range from the high-end ones (such as Gucci, Prada, Swarovski and Tiffany & Co.) to homegrown brands (Mahina and Keliki Hawaii for the light clothes and beach attire). You can also shop for comestibles and other items at the Island Gourmet Markets which combine a food shop, a lifestyle market and a gift shop — you can also sit down and cool your heels while sipping the world-famous Kona coffee!


    Lahaina Town is one of the most visited spots in Maui, most specifically Front Street. While it is primarily famous for its local art scene (check out the fine art galleries), the area is also known for its great and diverse line of restaurants and souvenir shops. Some of the places you should check out and shop include Maui Tees Outlet, The Pearl Factory and the Old Lahaina Center.

    Kona Farmers Market

    If supporting small vendors is your passion, as well as loving anything locally-made, then Kona Farmers Market will be your next shopping paradise! As expected, you can buy the world-famous Kona coffee, but there is a lot more that this outdoor market can offer. Located on Alii Drive in the heart of Kailua Kona on the Big Island, Kona Farmers Market has over 40 different stalls and shops where you can shop for fresh local produce, hand-made local arts and crafts, jewelry, flowers, natural and organic beauty products, bags and luggage with Hawaiian designs, souvenirs and a lot more.

    Shopping in Hawaii is a fantastic experience and you are likely to find some treasures to buy that you will value for life. No matter where you are staying in Hawaii, you will find a shopping mall near you.

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