The Bamboo Products of Elite Instincts and Why You Should Use Them

Elite Instincts is a company that provides some kinds of bamboo products for its customers all over the world. While their selection might be a trifle limited, their offerings are of high quality and appreciated by their loyal customers.

More and more people are now getting attracted to items made of natural materials. Plastic might have its conveniences, but it’s simply not a healthy or enrvieonmetally0freidnly material. Plus, we need items that look good for a long time, break down easily, and provide a convenient experience every time. Bamboo products are a logical option when it comes to such goals.

Before we go on to the products of Elite Instincts and why we should try them out,

let’s catch up about the facts of this company:

Meaning of the Name

The meaning of the name ‘Elite Instincts’, is somewhat self-explanatory. Our instincts are the natural inbuilt tendencies we experience, while ‘elite’ usually denotes something supreme or superior. This is actually the aim of the company itself, as it strives to provide its audience with the very best.

Toiletries on a bamboo mat
Toiletries on a bamboo mat:

The designing of this company’s products is the result of some very careful planning. They make use of research and customer feedback in order to make sure their offerings are among the market leaders.

In fact, Elite Instincts says that most of its existing customers are those who have come back again and again to get their bamboo products from them. This is a testament to the high quality of the products as well as excellent customer service.

About Pristine Bamboo

The main material that Elite Instincts uses in its products is called Pristine Bamboo. This is also the name of their line, as it perfectly symbolizes their commitment to quality and sustainability. Their working is respectful of the environment, meaning that they focus on giving back to the planet.

Each bamboo product from Elite Instincts and Pristine Bamboo is made from 100% biodegradable bamboo wood. Since bamboo grows back again when you cut it, it’s a much more sustainable source of wood than regular trees.

Elite Instincts promises that they made their products without any of the MDF stuff to cut their costs. This is a relief since that substance could be toxic for is. Plus, they take care not to disturb the habitats of any wildlife or harm any animals in the making of their products.

The Products of Elite Instincts

Where to Buy
Expandable Bamboo Utensil Drawer Organizer
Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray
EXTRA LARGE Bamboo Cutting Board


Now that we’ve learned so much about the responsible attitude of Elite Instincts, let’s take a look at what they offer. If we’re interested in a pure, natural way of living, these offerings could really come in handy on an everyday basis:

Expandable Bamboo Utensil Drawer Organizer

We’ve all heard of drawer organizers and might have used them at some point. Their most common usage is to store cutlery in separate compartments for easy access and proper organization. However, these shallow boxes can also come in handy for organizing just about any kind of drawer.

This wooden organizer by Elite Instincts is an adjustable option, which is great for fitting into any size of drawer. You can use it to store silverware, sewing materials, or stationary as needed. It’s probably the only one of its kind that offers all the features. The material is wholly bamboo, even its base.

Once you adjust the width of this organizer, you can lock the sides in place. You can also choose to have eight, seven, or six compartments according to the size you need and the items you have. This is a fairly deep option, so everything will hopefully fit inside. Of course, all these features do mean a slightly higher price than other drawer organizers. The sustainable material and convenience factor make this purchase quite worthwhile, though.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

Several folks like to soak in the bathtub after a long day at work, but you also require some supplies while the water soothes your body. This bathtub caddy tray could provide a handy shelf just over the bathtub and hold everything you need without any installation needs. It’s not just a neat addition to your own bathroom, but it could also be a nice gift item for someone who loves baths.

You can balance a glass on this tray, along with a book or even a tablet for entertainment. You can also light some candles to provide a spa-like atmosphere and use the tray as their base. Even if you don’t usually spend too much time in the bath, this tray could be handy for your many products in the bathroom.

This tray has a non-slip silicone grip, which would hold onto the sides of any bathtub. It doesn’t matter if your tub is made of cast iron or ceramic; this tray will easily stay on either material. You can also adjust it to fit the size of a huge garden tub or a small child’s version.

EXTRA LARGE Bamboo Cutting Board

A cutting board might seem like the simplest of kitchen tools, but you actually need to consider quite a few factors before getting one. This bamboo cutting board by Elite Instincts has most of the features that make it a convenient, user-friendly, and durable option.

For one, the wood here is strong enough not to break even when you use a large knife with a lot of force. There are also juice grooves on the sides, which ensure that no dripping from the meat, vegetables, or fruit will stain your countertops. The handles are yet another convenient feature, as they make it easy to drain off the board or scrape off the chopped ingredients.

Bamboo wood is a safe option for cutting boards, as it wouldn’t be leeching any toxins into your ingredients. This particular offering from Elite Instincts is an excellent upgrade from plastic, especially as it’s sturdy, heavy, and designed to make your cooking experience as professional as possible. Check it out to see whether this is something you need for your kitchen or if you can give it to someone as a housewarming gift.

While the selection of bamboo products from Elite Instincts might be quite limited, this is probably just the beginning. Each of the options above has several glowing reviews about them online. However, why should we consider using bamboo wood products at all?

Benefits of Bamboo Products

Many of us might have thought that bamboo is just a decorative form of grass that’s mostly used for feeding pandas. However, there is now a high influx of items made from bamboo wood in the market. This isn’t just because the material is cheap and sustainable, but also because it’s an eco-friendly option.

Let’s a take a look at just a few of the benefits when we use this material:

  • Oxygen Release: When we cultivate bamboo, just a single field can release about 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than a whole timber forest of the same size. Hence, growing more bamboo could be even more beneficial for our air quality than planting regular trees.
  • Quick Growth: When we cut down a tree, it can take many years to cultivate a whole new one. However, there are some bamboo species that can grow about three feet in length within a single day! It’s ready to harvest in about 3-5 years, while hardwoods take about 20 to 100 years. Plus, the high growth rate of bamboo is possible without any toxic fertilizers or unhealthy chemicals.
  • No Damage to Roots: When we cut a bamboo plant for use in products, we don’t have to destroy the roots. This means that we don’t even have to spend money on obtaining new bamboo plants or seeds and replanting them.
  • More Fiber: When bamboo is harvested, it can have double the amount of fiber that pine trees give us. Pine is a wood crop that grows very quickly, but bamboo outstrips even this material.
  • Strength: Many bamboo manufacturers say that the wood from bamboo plants could be even stronger than steel, especially if it’s processed in a certain way. Plus, this kind of wood is more durable than maple wood or even red oak.
  • Lightweight: Most items made from bamboo wood are much more lightweight than their wooden, metal, or ceramic counterparts.

While the benefits of bamboo wood are overwhelming, one should know that this option doe has a possible downside. With the growing popularity of bamboo products, many companies have even started cutting down trees to make room for their bamboo plants. Obviously, this is counterproductive to the aim of a greener production process. We must hence take care to only buy from companies like Elite Instincts, who are careful to work in a sustainable manner for the good of the environment rather than profit.


In addition to items for the kitchen, bathroom, and home décor, bamboo wood is now available in the form of floorings and furnishings as well. Carbonized and truly organic bamboo wood will cost quite a pretty penny, but the many benefits make up for that disadvantage.

Since Elite Instincts is one of the most trusted manufacturers and distributors of such products, try placing an order for at least one item. You’ll soon see the difference in quality and the general feel of these amazing bamboo wood products.