The Best Gun Safes Made in the USA

A gun safe is a locker or safe used for the storage and protection of firearms and other ammunition. They work as a security measure to prevent unauthorized access for protection from thieves, floods, fires, etc. Gun safes are also known as a gun lock and metal gun cabinet, and most places require legal permission to own one.

If you are planning to invest in a firearm for safety or any other reasons, it is best to spend on a gun safe as well. When you are ready to make that expenditure, the only thing you need to be sure of is that you are spending your hard-earned money on the right thing. It is important to know that gun safes differ from old styled gun cabinets, which were made of wood and etched glass.

There are numerous brands and designs of gun safes available on the market. They also vary a lot in price. Therefore, it can be a daunting task to choose the perfect gun safe, according to your requirements. This is where we come in. In this article, we have compiled the best gun safes available in the US market, made exclusively in the United States of America. So, read on!

Buying Guide

The things that will make choosing among gun safes made in the USA easier are as follows:

Benefits of a Gun Safe

  • Having a high-quality gun safe is the best way to protect any firearms and ammunition from robbery and children or any other hazards.
  • It prevents the use of firearms until necessary.
  • It safeguards precious belongings from natural disasters.
  • It adds flair to your home and looks great as a decorative piece.

Things You Should Look for While Buying

  • How Well Known the Company is?

When you think of protecting a belonging, the first thing that comes into your mind is putting it in a locker or a safe. The most important thing while considering a gun safe is knowing where it comes from. The older and well-known the company, the better bang you will get for your buck. It is really that simple; good companies will invest more in getting you the most immune gun safe possible. Some well-known and reliable gun safe companies in the US include American Security, Browning, and Liberty Safe.

  • Level of Security

The potential of security a gun safe has to offer should be high – almost impeccable. While buying a gun safe, make sure it is equipped with different tiers of security, such as fire and natural disaster protection, and various combination locks, including fingerprint, key, digital, and manual.

Safes can come with electronic and mechanical locks; manual locks provide higher security, but they take some time to open. On the other hand, electronic locks are quite fast, but their security can be compromised if the password is predictable. Nonetheless, it is your call to go for the one that offers more convenience to you.

  • Built of the Gun Safe

The main deal is to get a product that promises the use of quality materials in the construction of the gun safe. It is necessary for the gun safe to have a locking bolt technology, along with a pry-resistant material, to avoid break-ins. A gun safe can also transfer into a vault or a panic room. Furthermore, some gun safes are even used for decorative purposes; they are made of wood veneer and tempered glass.

  • Risk Factors of Owning a Gun Safe

The chance of any mishaps is very rare with a gun safe, but there is nothing wrong with being careful. Some children might get themselves locked in larger gun safes if you are not paying attention. Another potential hazard is children picking up guns, which is why these safes should be hidden or not be left unlocked.

It is best to place your gun safe in a room where not many people can see or have access to it. The safe should always be attached or bolted to the floor; this prevents it from tipping over a person. The biggest problem with gun safes is that they corrode fairly easily in humid weather. Therefore, they should be installed away from fireplaces, along with a dehumidifier to prevent moisture.

Where to Buy
American Furniture Classics 905 Gun Safe Metal Gun Safe
American Security TF Series Gun Safe
Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe - Safely secure your valuables or handgun in the new Home Defender


Best USA Gun Safe Brands and Their Products

Note: This list is in no specific order, and all products mentioned are made in the USA.

1. Browning

Browning is a well-known US brand of quality firearms, but most people don’t know that they also manufacture gun safes under the brand name ProSteel Safes. They have been making safes for about 40 years and are known in the market for their amazing quality and great prices.

They have a unique patented door organization system, which lets you store shotguns on the door panel and a solid fire protection system.

  • Hell’s Canyon HC33 33 Gun 90-Minute Fire Safe

This is probably the most ideal, compact, safe available in the market. It has a small standard size, perfect for tiny spaces, and comes with plenty of storage inside; it can hold up to 33 large-sized guns with other valuables. It has a slim and modern exterior and is available in two finishes: textured charcoal and gloss black.

Moreover, Hell’s Canyon HC33 comes with a secure steel body having an advanced mechanical and electrical locking system, alongside fire protection and a lifetime warranty. The HC33 is both convenient and the best gun safe at its given price.

2. American Security

American Security, also known as AMSEC, is one of the most popular security system companies available in the market. They have been in business for over 70 years and are very diligent on fire resistance. Most of their products are verified for fire endurance. The safes are premium and well-built with heavy-duty cement and come in a more traditional design.

  • BFII7250 75 Gun 2-Hour Fire Safe w/UL RSC II, 5/16” Steel Liner

The BFII7250 is one of the most popular but expensive gun safes from AMSEC. It comes with massive storage and great specifications, right across the board. The best thing about it is that it can protect the firearm up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours. Moreover, it is backed by a lifetime warranty and comes in a wide range of finishes to choose from.

This gun safe offers high security with ultra-smooth locks, thick body, chrome-plated hinges, and silicone seals on the door. There are also several additional features in it.

If you want a gun safe that offers a massive gun capacity and a high fire rating, you can opt for American Security TF Series Gun Safe.

  • BF6030 24 Gun 2-Hour Fire Safe

The AMSEC BF6030 is a similar model with a low price point than the BFII7250. It has a solid steel-plated door and provides 120 minutes of fire protection. Moreover, it comes in various finishes, colors, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. The cam-driven lock in this one is smooth with two relocking devices; you can also add an electronic lock. The door hinges are adjustable, and many additional features such as mirrored walls or more storage are available.

3. Liberty Safes

Liberty Safes is the best brand for those who want a gun safe to store small handguns and belongings. The community that Liberty Safes target is domestic. They have been in this business for over 30 years, and about 85% of their gun safes are made in the US. Despite producing so many safes each year, their safes are low-cost, high-quality, and consistent in performance.

The company is known for its amazing cover-all warranty, meticulous fire testing, and knowledgeable customer care support. All safes go through a torture test, which ensures safety and reliability.

  • HDX-250 Biometric Smart Vault

The Home Defender series from Liberty Safes offers a wide range of small-sized gun safes, perfect for securing valuables and handguns. The HDX-250 Smart Vault comes with a fingerprint security system, which is very quick, reliable, and accurate. It stores up to 15 fingerprints and has an auto-opening door with key backup. On the bottom of the vault, mounting holes are present. The interior has lights for visibility at night.

The built is of 14-gauge heavy-duty steel, along with anti-pry tabs and reinforced locks, which resist forced entry to a greater extent. The vaults come with a 5-year replacement warranty on any damage.

You can also go for Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe if you want to invest in a durable and technological advance handgun safe. It offers quick and secure finger swipe access, making everything much more convenient.

American Gun Safes for Life!

When talking about firearms, owning a gun safe is important for a variety of reasons. All in all, when you are buying a gun safe to store firearms, it is best to choose the one that provides maximum security and protection. The best option is to go for a well-known American gun safe brand that has been trusted by thousands of customers for decades. We suggest you to not opt for a cheap gun safe as it won’t be able to cut it quality and security-wise.