Guide to Sweet 16 Candy

assorted and colorful candies in white bowls

When planning for foods to serve in a sweet sixteen birthday party, desserts are also a must aside from the appetizers and main courses. But other than serving cakes, ice creams, and the likes, having a candy buffet in the party is also a great idea. It is a section in the … Read more

Guide to Sweet 16 Party Decorations

purple and silver balloons with sweet 16 princess design

Turning sixteen is indeed a milestone for every girl. That is why a lot of girls want to throw a party when they turn sixteen. When planning for a sweet sixteen party, there are lots of things to do such as think of a theme, pick a place where the party will … Read more

Sweet 16 Jewelry Gift Ideas

Honor Her Birth Month

The age sixteen is called sweet for a reason and that is because it is a true sweet spot between childhood and adulthood. If you live in North America, you will be old enough to drive and have a job when you turn 16. But a 16-year-old girl still lives at home … Read more