Tech Gift Ideas for Office Workers

With the fast pace of technological advancements and the growing need to always be online and updated with the latest gadget developments, technology has become increasingly essential in various settings – at home, school or work. 

Used as a tool to be ahead and to maximize efficiency, technology indeed has made its way into becoming a basic staple for any employee or boss. This is why giving tech gifts is the ultimate love language at the workplace. 

Worried about the price tag or figuring out what is still trendy? Don’t worry! There are many tech selections to choose from that are both affordable and useful! Even most have the bonus of being sleek and convenient! 

Tech Organizer Pouch or Bag

Man putting his gadgets inside an organizer pouch

Everyone is familiar with the picture of messy, tangling wires and disorganized devices. Indeed, cables can be difficult to manage, especially when there’s so much to bring, from laptop chargers to cellphone chargers to earphones and extension cords! But, with a tech organizer, some bands and cables can help the user organize folded wires. It also may have pockets for small devices such as power banks or flashlights. Many pouches are made to protect these gadgets from physical damage or water splashes. This ensures the longevity of the tech products and hence its usability!

Portable Extension Cords

Many workers like to take their desk job outside the office and in a scenic cafe or cozy workspace. This fresh, new environment provides them with a renewed sense of energy to achieve their tasks. While working, however, their biggest enemy is battery depletion, and although they may have brought their device chargers, the next electrical outlet is far away or fully used. However, with a portable extension cord, this worker no longer has to fear moving to a new spot to work in. They can simply unwrap the wire of their portable extension cord and locate it conveniently wherever they wish! This way, the work does not have to end!

Wireless Chargers

Wireless charger features

Sometimes, the work desk is the most cluttered workspace any employee will encounter, especially during the busiest days when stacks of folders, documents, and envelopes lay on the surface without being sorted out. Adding more cables and tires means creating an accident-prone environment. Fortunately, wireless chargers are available for the convenience of a user to simply place the device on the charging dock, and voila! The device is charging. Say goodbye to messy cables and the extra effort of plugging cords into ports.

Additionally, wireless chargers are reputed to be more energy efficient and compatible! Moreover, some wireless chargers come with USB ports and AC outlets, such as in the image. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have everything in one place?

Hub Adapter for Various Port Endings

Workmates may often experience the difficulty of incompatibility while sharing their work files: may it be an SD card that cannot fit in the USB ports of laptops, or when there’s only a lightning cable, but the file transfer has to take place between two devices with only USB-C ports. Because of this, it’s essential to have a hub adapter with various ports such as USB-C, Ethernet port, and HDMI. This allows the ease of file transfers, charging, and necessary connections.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic Keyboard on wooden table

Have you ever felt tired or pained when typing on the keyboard for extended periods? This is a common complaint made by workers who use keyboards extensively due to the nature of their jobs, and when there are too many workers who are disabled from performing optimally, this results in a great loss of productivity. Fortunately, ergonomic keyboards have been designed by scientists, engineers, and manufacturers to be more comfortable, convenient, and efficient to use. Through innovations like these, work-related health conditions, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), are prevented. It’s a bonus that many ergonomic keyboards are currently designed to be portable and lightweight. 

Rechargeable and Wearable Neck Fan

Sometimes, the workplace can be the most humid and uncomfortable place. When workers are too busy wiping their sweat and finding the nearest item to what can resemble a makeshift fan, they waste precious time that could have been spent doing productive work. A rechargeable and wearable neck fan is a cost-efficient option, especially if an architectural makeover for the office is difficult to actualize. This fan provides a cooling sensation and is also very easy to use. 

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker

Whether it be used to broadcast important announcements intermittently during the work process or add jive and harmony while working on repetitive tasks in the office, a Bluetooth speaker is a handy, convenient, and fun option. It can allow any user to select what to listen to so that anyone has the chance to choose their favorites, and it also cancels out the difficulty of plugging wires into devices. It is also lightweight and easy to bring around. 

Ring Light

Fancy ring light on wooden platform

Looking presentable and at your best is a must, even in remote online video call conferences! This sets a good impression on superiors at work, potential clients, and co-workers. Facial familiarization is key to future recall and, thus more opportunities. However, there are moments when the venues we find ourselves in are not optimal for video calls due to it giving the effect of being “against the light” or because the place is simply not well lit. Fortunately, gadgets such as ring lights give users the best possible lighting, thanks to their distinct shape. The halo or circular shape causes light to spread evenly and widely, reduces unwanted shadows, and even creates a more flattering appearance! Ring lights may come with a stand so that it’s easier to set up. 

Customized Mousepad

Want to give something more personalized? A mouse pad is a great option that gives you space to be creative with the designs! Mousepads enhance the functionality of a computer mouse, as compared to when the mouse is merely placed on any table platform. It reduces any jittery movements and keeps the mouse clean. Additionally, since mousepads have a flat surface, it’s the perfect platform for adding designs that your friend may appreciate: may it be a picture of their favorite TV show characters or an old photo of their beloved pet. It can also display a motivational quote or bible verse – just what they need to push through with their heavy workload! 

Help your workmate, boss, or clients accelerate with the speed of our times through techy gifts like the ones we have listed for you! Gifting any of these to them gives them convenience, style, optimization, and even comfort, all wrapped up in one!