Teal Leopard Mani

Did you guys like the White Hot Mani I blogged about here?
Well, I finally found the perfect shade of teal that I’ve been desperately searching for all summer. I ended up finally getting my hands on some Wet & Wild Megalast nail polish in “I Need a Refresh-Mint.”
I was worried about it being too minty, but to me it’s teal. Or turquoise I guess. Either way, I love it.
Then I picked up this little nail art kit from my favorite place in the world,Target, for $5.99. I just needed something with black & white in it. I ended up loving the silver sparkles too.
And this is what I came up with:
Cute huh? Check out that ring fingernail action. Oh yeah, I actually did some nail art. Now, here’s something you might not know about me. I’m a professional nail tech. I’ve been to beauty school twice, once for nails & once for hair. However, I’ve been a stay at home mom for the last however many years it’s been now so I pretty much stick to doing hair & nails for myself, my friends and family. You’d think I’d be really good at nail art, but I’m not. This is basically the best nail art I’ve ever done. Well it’s the only nail art I’ve ever really done & actually worn. I’m surprised it looks like anything at all. The first few attempts were pretty blob-ish looking. See? And yes, blob-ish is a word.
Sorry about the crappy phone picture…my camera was dead at the time 🙁
Anyways, back to the Wet & Wild polish. Oh my goodness. I found a new favorite product. Seriously, I bought this stuff on a whim. It was advertised as “new,” it was on sale for $1.99, and it looked exactly like the Essie polish I already had in my basket (for about 1/4 of the price!) Sorry Essie. I love you, but I’m just so cheap now! Haha. No joke, this stuff Wet & Wild polish is amazing. Like the best polish I’ve ever used. And I’m a former polish snob & would only buy OPI, China Glaze, & Essie. Now I’m sold on this stuff! The new contoured brush is incredible. I thought it was weird and I would hate it at first, but I quickly and easily got up into my cuticle area without fudging it up and it only took like 1 or 2 strokes to do each nail. The first coat dried quickly and I ended up doing another to get a good, even finish. No basecoat, no topcoat, nothing. Usually I would have done those but I was in a hurry. It was so quick and easy to apply. It’s been 24 hours & I’m 100% chip free.And I went grocery shopping at Walmart this morning with 2 rambunctious children. Not a chip! Zero...I swear. I’m going to see how long this stuff really wears for. I’ve been reading online that it’s getting rave reviews all over blog land, so I’m thinking I need to head back to the store and buy out the entire collection. I hope they don’t get rid of this stuff or change the formula. I’m in love!
So this manicure lasted 5 days & was still pretty much flawless. No major chips and not even really any wear on the tips. And I’m not easy on my nails. I cook, I clean, I do dishes, we went to the splash pad multiple times, I assembled a child’s bike, and I type/text a TON. So to not have any chipped nails after all of that I’m super impressed. I could have totally worn this for another 5 days but I took it off because I wanted to try another color really badly. For extra long wear you could leave it for the first 5 days, then freshen it up with one new coat to get up near the cuticles again and cover any grow out you might have. Seriously, if I could rate this I would give it 5 out of 5 stars. Heck, throw in an extra star! It’s that good. And no, I am not a spokesperson for Wet & Wild nor do I get paid to write a good review on it. I wish I did! Hey Wet & Wild people…call me.
Also, there are a million bajillion leopard print nail art tutorials that you’ve probably already pinned on Pinterest, so go check them out. I didn’t bother making one because I was lazy.
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