The Best Coffee Drinkware

One of life’s great pleasures is the serenity of sipping a hot cup of coffee on a slow Monday morning when the rush of another workweek hasn’t set in yet. And the majority of us can get the energy we need to face another demanding workday with the help of a perfect cup of coffee in the morning, whether it be iced or hot. But the best coffee deserves the best coffee mugs, regardless of how you prepare your beans. And just like choosing the best roast, your ideal mug depends on your preference. Perhaps you enjoy the feel of stoneware, or perhaps you find comfort in travel mugs. Either way, we’ve got the best coffee drinkware for you.

At-Home Coffee Drinkware

There are people who, even when they’re running late, put their foot down when it comes to their morning coffee. They will always try to squeeze in even just the shortest possible time to sit and finish their morning coffee. Some even gulp their coffee because bringing coffee in one hand and their briefcase on the other is a hassle in the morning rush. So, we made a list of a few at-home coffee drinkware you might like to add to your cupboard.

Stoneware – Stoneware is a wise choice if you’re looking for a durable, dependable mug that will last for many years. It is a ceramic that is heated to a high temperature and can be combined with vitreous (glass) for increased durability. There are a number of brands in the market that offer reliable and durable stoneware mugs that will certainly give you your money’s worth, more so in the years to come. The best stoneware mug is one that is ergonomically designed and distributes heat evenly.

Ceramic Mug

yellow ceramic mug, pottery cup

Ceramic – Ceramic mugs are the norm for everyday drinking vessels because they often cost less than their stoneware counterparts and tend to stay hotter for longer (without picking up any unusual scents or flavors). To get the most amazing coffee experience with a ceramic mug, choose one that is tall, not wide, for the best heat retention, and its handle is big enough for all four fingers to fit into when you’re tilting a full French press’ worth of liquid into your mouth.

Glass Mug

double wall glass mug, espresso coffee

Glass – Glass coffee mugs are sculptural works of art ready to hold your dalgona coffee, tea, or hot toddy. They are dishwasher-safe and effortlessly gorgeous. A double-walled mug is your best option when shopping for glasses for hot beverages because it offers the best insulation and safety. Additionally, try looking for a double-walled glass mug with a waterproof silicone vent that balances the air pressure between the two chambers, so you aren’t holding a handle without the rest of the cup after pouring a hot drink.

Enamel Mug

white enamel mug

Enamelware – A significant benefit of purchasing enamelware for your daily cup of coffee is if you drop enamelware, it may chip but it won’t break. The steel underneath it oxidizes naturally, and the enamelware is still safe to use. If you’re worried about chips on your enamelware, it’s easy to repair your chipped enamel. A food-safe epoxy can be purchased to completely restore your chipped porcelain enamel. Apply the epoxy to the area where the vitreous enamel was chipped away, filling it in gently. Put some waxed paper over the epoxy when it has had a chance to somewhat set. 

Temperature-Control Mug – Some coffee drinkers are more interested in increasing productivity than in romanticizing coffee drinking. And for those who find it difficult to pull themselves away from their work but don’t want their coffee to become cold, the temperature-control mug is a perfect fit for them. There are even a few manufacturers that have created an app so you can pair your mug to the app on your phone and control the temperature to your heart’s content.

Travel Coffee Drinkware

For coffee geeks and outdoor enthusiasts, travel mugs and tumblers are their go-to vessel for their coffee fix. Caffeine powers the working world, and for many coffee drinkers, that need must be met on the go. However, not many people enjoy drinking any beverage at room temperature, it could either be steaming hot or icy cold, but not lukewarm. Therefore, a good portable coffee mug that is comfortable to carry, won’t leak, and keeps morning coffee warm (or iced coffee cold) is essential. Thankfully, a double- or triple-walled, vacuum-insulated container can help you fend off lukewarm liquids. Then at least there will always be a steady supply of drinks that are just the correct temperature to go along with every road trip, beach day, and exhausting workday.

Vacuum Insulated Mug

metal thermo cup

Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug or Tumbler – The most common materials for travel mugs are glass, ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel. However, stainless steel is the preferred material since it is more resilient than glass or ceramic and better at retaining heat than plastic. Additionally, it’s the perfect material for vacuum insulation (and therefore heat retention). The main objective of vacuum technology used in water bottles, tumblers, and other containers is insulation, not preservation. Vacuum containers use the space of air between the two layers as insulation. The absence of molecules prevents heat from moving in a vacuum-filled region. As a result, the items within maintain their original temperature for a considerable amount of time. If you prefer to buy specifically a stainless-steel travel mug, there two important things you need to consider: 1) temperature retention – how long can it can it keep your beverage hot or cold and 2) taste retention – there are stainless steel mugs that retains the flavor of your last drink which you may taste when you pour in your new drink.

reusable vacuum aluminum cup, zero waste

There are different kinds of coffee drinkware readily available in the market. Some are marketed for general usage, while some are made for specific uses. There is no shortage of drinkware for your beloved cup of joe. The only dilemma you will ever have is how to choose the best one for you. One very important tip we can give you is to be intentional and try to stay within your budget.