Teal side table refashion

Did you see the table I linked up to The Pinterest Project this week?!
I got to do a really fun project while on my vacation at my parents’ house. My mom probably bought this at a thrift store or a garage sale for $5.
She loved the color I did on my daughter’s Tiffany Inspired Dresser.
So I grabbed some essentials: fine sandpaper, a damp cloth, a screwdriver (to remove hardware), Kilz original primer, Krylon’s Ocean Breeze spray paint, and some polycrylic to seal it.
This table was in really good shape. It didn’t need any sanding really except to buff out a few water rings (use coasters people!). I took the hinges off & removed the little flip top lid. If you want to change up your hardware you can easily do so by cleaning & spraying it too with a faux metal finish of your choice. I did that for the dresser handles HERE.
Then I wiped the whole thing down really well to get any dirt, dust, & debris off the surface & inside of the table. Make sure that sucker is clean! You don’t want to spray paint dirty wood.
Do you love my brilliant use of an old kiddie pool?
It had a crack in it and was next to the garbage bin. It worked perfectly for spray painting outside!
First up, it got 2 good coats of Kilz.


After it dried I started with Ocean Breeze by Krylon.
See how thin & streaky the blue looks? This was only the 2nd coat. Don’t freak out and use too much spray paint. The key is lots of thin, even coats so you don’t get drips. It’s not going to start looking good until the 2nd or 3rd coat so be patient!
I ended up doing 4 coats of Ocean Breeze.
Then I let it dry really well (it was 100 degrees outside so it didn’t take long).
Next, I took my sanding block & distressed it…just a little. I lightly sanded & buffed the edges and some of the detail on the legs.
Then I sealed it. There are various ways you can do this but I decided to just use a spray polycrylic. A few coats of that should protect it.
Look at the transformation!

What do you think? Are you in love with Krylon’s Ocean Breeze?!
What do you think of accent furniture with bright pops of color like this?


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