The Awesome Car Vacuum Cleaners of Liberrway

Liberrway is a brand of vacuum cleaners that are made specifically for cars. The brand was established in Hong Kong in 2009 and it is mainly engaged in manufacturing and trading of automotive parts and accessories. The company has more than two hundred employees who help it in introducing advanced technology and as well as in importing advanced equipment.

Aside from car vacuum cleaners, Liberrway also sell different car parts like exterior accessories such as bow shackles, hitch tightener, heat shrink tubing, current-voltage monitors, rearview mirrors, and more.

Liberrway Vacuum Cleaners

Liberrway claims that their vacuum cleaners are different from the many other types of vacuum cleaners. It’s because the vacuums they offer are small, lightweight, and portable. Meaning, you will be able to bring them anywhere with ease. But even though they are small, they are powerful as well.

According to Liberrway, the vacuums they offer can help in eliminating dust mites in your car. These are the tiny microscopic relatives of spider that usually live on the car seat, carpet, steering wheel, and air conditioning outlets of cars. They eat the flakes of skin that people and pets shed daily and they increase in warm and humid environments. Therefore, no matter how much you clean your car, dust mites cannot be totally eliminated. But by using Liberrway’s vacuum cleaners, the number of mites can be reduced.

Today, we are going to give you a list of the best handheld car vacuums being offered by Liberrway that you can also use in your home.

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LIBERRWAY Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power DC 12v Portable Handheld Auto Vac for Car
Handheld Cordless Vacuum LIBERRWAY Portable Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Cordless Vacuum LIBERRWAY Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Liberrway Car Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry


1. Liberrway Car Vacuum Cleaner with Stainless Steel Filter

This is a portable handheld car vacuum that is ideal to use when cleaning dust, sand, cigarette ash, crumbs, pet hair, and water in the car. It features a strong suction because of its professional aluminum alloy fan that helps to its suction. For other vacuums, the suction fan will be blocked with dust or granule, making it covered. But since this handheld vacuum has a metal fan, the granules will be cut off, maintaining the powerful suction it has.

This handheld car vacuum also has a filter net that can block off the large particles so that it will not cover the HEPA filter. It means that it can filter dust efficiently, keeping the air in your car free from pollution. Its filter is also stainless steel, meaning, it can be washed with water easily. It is also easy to use, you just need to plug the vacuum into the 12-volt DC plug for car cigarette lighter and you can start cleaning.

This portable handheld vacuum cleaner by Liberrway comes with helpful tools such as a brush for cleaning your car’s carpet, cushion, and air conditioner outlet, an extension hose for connecting the vacuum with other accessories, and a nozzle to reach gaps and tight spaces. Aside from that, it also comes with a tool for pet hair if ever you bring your pets with you in the car. It also includes a storage bag so that you can bring the vacuum with you anywhere.

2. Liberrway Handheld Cordless Vacuum with Stainless Steel Filter

This handheld vacuum only weighs 1.5 lb. but it has 6000PA suction, making cleaning easier. You can use it to clean dust, crumbs, and even spilled milk and coffee. It features an aluminum alloy fan that can quickly clean up all the mess in just seconds. It is also cordless, meaning, you will be able to reach every spot that needs cleaning.

This handheld vacuum is designed with a one-step empty suction head, releasing the dirt quickly without the need to touch the dust with your hands. It comes with a washable and stainless steel filter and as well as two foams that provide triple filtration, keeping the air free from pollution. There’s also no need to replace the filter because it can be washed with water easily.

This vacuum also has a built-in LED light which is very useful when cleaning in dark spaces so you won’t miss a spot when you vacuum. It is indeed a great portable vacuum that you can use in cleaning your car and even hard to reach places in your home.

3. Liberrway Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair Cleaning

This cordless handheld vacuum by Liberrway is great for those with pets at home that shed a lot because it comes with a pet hair brush, making it easy to clean pet hair from carpets and rugs. It can offer up to 30 minutes of continuous suction with its 2600 mAh battery.

This is also a lightweight vacuum because the center of its gravity is located towards the grip for easy cleaning. It has a built-in LED light for dark places as well. This is a rechargeable vacuum that takes about 4 hours to be fully charged. It also features a durable stainless steel filter that is reusable because it can be washed with water.

This is indeed an ideal vacuum not just for cars but for cleaning a large area rug or a room with wall-to-wall carpet.

4. Liberrway Car Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry

This handheld vacuum is not just great in cleaning dust, sand, cigarette ash, crumbs, and pet hair because it can also vacuum something wet like water with its wet and dry feature. It comes with a 14 ft. power cord, allowing you to clean anywhere in your car. You can also use it as a home vacuum by just providing a universal AC-DC power socket adapter converter.

This handheld vacuum cleaner comes with three accessories that can further help you clean your car such as a brush for cleaning the carpet, cushion, and air conditioner outlet, an extension hose to reach corners and tight spaces, and a nozzle to clean between gaps.

It has a HEPA filter that is reusable and can be emptied in just one step. The filter can be washed easily with water, making it an economic and environmental-friendly car vacuum cleaner that can help you save money compared to repeatedly buying replacement filters. These are the awesome car vacuum cleaners offered by Liberrway. They are all portable and very easy to use, making them great options for car owners. If you want to know more about handheld vacuums and explore more options, you can check out our Guide to Handheld Vacuums for more information.