Summer pregnancy must-haves: how to beat the heat!

Phew! Is it hot enough out there?
No? Just me?
Oh, that’s right. I’m currently about 37 weeks pregnant and it’s the middle of July. Summer is pretty much almost unbearable right now. Most days I want to just lay on the couch with a remote in my hand and the AC blowing on me. Unfortunately, that’s not always an option- especially with 2 other children who want to have fun on their summer break. So what if mom’s got swollen ankles, is carrying an extra 40 pounds and has a constant sheen of sweat on her. Yes, yes, pregnancy is a miraculous thing and I know some day I will really miss being pregnant. But until then, I’m taking it day by day and I’m just trying to survive this heat while I’m feeling like a giant, uncomfortable, waddling whale.
Here’s a few of my summer pregnancy must-haves.
For those days when, you know, you gotta get up off the couch!


Maternity bathing suit- Get yourself one. I didn’t think I wanted one at first because I’m not really the bikini type even when I’m not pregnant. I just feel too naked. If you feel comfortable enough to rock your little pregnant bump in a bikini, more power to you (and I say that jealously!) I, however, opted for a tad more coverage and found this super cute polka dot tankini top at Target and paired it with a little swim skirt. The top is super comfortable and completely covers my belly, which I love, and the skirt is long enough to cover up the thighs and booty. Even if you feel like a giant fat ass, get yourself a maternity bathing suit. There are so many cute maternity suits for all body types, so find one and get your pregnant belly int the water. If you have kids, play with them! If you don’t, get one just to swim. Swimming is great exercise and feels sooooo good when you’re pregnant. Plus you’ll cool off, obviously. And no one is going to judge how you look- your pregnant for goodness sakes!
A hat- Keep the sun off your face. First off, I really don’t want wrinkles. Let’s not forget that I’m 30 now people! It’s time to protect that face. Second, have you ever heard of “mask of pregnancy” or Melasma? It’s a condition a lot of women get while pregnant where you get dark patches of skin on your face. Well, I certainly don’t want that either, and you’re more susceptible to this skin condition if you’re in the sun a lot. So if you’re going to be outside, get a cute hat and protect your face from the sun. I won’t go to the beach or water park without one.

Sunglasses- This goes along with the hat thing. Sunglasses with UV protection are going to protect your eyes/face from the sun too. I get these huge ones from Target every summer because I don’t want damaging UV rays near my eyes and the skin surrounding them. The last thing you need after stretch marks or extra baby weight are wrinkles and sun spots. Plus, they hide the fact that you’re not wearing any eye makeup really, really well. Some days I don’t even have to do my eyebrows as long as I keep the shades on.
Maternity dresses- Dresses and skirts are going to be your best friend while pregnant in the summer. Pants have been out for me for months because I stopped fitting in them comfortably in the first trimester. Maternity shorts are OK, but on really hot or humid days you’ll want a….ummmm, breeze. You know…there. You’re hot. You’re sweaty. You don’t want to be constricted. Flowy, light summer dresses are perfect for pregnant women and keep you much cooler than shorts! I found a few that come down to around knee length and they are perfect because it’s really hard to get out of a car or get up from sitting very gracefully when you’re hugely pregnant, so you don’t have to worry about flashing anyone. Stock up on some maternity dresses and you’ll be thankful for the little “breeze.”
Comfy flip flops- If you’re in your third trimester during the summer then shoes are probably going to almost be a no-go for the most part. I’m pretty much living in flip flops these days because my feet get a little swollen, and it’s too dang hot to try to squeeze them into anything else. Flip flops are a great option while pregnant, but most of them offer little cushion or support for your poor, achy feet. Some days my heels would feel bruised from walking around in thin, flat flip flops. I found these really comfortable ones from Skechers that are made like yoga mats on the soles! They are super cushy and support your pregnant feet a lot better than regular flip flops.
Sunscreen- Pregnant skin is usually more sensitive, so you may burn easier while pregnant in the summer. It’s certainly been true for me. Don’t go outside without some SPF on or you will be really, really miserable. I hate the greasy feeling of most sunscreens, so I love this Neutrogena Dry-Touch lotion. It’s been a staple for me at the water park/pool and isn’t greasy at all. It goes on really sheer, but is still waterproof (and sweat proof!) I can even use this on my face and it doesn’t make me break out. So skip the kids’ sunscreen and get some of this stuff, because being pregnant and covered in greasy sunscreen is no fun.

Lip balm with SPF 15- These little EOS lip balm spheres are my favorite, and I love that I found one with SPF 15 in it. My lips get so dry in the summer and the sun and chlorine make it even worse. Make sure you protect your lips in the sun too and get some lip balm with SPF in it. Burned pregnant lips are no bueno. 
Popsicles- Or ice cream, smoothies, Slurpees, shaved ice, etc. Anything frozen or that has ice in it is my favorite right now because I’m constantly overly hot. I want to just sit and crunch on ice all day and my freezer is currently stocked with Otter Pops and fudgesicles. Stock up on some frozen treats and cool yourself off. Bonus if you get some with real fruit in them.
Books/E-reader- One of my favorite ways to kick back and relax is to read a good book. If your feet are swelling and you’re exhausted you’re going to need to rest and put your feet up for a while, so make sure to grab a good book while you’re at it. I love my e-reader because I have hundreds of books at my fingertips at any given moment- no having to get up to find a new book. Plus, I can watch Netflix and browse the internet on it too, so I’ve always got something to entertain myself with even if I’m outside watching the kids run through the sprinkler. 
A cute water bottle- Water, water, water! Drink it up- it’s going to be your best friend while pregnant, especially during the summer. As a pregnant woman you need to be drinking even more water than you usually would, and add even more to that during the hot summer months. You don’t want to be dehydrated, and drinking plenty of water is going to make you feel better, cool you off, help with swelling, and ensure that your baby has enough amniotic fluid. I’m really bad about drinking water, so the best way to make sure I’m drinking enough is to carry around a cute water bottle. Get one with an easy to grab handle and take it with you everywhere you go and drink up. If you don’t like the taste of water, try adding some lemon to it or make some infused water!

We’ve managed to get out and do a few fun summer things before the baby’s arrival, and I couldn’t have done it without some of these things! Man, I sure do miss being able to do water slides though. 
Hopefully this list will help all of you pregnant mamas beat the heat!
If you can survive this you can survive anything 🙂