Spring Cleaning Guide: Check Out All the Tips and Tricks Right Here

The radiant flowers are in full bloom, and the birds are chirping. Spring has finally begun. As winter retreats and the snowy weather makes space for the greenery, the whole world glows with a breath of new life. All over the globe, this season exemplifies a clean slate.

However, your house still gives off the winter blues vibes. And you can’t let go of that cabin fever feeling. But, with a new season, your home should also start afresh. Therefore, it’s about time you knuckle down to some spring-cleaning tasks – reshuffling, scouring, decluttering, and refurnishing. Why? Because your house is probably full of pathogens and germs loitering from the cold season and not to mention the excessive dust particles from the heater.

Cleaning the entire home, up and down, may seem like an arduous task. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be like this. The whole process of spring cleaning might never be stress-free or smooth. But with the right tricks and hacks, you can simplify the process and make it more manageable and enjoyable.

Plan ahead

Before you get weaving to spring clean the entire house, first organize the following three boxes:

Box 1 – Donate or sell: One of the essential aspects of the spring-cleaning marathon is to dispose of clutter. While you snuggle in cozy blankets to keep yourself warm, you might have accumulated a lot of stuff during winters. So, sort out your belongings and place all the possessions you wish to donate or sell in a separate box.

Box 2 – Stack away box: Pack all your valuable possessions in a single box for now. However, there’s a good chance that the box might get misplaced in the event of spring cleaning, or you might have oversized items to store. Therefore, make it easy for yourself and rent a self storage unit to store away items securely. That way, you can keep your belongings safe and even have access to them at your convenience.

Box 3 – Repair: Cast aside all the redundant items. However, you might stumble upon old tools or equipment crucial for repairing stuff. Therefore, put them away in this box. But don’t let these overhauls divert the attention from the spring-cleaning project.

Once done with these boxes, use this handy spring-cleaning guide to get your house in pristine condition:

Collect cleaning supplies

To set the wheels in motion, gather all the cleaning essentials in one place. Vinegar, castile soap, and baking soda are good cleaners to wash any signs of taint or smear in the house. Plant-based sponges are an environment-friendly option that can make things easier.

Nonetheless, while you stock up recyclable sprays, ensure to use the one with a low quantity of irritants and flammable ingredients. According to the American Lung Association research, household cleaning products such as air fresheners contain toxic chemicals that pose serious health risks.

Scrub windows

Washing all your house windows at once will rid you of the provoking thought that you should have cleaned the windows at the start of the season.

Choose a not-so-sunny day for cleaning windows and begin with a shadowy side of the room. Else, the sun rays might dry up the cleansing liquid and leave splotches on the window. A microfiber cloth and water will suffice to wash them.

Don’t forget the window treatments. For a metallic blind, use dishwashing liquid along with water. However, if you have wooden blinds, then a damp cloth can do the job.

Check kitchen and bathroom drains

Do you have a kitchen stench that you can’t seem to chuck out? Then, give a try to lemon rinds and place them along with cold water at your waste disposal. The combination might help you kick the unpleasant smell.

However, when it comes to drains of the bathroom as well as kitchen, follow these steps. First, stream scalding hot water in the drainage area and pour baking soda and vinegar. Now, cover the drain with a stopple for a good couple of minutes. Lastly, stream down hot water again.

And for broken faucets and leakage problems, call in a plumber.

Deep clean ceiling fans

While your ceiling fans might seem relatively clean; however, when you reach the top, you might notice a massive amount of dust and dirt. And as the temperature rises, it’s about time you will switch on these fans. Therefore, carry with you a step ladder and dust cloth to wipe out the grime from the ceiling fan’s blades.

And since this deep cleaning job involves a lot of dirt, spread a sheet or a cloth to keep the floor safe. The size of the drop cloth should be twice as long as the length of the blades. Once done, ensure to launder this dust cloth.

Wash bed linens

Without a doubt, you most likely spend more time in the bedroom than in other rooms, so it makes sense you need to keep it clean at all times. Start with washing everything possible, including bed sheets, pillowcases, mattress pads, and comforters.

Next, place your throw pillows in the sun for some time to kill the dust mites. Moreover, your bedroom is a place to rest, so remove any unnecessary items or trash under your bed.

Also, vacuum your carpets and rugs. However, it is advisable to sprinkle baking soda and leave it to rest for 20 to 30 minutes before cleaning to get better results.

Wipe-down walls

You might notice an avalanche of dust on the smooth surfaces. But you might not be conscious of thick layers of dust on the inner walls. Just a simple combination of water and soap is enough to get rid of scuffs. However, for stubborn marks and blemishes on the wall, use an all-purpose cleaner or magic eraser. Be sure to spot test so that you don’t affect the paint coating.

Don’t miss the areas behind the pieces of artwork that hang on the wall. And retouch areas that have cracked or faded paint.

Final Words

Cleaning is most likely the last thing you wish to do as you escape the hibernation mode. Still, you can’t deny that it turns out to be a fruitful practice at the end of the day. A clean and tidy home always brings a sense of contentment. And this eventually puts you in a cheerful frame of mood and mind.

So, take out some time to deep clean and maintain a tidy place. However, with an extensive spring-cleaning project, you might feel the urge to stop now and then. But you don’t need to rush and overwhelm yourself. Instead, be realistic and take short breaks in between. A pro tip is to play your favorite music in the background while you clean to make this exercise a wholesome experience.