Spatulas to Use in Grilling

Whether you wish to master BBQ grilling or just enjoy munching a great grill party with your family and friends, having the right culinary tools is very essential to making tender meals. One of them is grilling spatulas. 

Though BBQ grilling spatulas might seem to be a very basic tool, there isn’t any other utensil that’s more crucial for grilling than a good-quality spatula. For the same reason, we are here with an in-depth review of the 5 best grilling spatulas in the market right now. 

But before that, we’ll be touring you through some pre-considerations to make before finally deciding on an option. At last, getting to know a spatula’s varying characteristics and features is equally important as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying Grilling Spatulas  

Spatula Blade/Head Size

A grilling spatula has two main parts: its head and the gripping handle. Out of these two, the head of a spatula (also called a spatula blade) is what affects your cooking the most. 

The larger the blade size is, the bigger the meat stab it can lift. Its thickness also matters a lot. A thicker blade tends to lift bulkier food items pretty easily while thinner ones might easily bend in such cases. 

Blade Construction and Design 

The best grilling spatulas are mostly constructed of stainless steel. This is because other materials are prone to corrosion, especially if you are in a habit of storing grilling utensils under the grill itself.  

However, blade designs might vary amongst each option. Some blades do have drainage holes/slots crafted on their surface to cut down on the amount of grease your food might carry while lifting. 

If you are the type of person who fries up a lot of oily foods, make sure you look for a grilling spatula that has these drainage slots designed on its blades. 

Handle Length

Just like long-handled forks are recommended, grilling spatulas with conveniently long handles also make up for great buys. This is because grilling keeps your hands exposed to direct fire and a longer handle will help maximize the distance one can keep from that constant exposure. 

That’s not to say that spatulas with shorter handles don’t have their place at all. While being unprotectable in wider grilling sites, a shorter spatula handle is a nice utensil to accompany you with compact grills like the portable ones

Ideally, grilling spatulas uses handles that are neither too small nor too long. Very elongated spatula handles are also overkilling as they tend to flex or bend a little too much if you try moving bulky food. 

Handle Material

The construction material of a spatula handles very closely corresponds to how convenient the entire equipment is to grip. Wood and rubber are great candidates for handle material, although metal is also an option. 

Handles made of wood are the most comfortable to hold. They look nice and don’t get hot too quickly. One downside to wood is that it is prone to wear and tear and soaks up water or other liquids very easily, causing much difficulty when it comes to washing the spatula.

Rubberized handles are also a popular choice after wood. The material is easy to hold and resistant to heat but is less durable than even wood. 

As said above, some grill spatulas even make use of metallic handles. Though the material is so much more durable than the two discussed before, handles made of metal tend to heat up way too quickly. 


Top 5 Grilling Spatulas 

1. New Star Foodservice Extra-Large Grilling Spatula

If you are sick of using your old short-length spatula, it is about time to replace it with this extra-long masterpiece grilling spatula, the New Star Food Service Wooden Handle Spatula. 

For the price, this grilling spatula from New Star Foodservice provides amazing value. It uses high-quality, brushed stainless steel as its main built material. Its Blade head is 9×4, making the spatula a perfect utensil to flip foods of any size. 

Along with flipping, New Star’s blade will also help you out with chopping and slicing your food, thanks to its beveled edges.  

Another quality that plays its part in New Star’s faithful performance is the easy-to-grip wooden handle, perfectly riveted with the metallic core. It’s long in size and soft in holding, creating a safe distance between your hands and the grill. 

On the downside of this grilling spatula, though its blade head is beveled to help you with slicing, it doesn’t carry drainage slots that could have helped you with oily foods. 

Keeping that aside, the New Star Foodservice Extra-Large Grilling Spatula is the best all-purpose spatula one can have. It has a satisfying length and heft, as well as sturdy construction. 


  • Well designed, heat resistant, and sturdy wooden handle, perfectly riveted to metal
  • Relatively low price for such excellent quality
  • Beveled edge design. Great for flipping as well as chopping and slicing food in need
  • Sturdy, metal-made, wide blade head 


  • No drainage slots on blade head

2. Cave Tools Grilling Spatula With Bottle Opener

At first impression, this grilling spatula might look dodgy. Though it has an unusual combo of a spatula and a bottle opener, the Cave Tools Grilling Spatula is one heck of a product on our list. 

The stainless steel material is burnished to manifest a bright shine and offer a very strong build no matter what grilling purpose you want to use it for. 

Also to mention, the steel used in its building is 20 percent thicker than what’s used in typical grilling spatulas. This indicates that the utensil isn’t likely to bend or break anytime soon and you don’t need to bother about using it for flipping larger stabs of meat. 

Not a beveled-edged spatula this time, instead Cave Tools has given this product serrated edges that are also useful in slicing foods. Its blade head has also got a very odd wavy frame pattern slot. It’s good as a drainage slot but far too big for small food items that might slip off.  

Though the manufacturer has tried extending this spatula’s handle’s burning time, it’s still made of steel and thus slips and gets hot far too quickly than wood. 

However, it has its pros too. The handle is sturdy enough to not wear and tear and accompany you till ages to come. Plus it’s also dishwasher-friendly. 


  • Sturdy all stainless steel built
  • Comfortable handle length and decent sized spatula blade 
  • The bottle opener is a useful extra along with a long hanging ring
  • Great serrated edged design


  • Flame patterned drainage slot is too big for small foods
  • Handle gets hot quicker than wood and tends to slip 

3. RSVP International Grilling Spatula

The RSVP International Grilling Spatula is a great choice for anyone looking for a spatula+flipper combination. This tool doesn’t excel extraordinarily either as a spatula or a flipper, but it’s a satisfactory middle-ground choice.

