The Benefits of Garage Door Screens and Curtains


    Today, garages are used for more than just parking cars; they also serve as sports venues and hobby shops. Some people utilize their garages to store large appliances, while others use them as man caves and in-law apartments. Door screens and curtains can be a big benefit in these situations to enhance the room’s ambiance, light, airflow, energy conservation, security, and many other ways.

    There are various types of garage door screens and curtains. Check out these popular garage door screen types:

    Roll Up Screen Doors

    The most affordable type of door screen is roll-up doors. It is also a terrific DIY choice because your garage can be attached and detached easily. To keep it in position, you just use hooks to secure it to the sides and the top of your garage door when it is open. You’ll have to take it down and rehang it every time you aren’t using it. Because of this, it is more difficult to use than other systems, but if you’re on a limited budget, it may help you save some money.

    Retractable Screen Doors

    This screen is mounted using a housing system that attaches to the header. This style of garage door screen is very common and helps keep bugs and other pests out of the garage. It can be raised and lowered using a remote control. It is like a roller shade for a window in a house.

    Sliding Screen Doors

    This screen door style often folds into a small bundle and is guided by a solid leading edge. These screens are divided into stacking panels and positioned on one side of your garage. Each panel is secured in position by being attached to a track on the garage floor and roof. Simply pull them over your garage door when you need them.

    Why Garage Door Screen and Curtain Beneficial to You?

    We have all experienced the discomfort of living outside without shade or cooling during the hottest summer months. However, you don’t need to spend as much time outdoors thanks to garage door screens and curtains. Even in the hottest months of July and August, you can stay cool and comfortable thanks to the quality material used in our garage door screens and curtains. Here are some of the benefits that garage door screens and curtains have.

    Energy Saver

    You won’t need an air cooling system or electric fans if your garage has a screen door. You can save energy and cut seasonal cooling costs by opening the garage and installing a screen door, letting the cool airflow inside.

    Expand the Home’s Square Footage

    You may instantly increase your square footage by turning a section of your garage or the entire thing into a living space. This area can be used for both gatherings and hosting out-of-town visitors. Teenagers who want to hold sleepovers with their pals might use it as an extra place.

    Keep the Garage Clean

    When the garage door is left open, leaves, dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris will likely be blown inside, giving the garage a messy appearance. However, using door screens will assist you in staying clear of this problem.

    Improve Security

    When you want to leave your garage door open during the day, a screen door is a great way to provide another layer of protection against unwanted criminals. The screen serves as a deterrent because opening a screen door requires time and can be noisy.

    Things to Take into Account When Selecting the Best Garage Door Screens

    Learn more about the several types of garage door screens available, how to attach them to a garage door opening, and other important details below.

    Screen Type

    Roll-up and retractable screens are available for garage doors. Both types fasten to an adhesive mounting strip with hooks and loops that wraps around the doorframe’s top and sides. Thanks to this strip, the screen can be quickly attached for usage and detached for storage. Roll-up screens can be manually rolled up for storage or to let a car pull into the garage because they are detachable and have straps at the top of the door.

    Both screens have a tractable opening at the center that serves as a door, allowing people and pets to pass through. Magnets sewn into the opening’s seams hold it together when closed, creating a tight seal that keeps bugs out.

    Ease of Installation

    Garage door screens are attached to the exterior of the doorframe so they do not interfere with the garage door’s operation. Installing a garage door screen is attaching an adhesive strip around the rim of the door opening, much like screens intended for home entrances.

    This installation often requires only a stepladder and may be accomplished in less than 30 minutes. Then, a hook-and-loop connection is used to secure the screen door to the strip. Simply slide the screen door away from the hook-and-loop strip to remove it for storage.

    Screen Appearance and Materials

    Garage door screens use a type of tear-resistant fiberglass mesh, just as the smaller retractable screens designed for doors. Denser mesh is used in higher-end door screens, which are heavier and less prone to straining or blown around by the wind. Strong magnets are used to open these doors to hold them together while allowing a person and animals to open them and pass through. To help keep the screen taut and in place, weights are sometimes sewn into the bottom seam of garage screen doors.

    The aesthetic appeal of a garage door screen should also be taken into account because a garage door opening makes up a significant part of a home’s facade. Despite having a similar appearance, most garage screen doors are black or white.

    What Am I Going to Do with It?

    Before purchasing garage door screens, you should consider asking this important question. Don’t buy something if you aren’t sure how to use it. Before making a purchase, do some research on the item.

    Many buy items despite not knowing what they want because they feel compelled to. Shopping this way is not a good idea when looking for anything expensive.

    The probability is great that you don’t require garage door screens if you cannot respond to this question. Before purchasing something, you should always consider its purpose and ensure it suffices your needs.

    Cost of A Garage Door Screen

    Many different garage door screen features may be purchased, ranging from simple pull-back designs to fully customized motorized models. Usually, it costs between $500 and $2,000 or more.

    For less budget, you may purchase a straightforward, easy-to-install screen that fastens to your garage door opening with Velcro or zippers. For more expensive door screens, any specifications you want can be put into the design of custom motorized, retractable garage door screens.


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