Tetley Green Tea Review

Located in Yorkshire, England, Tetley happens to be a beverage manufacturer founded in 1837. Currently, it is the largest tea company in the United Kingdom and Canada, in addition to being the second largest in the U.S according to the volume. Today, Tetley manufactures and distributes its products in forty countries, selling around sixty branded tea bags. In other words, Tetley’s overtime has gained a huge market share through its products, particularly green tea. As there is an increasing demand for green tea around the world, Tetley has stepped up its game by offering its customers different types of Green Tea. Let us look into that.

Things to consider when buying green tea

Before we proceed with discussing different types of Tetley Green Tea, it is important that you consider several things.

Buy Organic Tea-Always

When you are out shopping for tea, make sure that you always get your hands on organic tea. It is both beneficial to you as well as the environment. Tea plants readily absorb pesticides; therefore, when you purchase organic tea, it means that there isn’t anything nasty hidden in your morning cup. Furthermore, always look for a certified organic bud logo to validate the organic integrity of your tea. If more people consumed organic tea, it would motivate the farmers to grow it, which will ultimately reduce toxins that not only harm us but the earth as well.

Beware of bleach and silk Tea Bags

Another very important thing to consider when buying green tea is that you avoid bleach and silk tea bags. Unfortunately, even today, the majority of tea bags are made from materials such as bleached paper PVC, nylon and thermoplastic, etc. Tea Bags containing such substances when lowered into boiling water may release harmful chemicals, potentially harming you.

You might have noticed that tea bags are held together once you pick them up. These are either staples or chemical adhesives. While you might have thought that it was for a good purpose, in reality, the chemical could cause a lot of problems. Therefore, one more reason to shift to loose leaf teas.

Caffeine Sensitivity

Lastly, you need to make sure that you are not caffeine sensitive. If you are, consuming black tea can affect your sleep and make you feel edgy. Furthermore, go for caffeine-free herbal teas such as green tea, rosehip, peppermint, and Licorice, etc. As compared to both green tea and white, black tea contains the highest amount of caffeine. In order to get rid of caffeine, you can twice steep your tea. Caffeine will be released during the first steeping 30 seconds and make it less stimulating.

Benefits of Green Tea

Consists of bioactive compounds

Green tea is not only mere leaves, but it also consists of healthy bioactive compounds such as polyphenols, which helps in fighting cancer and reducing inflammation. Furthermore, Green tea also contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate, which is catechin, helping to prevent cell damage.

Helps with fat burning

Several types of research have explicitly stated that green tea increases fat burning and gives a boost to your metabolism rate as well. It is said that green tea will increase fat burning and boost metabolism rate only in the short run. However, not all studies agree.

Provides Antioxidants

Cancer is caused when the cells inside the body are growing uncontrollably. Research has shown that green tea contains antioxidants that can help with chronic inflammation and reduce the chances of cancer increases. In addition to that, research also states that green tea drinkers are less likely to develop any cancer as well. 

Where to Buy
Tetley Green Tea, 72 Tea Bags
Tetley Green Tea, Decaffeinated
Tetley Tea Bags, Black and Green
Tetley Green Tea, Honey, 72 Tea Bags



Tetley Natural Green Tea

Tetley, with its natural green tea, reassures its customers that it uses the finest blends for every cup of tea. It guarantees that there is no bitter taste and only refreshing green tea that provides both comfort and warmth. Tetley uses an ancient Japanese technique, which allows the goodness of green tea to be locked after it is picked. This is done to ensure that the tea is both flavorful and fresh. Since it is naturally low in calories, you can consume Tetley’s natural green tea to keep yourself hydrated by making yourself both hot and iced tea.

Key Features:

  • Made from organic green tea leaves
  • Contains no bitter taste
  • Can be to make hot and iced tea

Tetley Green Tea, Decaffeinated

Tetley offers green tea in decaffeinated form as well. In simpler words, green tea does not contain any caffeine as it is well-known that caffeine provides excess stimulation and can affect sleeping patterns. Continuous exposure to caffeine can sometimes result in brain damage as well. Black coffee and black teas contain the most amount of caffeine. The only thing they are good at is keeping you awake. 

Key Features:

  • Caffeine-free
  • Made from finest blends
  • Natural mellow green tea

Tetley Black & Green Tea

With its Black & Green tea, Tetley offers its customers the finest buds and tea leaves with a mellow, smooth flavor along with a natural aroma, which alone is enough to keep you fresh throughout the day. When it comes to making the perfect green tea, Tetley makes sure that all tea buds and leaves are handpicked to guarantee only the finest stuff is manufactured and packed. 

Key Features:

  • Bitter free taste
  • Made from the finest tea leaves and buds
  • Smooth, mellow, natural flavor

Tetley Green Tea-Honey

Tetley steps ahead with another unique product, and this time it is Green Tea Honey. With both natural and artificial flavors, this Green Tea has been made to provide a boost to your immune system. Once you have brewed and smell the tea, you will smell a honey scent. The soothing aroma is bound to relax your senses and body, and the same could be said for the taste.

Key Features:

  • Honey scent & flavored
  • Free of chemicals and Fillers
  • Gluten-Free & no trans fats

Tetley vs. Lipton

To start with, both Tetley and Lipton are made from leaf fragments that are usually smaller than the normal black tea or CTC tea, made at home. Furthermore, both tea bags will brew a decent cup. However, it comes down to the taste, the one which does not taste bitter, is mostly preferred by the customer. In this case, Lipton gains a point over Tetley, even though Tetley is catching up fast. 

When it comes to quality and offering benefits, both brands stand shoulder to shoulder, and finally, it is up to the personal choice and preference of the customer. It is important that the tea tastes the same as mentioned on the packing and offers the same quality as well. If anyone of them is not able to live up to the claims, you know which one to pick. 

Can I Add Lemon and Honey in Tetley Green Tea?

Yes, you can add both. In fact, you can add anything you wish as long as it’s something that you normally would mix with other tea types.

If you want, you can make separate cups for each one, one cup with lemon added and the other with honey. You can then compare their tastes individually and see which one you like most.

After that experiment, add both together and see different it is from the previously distinguished versions.

If you are worried about the taste or not getting the full benefit, then there isn’t anything you should worry about.

You’ll still get all the phytonutrients in the green tea, just that the taste would be different now that you’ve added other ingredients compared to when you drink it without them.

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Final Word

Tetley is, no doubt, a good option for an average daily tea drinker. Consumers have spoken their minds on Amazon, and they agree as well to the fact that Tetley stands true to its words. 

With no artificial and potentially harmful ingredients, Tetley continues to expand its consumer base by offering the best quality tea, especially green tea in the market.