Some Creative Ways of Storing Books

It is no old tale that giving up your books is never easy. But not everyone is lucky enough to have space for a personalized mini-library. Many of us do not have the best facilities to preserve our literary collection. Luckily, there are several ways of storing books — all it takes is a bit of creativity!

Let us have a look at our eight creative ways of storing books.  Meanwhile, you can also read some tips on how to keep your kids entertained on long road trips here. 

Display Them In a Fireplace 


No, this is not an Orwellian call to action. We are talking about a defunct fireplace or faux in your living space. 

With a giant picture frame, fireplaces have a perfect symmetry to blend in with the harmony of color, textures, and shapes. While non-functional fireplaces are great architectural features, it is a challenge to put them to use. Inspired by the cozy Brooklyn studio, whose residents filled their fireboxes with books, you can creatively store your reading books in one. There are plenty of design possibilities along the mantel. You can also use the hearth. You will be surprised to see how much space your fireplace has.

Consider facing the spine inwards. It gives a minimalist aesthetic and cohesive palette. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy a new home, make sure to read our post about the must-haves for a starter home.

Re-appropriate A Bar Cart or a Coffee Table


Bar carts, like media consoles, are a versatile piece of decor that you can incorporate in any room to hold different items. From favorite trinkets and glassware to beverages, you can now store books in them.

Fill one of the shelves of your stylish bar cart with some books, a house plant, and maybe a small lamp for an aesthetic touch. It will function like a mini-portable library! 

You can also use a coffee table for this purpose. We recommend using book bins to keep your collection safe.

Arrange The Books on a Ladder


Ladders are a fun and intriguing way of incorporating something visually unexpected into your rooms. Because of their height, their frames are inconspicuous enough not to detract the viewers from the original decor items. Placing books on a ladder allows you to incorporate texture and color in your room. The plus point? It has a unique spin on storage. Your items are on display while being organizationally camouflaged simultaneously.            

Stacking books on a leaning ladder against the wall is also a creative way of using a vintage find for decorative purposes rather than utility. 

This one also creates an illusion of extra space.

Display Your Books on a Windowsill


There is almost nothing better than a cozy reading nook. Place that nook near a window with plenty of natural light, and you have got yourself a perfect reading nook.

Why not take some of your favorite books off the shelf and place them where they belong: on a sunny window ledge? The limited space and natural focal point created by the window displays books, keeping them nearby for an impromptu reading session.

Use The Staircase Rail Shelving


There is no better way to demonstrate your love of books than by leaving a trail of them upstairs. It makes a compelling case for showcasing your favorite books in an unexpected and fun way. This solution is also an excellent way to make use of a frequently underutilized area.

Display Your Books On the Mantel


Mantels are an excellent place to display decorations, vases, candles, plants, clocks, and so on. If you have a decorative keepsake, the perfect location to exhibit it is on a mantel.

Books on a mantel may not seem revolutionary, but if you have a working fireplace and a collection of beautiful books to display, there are good inches of directional space to work around.

Add your favorite books, turning spines inward and outward or putting books head out on their covers, and sprinkle in some decorative items. And you have not only created a visually stunning focal point, and you have also found a method of making books fixtures in your home.

Stack Them


A stack of books as home décor has an indisputably romantic and bohemian feel to it; it is an aesthetic that personifies grit and a love of knowledge. Piles of books on the floor can create visual intrigue.

Stack your favorite books at different heights beneath a windowsill or along a baseboard to add an unexpected design element to your living room, office, hall, or entryway.

Turn all of the spines out to create colorful chaos, or turn all of the spines in to construct more visually coherent stacks. You will recognize a shift in the creative energy of the room, and your personal favorites will become more accessible when inspiration strikes.

Use Creative Book Storage Solutions


Today, there are several creative book storage solutions in the market: for instance, a glass book storage case. There is something so polished about books in display cases. They blend seamlessly with rooms, making it appear like a permanent part of the space instead of an afterthought. Not to mention, the glass protects the reading books from dust and grime. 

You can also go for floating shelves or tree-shaped bookcases. They can add color to your living spaces, creating a cozy display with utility use. Below are our picks for this.

