The Best Bacon Cookers

Almost everybody loves that delicious crunch and salty taste of  crispy bacon and why we always find a way to enjoy this food as often as possible, whether it’s on a burger, pizza, or pasta. However, frying bacon can sometimes be a pain and that is one of the reasons why we may not prepare bacon as often as we like. That’s why instead of resisting your cravings for bacon, we suggest that you should get yourself a bacon cooker. And trust us, bacon cookers will definitely help you cook as many bacons as you like with less effort.

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Bacon Cooker

Let’s admit it, frying bacon in a pan often end up with messy grease splatters all over your counter, range, and even your clothes.  Cleaning them takes time and effort, and if you did not do a thorough cleaning job, there could be a buildup of grease stains on your surfaces. Using a bacon cooker can help you save time and effort in cooking and the trouble of wiping down your counters and stove every time you cook bacon.

The bacon’s grease does not only end up all over your stove, counters, and clothes, it also goes all over your bacon strips as they cook. Even in you drain the bacon in paper towels, some extra grease may still linger. Bacon cookers helpyou separate the grease away from the bacon so that you have a healthier finished product.

Lastly, bacon burns easily when you cook it in a pan, that’s why you have to give it constant attention and flip the bacon strips frequently so they don’t get burned. But, with a bacon cooker, all you have to do is start the cooking process and let it cook your bacon. You can focus on other kitchen tasks while your bacon cooks.

Picking a Bacon Cooker

You should keep the following features in mind when you’re looking for the best bacon cooker.

  • Cooking Style – There are three primary cooking styles of bacon cookers that are available in the market and these are:
  • Oven Bacon Cooker – This type of bacon cooker is the one you put inside your oven to let the bacon cook. An oven bacon cooker must be made of materials that can endure high oven temperatures. One good thing about an oven bacon cooker is that they may be able to cook or accommodate more than just strips of bacon.
  • Microwave Bacon Cooker – If you’re always on the go, then microwave bacon cookers are for you because they are designed for quickly cooking the bacon in your microwave.
  • Countertop Bacon Cooker – This bacon cooker type is a freestanding appliance which you can plug into a wall outlet. Some designs are exclusively made for cooking bacon but other designs can also cook a variety of foods.
  • What is it made of? – Most microwave bacon cookers are made of plastic that has a silicone cooking surface. Oven bacon cookers are made of stainless steel or metal. And a ceramic bacon cooker might be able to go in the oven and the microwave.
  • Its shape and design – The size and shape of a bacon cooker determines the number of bacon you can cook at once. Most bacon cookers can accommodate about six to eight strips, but if you’re always cooking for several people, then you might want to buy a bigger bacon cooker.

Some bacon cookers are designed to cook you bacons while they are hanging because it helps the grease to drip off while the bacon is cooking. Other bacon cookers are designed flat like a tray, they might be easier to store and they usually have a system for draining grease as well.

Buying the Right Bacon Cooker

Now that you know the advantages of having a bacon cooker and what to look for when buying one, it is about time that we recommend some products as well to help you pick the right bacon cooker for you.

Best Oven Bacon Cookers

Where to Buy
Gotham Steel Bacon Bonanza Bacon Cooker
Grill Pro Bacon Cooker
Kitchenatics Roasting and Baking Sheet with Cooling Rack
Home-Style Kitchen Copper Ceramic Bacon Cooker
  • Gotham Steel Bacon Bonanza Bacon CookerThis bacon cooker has a rack that keeps your bacon lifted away from its grease. It can cook up to 12 strips of bacon at a time and it has a divider that will keep your bacon from bending and curling.
  • Grill Pro Bacon CookerThis oven bacon cooker has a folding roasting rack and a stainless tray that catches the bacon grease. This bacon cooker guarantees you crispy and meaty bacon every time because of its rack that offers convection cooking on both sides of the bacon at the same time.
  • Blue Rose Polish Pottery Bacon CookerThis stoneware dish has a pretty blue floral pattern that enables you to bring it to the table as a serving dish. It has a ridged bottom that allows the bacon to be placed above the grease so they can crisp up perfectly. This ceramic bacon cooker can cook about six bacon at a time and you can also put this in the freezer.
  • Kitchenatics Roasting and Baking Sheet with Cooling RackThis product comes with a cooling rack and cookie sheet but when you’re cooking bacon in the oven, the rack sits on top of the tray to allow the grease to drip into the pan. This product can handle about 12 to 15 bacon at a time. But remember to set your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re cooking bacon, plus, it is strong enough to withstand that kind of temperatures.
  • Home-Style Kitchen Copper Ceramic Bacon CookerThis ceramic bacon cooker allows you to perfectly cook bacon while keeping it away from all the extra grease by its handy lift-out rack. It can cook about twelve pieces of bacon at a time and it can handle up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Microwave Bacon Cookers

Where to Buy
Presto Microwave Bacon Cooker
Lekue Microwave Bacon Cooker with Lid
WowBacon Microwave Bacon Cooker
Mini in the Box Microwave Bacon Rack Hanger Cooker
Anthony Stoneware Microwave Bacon Cooker
  • Presto Microwave Bacon CookerThis microwave bacon cooker allows you to cook twelve pieces of crispy and delicious bacon in one go. All you have to do is load it up with bacon, put in in the microwave oven, and wait for a few minutes then you’re done.
  • Lekue Microwave Bacon Cooker with LidThis microwave bacon cooker is designed with deep grooves that drain the fat and excess grease away from the bacon. It has a clear lid to prevent grease from splattering on your microwave. Plus, it can cook six baconin just three minutes.
  • WowBacon Microwave Bacon CookerThe WowBacon bacon cooker allows you to cook six slices of bacon in just four minutes with no grease splatter. Its glass-like design allows the bacon to cook away from its own grease while it’s suspended in a rack that you insert the glass.
  • Mini in the Box Microwave Bacon Rack Hanger CookerThis microwave bacon cooker cooks your bacon in the air and not in its fat and it is very simple to use. All you have to do is hang the bacon over the bars and put it inside the microwave. It can cook up to twelve strips of bacon at a time and it is easy to store and clean up.
  • Anthony Stoneware Microwave Bacon CookerThis is an artisan pottery bacon cooker and all you have to do to cook bacon in here is drape the bacon over the rim of the mug, cover it with a paper towel, and microwave it to your desired crispiness. The excess grease will flow in the base where it could be easily poured and wash off.

Best Countertop Bacon Cookers

Where to Buy
Smart Planet Bacon Master
Nostalgia Electrics Bacon Express
Salton Bacon Cooker
  • Smart Planet Bacon MasterThis electric bacon cooker has a heating control timer and settings if you want your bacon light, crispy, or extra crispy. It vertically cooks your bacon so that it drains off fat and grease for healthier cooking. Plus, it can easily cook bacon without turning them.
  • Nostalgia Electrics Bacon ExpressThis electric bacon cooker can cook up to six bacon in minutes and you don’t need to flip it while it cooks. It has a slide-out drip tray so it is easier to clean up. It also has timer settings, insulated doors, and cool touch handles.
  • Salton Bacon CookerThe Salton electric bacon cooker has a powerful 800 motor and it cooks bacon evenly to the perfect crispiness without turning. It can cook up to six bacon at a time and it has an easy to clean tray that catches the excess grease.

Now we laid down what to look for in a bacon cooker and the best products in the market, it’s time you decide and the best bacon cooker for you. We guarantee you that it will make it easier for you to prepare delicious bacon as often as you like and you won’t need to spend so much time and effort cooking and cleaning up after. Instead, you will have more time to enjoy your hot and crispy strips of bacon.