The Benefits of Amazon Prime


    If you are a frequent online shopper, being an Amazon Prime member for only $99 a year to get free two-day shipping will already be worth it. But, Amazon Prime offers you a whole lot more exclusive benefits that will surely give you more than what you paid for. Are you aware of them?

    If not, here are the perks of being an Amazon Prime member, starting with the most favorite one:

    1. Fast and free shipping

    Amazon Prime’s No. 1 benefit is its free two-day shipping for people who live in the mainland United States. There’s no minimum order required, and you can choose from over 20 million available items.

    You can also enjoy same-day delivery, which is also free of charge, if you live in some eligible ZIP codes, and as long as your order costs at least $35.

    2. Prime Video

    Similar to Netflix, Prime Video offers thousands of shows, movies and original content available for streaming. It’s accessible on smart devices and most TV streaming sticks and boxes. Plus, some movies and TV shows are downloadable for offline viewing.

    3. Prime Photos

    If you need a secure backup for your precious pictures, Amazon Prime is at your service, giving you unlimited cloud storage for photos you can access via web, or via app for Android or IOS. In addition to that, you can also store up to 5GB of storage for your videos and documents.

    4. Prime Music

    Amazon also offers music streaming, and Prime members can afford unlimited, ad-free access to over a million of songs. You can also download songs for offline playback.

    5. Kindle Owners Lending Library

    If you own a Kindle e-reader, Fire phone or tablet, an Amazon Prime membership can enable you to borrow one e-book a month through the Lending Library. It works like a traditional library, but without a due date. And as a Kindle owner and a Prime member, you can get a free book from the editor’s pick of to-be-released books through the Kindle First program.

    6. Prime Pantry

    Even grocery stuff can be delivered to your doorstep by Amazon through Prime Pantry. For a flat rate of $5.99, you can buy as much items you can fit in a box. It can be particularly useful and convenient if you’re shopping for big or bulky items.

    7. Twitch Prime

    If you are a gamer, Twitch Prime offers ad-free access to Twitch’s game streaming service, plus game content. You can also avail of the free channel subscription every month and discounts on game purchases.

    8. Discounts and deals

    Besides free shipping, Prime members can save more money with Amazon deals. Members are entitled to avail massive and exclusive discounts while Amazon shopping during Prime Day, Amazon’s version of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can also get a 30-minute head start on non-Prime members during Lightning Deals wherein the massive discounts are offered on specific items for a limited time.

    9. More savings for students and parents

    If you’re a parent, Amazon Prime also offers the Prime Family perk that allows you save for up to 20% on baby stuff like diapers and baby wipes. If you’re a student with a valid university address, you can avail of the Prime membership for half the price, plus a six-month free trial. After the trial period, you can upgrade to full membership for only $49.

    10. Membership sharing

    Prime membership is shareable, too! Through the Amazon Household, you can share the free shipping benefits, as well as digital content, with other people as long as you share the same household or same shipping address. It’s a great deal for families and roommates!

    With Prime membership, finding deals on Amazon has never been easier. If you’re already a Prime subscriber, make sure you’re using its fullest potential. If you are not on Prime, why not?


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