Along with the two-in-one functionality, what’s even incredible in this product is its high-quality build.  

Along with good looks, the wooden handle feels strong and convenient to grip, thanks to the 10.75 inches length measure. The steel-made spatula blade is sturdy too, having the potential to serve you for a long time. It also has decent slots for helping drop extra oil off foods. 

With so much to offer, there isn’t really much to gripe with this RSVP International product except the fact that the spatula blade is quite shorter than some spatulas. However, the 7.25-inch blade is perfect for flipping burgers. 

Also to mention it’s way too hefty retail price. Though the spatula is a great utensil to add up in your kitchen, its price still isn’t fair for the features on offer. 


  • Well-built with solid stainless steel and sturdy rivets
  • Comfortable and gorgeous looking wooden handle 
  • Nice hanging loop provided to aid in storage
  • Great for burger flipping


  • Spatula blade is a bit smaller than typical blades
  • Expensive compared to other options


4.Weber Original Stainless Steel Grilling Spatula With Tongs

This spatula is quite sturdy, made of very high-quality stainless steel material all over, with a thick coating of rubber on the handles. This leaves the Weber Original spatula feeling very soft in the hand, grippy, comfortable, and slip-resistant. 

The angling from where the spatula blade starts is much steeper than usual, making Weber great for use as a turner and flipper as well as a multi-purpose spatula. 

The drainage slots are thin and carefully crafted to make the blade ideal for draining grease as well as scooping up tiny food items. 

Though the spatula comes bundled with a robust set of grilling tongs, Weber is a little expensive. However, it’s still very reasonable compared to the RSVP Grilling Spatula discussed above. 


  • Ergonomically designed, slip-resistant rubber handle
  • Strong stainless steel built 
  • Well-constructed spatula blade
  • Comes with a nifty set of grilling tongs that are mode well-made and comfortable  


  • Expensive

5. Professional Stainless-Steel Flat Top Grilling Spatula Set

The Anmarko’s spatula set comes with a scraper and two varying spatulas made from stainless steel. The set includes a grilling spatula plus a cooking turner, a bench scraper, and a hamburger turner. 

The different sizes and versatility make this product a perfect option for adventurous cooks. Also, the inclusion of a scraper means that users are offered easy cleanup and a great measuring solution as it has a ruler etched on its sides.  

All of them have blade heads that are 1.25 inches thick, a perfect measure for providing absolute durability. Additionally, despite the thickness, Anmarko’s spatula will prove very useful for cutting and slicing food due to its well-designed beveled edges. 

Both spatulas and scraper are finished off with decent-looking, ergonomic wood handles that are food safe and carry a nifty hanging loop at the very end. Though they are perfectly riveted to the metallic core, many of you might not like the flexible wood used here. 


  • A commercial-grade set with varying flipping and turning options
  • Useful scraper with measurement printed on the blade sides


  • Handles might be a bit flexible for some people 

Comparison of the Above-Mentioned Products

  New Star Foodservice Extra-Large Grilling SpatulaCave Tools Grilling Spatula With Bottle OpenerRSVP International Grilling SpatulaWeber Original Stainless Steel Grilling Spatula With TongsProfessional Stainless-Steel Flat Top Grilling Spatula Set
Best Grilling SpatulasNew Star Foodservice Extra-Large Grilling SpatulaCave Tools Grilling Spatula With Bottle OpenerRSVP International Grilling SpatulaWeber Original Stainless Steel Grilling Spatula With TongsProfessional Stainless-Steel Flat Top Grilling Spatula Set
Blade Construction and DurabilityBrushed Stainless Steel Blade with Beveled Edges, Non-Slot, Very DurableHeavy-Duty, Thick Stainless Steel Blade with Serrated Edges, Slots, Very DurableStainless Steel Blade with Smooth Edges, Slots, Very DurableStainless Steel Blade with Smooth Edges, Slots, Very DurableStainless Steel Blade With Beveled Edges, Non-Slot, Durable
Handle Construction and DurabilitySolid Wooden Handle Riveted to Metallic Core, Not Durable as MetalSturdy Stainless Steel Handle, Very DurableSolid, Gorgeous Rosewood Handle Riveted to Metal Core, Not Durable as Metal Sturdy Stainless Steel Handle Coated With Rubber, Very DurableWooden Handle, Not Durable as Metal
GripGreat Grip, Easy-to-hold Heat Resistant, Non-Slip HandleDecent Grip, Difficult to Hold in Long Cooking Occasions, Less Resistant to Heat, Slippery HandleGreat Grip, Easy-to-Hold, Heatproof, Non-Slip HandleGreat Grip, Easy to Hold, Heat Proof, Non-Slip HandleA Little Flimsy Grip, Easy to Hold, Heat Proof, Non-Slip Handle
Pricing Great Value For MoneyBest Value For Money, Includes Hanging Loop and a Bottle OpenerExpensiveGood Value For MoneyGood Value For Money


We got to know about a bunch of great grilling Spatulas, but one stood out above the rest—we think the New Star Foodservice Extra-Large Grilling Spatula is the best spatula of all. 

This is a nifty, high-quality stainless steel and wood spatula that is an ideal option for grilling. While it doesn’t come bundled with an extra tong or another spatula, this is an incredible common use metal spatula. 

No matter which option you choose to go with, all the above-mentioned products are a worthwhile investment.