Summer in Idaho- Part 1

This is what Idaho looks like in the summer…
Right?! OK actually no.
It’s actually a random picture of a potato field being harvested somewhere.
This is actually what Idaho looks like in the summer:
When I think of summer I picture this: blue skies, gorgeous lakes & rivers, tree lined shores, and kids splashing in the water. That is what summer is like where I come from.
The kids & I spent 2 full weeks visiting my family in North Idaho (where I was raised) and it doesn’t look anything like the potato field picture at the top. It’s actually really beautiful, and it was hot. I mean, hotter than you probably think when you hear Idaho. I now live near Seattle in Washington and let me tell you…I never thought that Idaho would be a “vacation destination,” but it was so nice to get out of the big grey cloud that is constantly over the Puget Sound and soak up some vitamin D.
We are going to have to make our annual summer vacation because the kids and I had a blast. My husband even surprised us! He took time off work and drove 6 hours in 100 degree heat with no AC only to stay for 36 hours, turn around, and drive 6 hours back home. He really did surprise me though, which isn’t easy to do. We had a great visit with his mom & sister. We even got to stay in a house right on the river. It was gorgeous and so peaceful there! I never wanted to leave.
Here was the view from the dock.
And from the dock looking towards the amazing house.
The kids had their own little private beach for swimming.
Since I don’t really do the whole swimming thing much, I did a lot of this instead.
Don’t let the “tan” legs fool you…that’s self tanner.
I needed to get some rays on my pasty white skin.
See? Yeah…we don’t get much sun where I come from.
One goofing. One posing.
Lily enjoyed pushing her brother off the dock. He was a pretty willing participant.
The bucket on the head was his idea.
Ayden made a friend! “Loggy” was their pet log. This thing provided hours of fun and companionship for them in the water.
Crazy kids!
My little mermaid girl.
The sunset on the river was beautiful.
Mommy forgot to pack Lily’s pajamas!
She made it fashionable of course.
Roasting marshmallows!
“Mmmmm these are good!” as she puts a marshmallow on her stick and shoves it into her mouth without even putting it over the fire.
Tired kids after a long day of swimming.
And waking up at 7am to do the same thing all over again!
Yes, he actually jumped in the water at 7 in the morning. He loves to swim! I’d love to live right on the water with my fish-like children.
Summer 2012!
And the best part of the trip was when my favorite guy came & surprised me. I had no idea he was coming at all. He actually scared the crap out of me when he showed up at the door at 11pm!
Glad it was just my love making this the best summer vacation ever.
So that was just our little weekend we spent with my in-laws. We spent almost another 2 full weeks visiting everyone else. More on that coming in part 2 of my Summer in Idaho series!
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