Cranberry Holiday Punch

Cranberry Holiday Punch

Straight up, or on the rocks, cranberry, or cranberry apple juice cocktail spell r-e-f-r-e-s-h-m-e-n-t.  When the holidays roll around, you can also find refreshment when you make this recipe. Serves: 20 to 24 INGREDIENTS 2 quarts ginger ale 2 cups cranberry juice cocktail 1 quart orange juice 8 ounces lemon-lime soda Orange … Read more

Low Fat Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Low calorie, zero fat, and deliciously healthy spaghetti squash is on many health-conscious adult’s perfect vegetable lists! If you’ve never had spaghetti squash, you’re missing out on a real treat! It’s a great squash that acts like spaghetti (you know, the pasta kind), but it’s super good for you and very low … Read more

Confectioner’s Glaze

Here’s an easy glaze for anything to you want to add some sweetness.  You can easily adapt it to work with the flavors in your baked goods. Yield: 1 cup (serving size is 1 tablespoon) Calories: 30 (0% of calories from fat)  ♥  Fat: 0 g  ♥   Weight Watchers: 0 pts INGREDIENTS … Read more

Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese Spread | Fat Free

This is so simple, so delicious, and it’s fat-free to boot!  It’s great on a whole grain bagel for breakfast and it makes an equally delicious dip in the afternoon. For a  perfectly simple snack, take one crisp green apple and a bit of this dip and say yummo! 4 oz. softened … Read more

Coconut Milk | A Fat Free Substitution Solution

Coconut Milk A Fat Free Substitution Solution

This one’s for all the curry lovers and lovers of other yummy recipes that call for coconut milk. As you know, when you’re living la vida low fat, coconut milk is a no-no Coconut Oil, used in moderation is very good for you, but regular coconut milk is a fat-filled treat your … Read more

Fat-Free Exotic Fruit Dip

Fat Free Exotic Fruit Dip

Spring is here and it may have you thinking about all the beautiful fresh fruit you’ll be starting to see in the farmer’s market soon. To enjoy the fruit, try this yummy fat-free Exotic Fruit Dip recipe.  It will inspire you to start looking for the fresh fruit in your area. Many … Read more

Fat Free Canyon Ranch Jet Fuel Salad Dressing

Fat Free Canyon Ranch Jet Fuel Salad Dressing

A Canyon Ranch Spa Guest Favorite! Have you ever dreamt of spending a week at Canyon Ranch Spa? You may have been since you saw Oprah do a show from there. You may have a recurring dream of pampering and eating healthy gourmet food as you go swimming in beautiful pools or … Read more

Healthy Crunchy GUILT FREE Microwave Potato Chips

Healthy Crunchy GUILT FREE Microwave Potato Chips

The potato was once considered the perfect food then one day we struck oil. Vegetable oil, that is and we fried and we fried and we fried this once perfect food to within an inch of its life.  And guess what?  We liked it!! Oh, boy did we ever like it! We … Read more

Pineapple Sorbet | Less than 1% Fat

Maybe you’re one of the people who L-O-V-E, love, love, love desserts! No question about it but it’s even better if you can L-O-V-E healthy low-fat or fat-free desserts that don’t send your blood sugar spiking. One key to losing weight effortlessly (or reasonably so), is to keep a stable blood sugar … Read more

Dr. Oz’s Green Drink

Dr. Oz's Green Drink

If you watch Oprah (and who doesn’t), then you’re most likely familiar with Dr. Mehmet Oz and his famous green drink. Dr. Oz says he drinks it just about every morning and Oprah says she too is drinking it every morning. Yummy! Dr. Mehmet Oz’s Green Drink Recipe SERVES 3 to 4 … Read more