Some Creative Ways of Storing Your Books


    Traditional bookshelves are not the only option for book storage. Although we should always have bookshelves, sometimes we don’t have the room or money for them. Sometimes we just have enough room to store our books because we live in studios, small flats, dorm rooms, or other places, or sometimes we just want to find a more fascinating and original approach to display our book collections. There are other additional methods for keeping books, and we’ve compiled a list of inventive techniques for doing so. 

    Creative Ways of Storing Your Books

    1. Arrange in a faux fireplace

    While a real fireplace is not a good place to keep books, a fake fireplace makes a terrific built-in bookshelf. Unique architectural features that exist only for design purposes include fireplaces that do not work. Make use of the space in your fake fireplace by converting it into a book display.

    2. Revamp an old storage closet

    Try converting a small storage closet in your flat that is almost ever used into a library. To transform your small area into the ideal tiny book hideaway, appropriate for literary aficionados, swap out the coat racks for shelving units and decorate it. Remove the door from its hinges or replace it with a glass door to display your small library so that all of your guests can see your collection of books.


    3. Design a room divider

    Using a bookshelf as a room divider is unusual yet useful if you live in a studio apartment or a huge multipurpose space. You might create a privacy barrier in your room by using a typical shelving unit that holds your books. To divide your space and show your books, try using etagere shelving if you want to create a more open appearance.

    4. Under the bed

    Your bedroom bed takes up a lot of room, therefore there is a ton of storage space underneath it. To keep your books safe and tidy, you may put them in ornamental containers under your bed. Alternatively, you could utilize cubbies to display your books and make excellent use of the otherwise unused area.

    5. Store under your coffee table

    Display your books beneath the coffee table as opposed to on top of it where they could get damaged by mug rings and unintentional spills. For a simple and practical book display, use cubbies that fit beneath and arrange your books with the spine facing outward.

    6. Display under the stairs

    Frequently, the area under your stairs leaves a strangely slanted, vacant nook in your flat. These areas can be wonderful for keeping books because they provide character and functionality to the room. To create a one-of-a-kind book display, try putting bookshelves beneath the steps where you will organize your books as well as other decorative items like house plants and ornaments.

    7.Create a literary headboard or baseboard

    Keeping your books on your headboard or baseboard will make it simple to reach for bedtime stories. You can use a headboard bookcase to replace your current headboard or a short, wide bookshelf the same width as your bed to serve as your literary baseboard. Put all of your favorite books in it and place them at the foot of your bed. 

    8. Console tables behind your couch

    You can display your books behind your couch using console tables or a small, wide bookcase. Try pushing your sofa away from the wall if it is against the wall by approximately 12 inches, then filling the space with a shelf or table that is the same height as your couch. Create a stunning book display by placing your books on the shelf together with other decorative items.

    9. Under a bench

    If you have a seat in your foyer or under a windowsill, consider storing your books there. By doing this, you can turn an otherwise plain bench into a useful bookshelf that keeps all of your favorite books within easy reach. Add some cushions to the top of your bench if it is next to a window to make a comfortable reading nook.

    10. Add shelving to a blank wall space

    Make a floor-to-ceiling book display out of a large wall that requires decorating if you have a sizable book collection. This arrangement will keep all of your books together and create the appearance of a large library. The empty wall area next to your door could also be decorated.


    11. Leaning ladder book storage

    An old vintage ladder may be given new life with ladder shelving, which is a fashionable and imaginative way to display your books. Ladder shelves are frequently used to display ornament collections or hang throw blankets, but they can also be used as rustic or Scandinavian-style bookcases.

    12. Get a revolving bookshelf

    Consider purchasing a rotating bookshelf if you have an empty area and a seemingly infinite supply of books to store. More books can be kept and displayed on a rotating bookshelf than on a standard bookshelf. To make it even more unique, add photo frames, plants, and other decorative items.

    13. Floating shelves

    Floating shelves are fashionable and useful since they provide additional display space while also adorning your walls. Floating shelves can be used to showcase all of your favorite books to create a wall library. Using a square or honeycomb-shaped shelves gives your wall flair and a chance to make a collage.

    14. Bar cart bookshelf

    Convert a used bar cart into the ideal mobile bookcase. To keep your books organized, add bins or baskets to each tier of the bar cart. The little library is made even more useful by adding wheels to the bar cart so you can easily move all of your favorite books from room to room.

    15. In unused dresser drawers

    Try keeping your books in an unoccupied drawer of your dresser if it has a stack of drawers. Your books will remain secure and centralized as a result. However, if you would prefer to have your books on display, consider removing your dresser’s top drawers and converting them into bookshelves. For a neater appearance, you can keep them in baskets.


    A rare or vintage book that has been handed down through the generations is highly valuable. Having the proper shelves and understanding how to organize the books so they will be kept safe and prevent cracking or bending are the two most crucial considerations when storing books.

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