Top 4 Creative Products for Storing Books

Where to Buy
LVB Bar Cart with a Beverage Rack
Rolanstar Tree Bookshelf with Drawer
SpringSun 5-Tier Ladder Shelf
 NAIYUFA Rotating Bookshelf 360 Display

1. LVB Bar Cart with a Beverage Rack

This Arc-shaped bar cart has a unique appearance. It reflects the modern trendy interior decoration styles. Hence, it will be perfect for storing your reading books. It has stability and durability, featuring a high-quality metal frame.

With two handles, you can easily navigate your mini portable library. There is enhanced maneuverability because of the two front wheels. There are lockable brakes as well. So you will not have accidents from spilling your books all over.

2. Rolanstar Tree Bookshelf with Drawer

This tree-shaped rack is a classic with an appealing vintage appearance and a practical design.  You can use it to store and display your book collection. There are eight tiers in it. Each has two shelves, where one can hold 5-10 books. 

The wood has a rustic touch. It is waterproof and sturdy: one can clean it with ease. There is also a non-woven Drawer, which provides stability and durability as well as additional storage space.

3. SpringSun 5-Tier Ladder Shelf

This bookshelf has a high-temperature resistant coating. It is also rust-proof. Its three steel tubes fixed between each tier keep the bookcase stable. You can rely on its sturdy structure that ensures the stability and safety of your collection.

 It's a fit for all setups from homes to offices or cafes. The industrial design is easy to clean, maintain, and decorate. With five tiers, there is enough space for storing books. You may also put some ornaments, potted plants, and more. 

 The bookshelf is easy to assemble with its instructions. You only require 5-10 minutes. Each shelf can withstand 25 lbs.

4.  NAIYUFA Rotating Bookshelf 360 Display

This bookshelf has a unique design. It can freely rotate for a full 360 degrees, making itself a convenient and efficient choice. The assembly requires no extra tools. You have to set it up, and all your books are just a turn away! 

This product is available in three sizes, with the smallest having eight compartments. It features high-density wood-plastic board with no toxic materials in it. 

The bookcase is also waterproof. The best part? Some people also use it as a coffee table! 

With this, you would think you can now go and store your collection. But before you get there, there are a few essential things to remember for safe book storage.

Essential Things & Factors to Remember When Storing Books

Books are precious, especially if you have rare or vintage books passing down generations after generations in your family lane. There are multiple things to care for when storing books. From suitable shelving to appropriate temperatures and humidity controls, you may have a lot that you are ignoring! 

Keeping all these factors in check will prevent cracking and bending of your books, increasing their life.

Buy A Suitable Shelf or Bookcase


If you are going for shelves or bookcases to store your books, pay a lot of attention to what these storage solutions feature. Ideally, your storage solutions must have a rust-proof metal. You may go for wooden ones but make sure there is a coat of water-borne polyurethane varnish. It helps avoid transferring any acid to the books. Do not go for acidic woods like oak.

We recommend storage solutions with well-ventilated interior walls. Avoid ones with walls turned to the exterior. The outside temperature over time can harm your literary collection. So, when hanging a shelf to display your books, do not forget to leave some room for good air circulation!

Have Proper Arrangement


Keep your books upright in a vertical position or lay them down horizontally but never tilted. Keep your shelves full, so the books snuggle against each other. If you have lesser books for that, get a bookend to secure your collection on each side.

Also, store similar-sized books next to each other. For big-sized heavy books, keep them horizontally together. They have a chance of tilting otherwise. The key here is to make removal a breeze from your storage. 

Look Out For High Temperatures 


Avoiding exterior-facing walls is critical to keep your books fresh. Temperature tends to fluctuate a lot in these places. It can make your books crack, mold, or bend. Hence, make sure you store books where the temperatures are moderate. The ideal is 60 to 70 Fahrenheit.

Regulate Humidity


Humidity is another essential consideration when storing your books. Damp air can wet your pages, even the hardcovers. However, do not keep your collection at places that are too dry. They can make pages brittle which eventually causes tears and cracks. 

Avoid Exposures to Direct Sunlight


Direct sunlight can diminish the color of covers and spines of books. So, it is imperative to avoid places where sunlight hits directly. You can invest in sun-blocking shades or keep your collections away from sunny windows. 

Clean Them Regularly


Having a regular cleaning routine is essential for the health of your books. Dust accumulation can damage books in the long run. Hence, keep your books well-dusted. Make sure you clean the place you have dedicated for dusting too! 

The Bottomline

With these creative ways of storing books, you can now declutter your living spaces and still have your literary collection close to your heart. Gone are the days when you had to give up on your personal favorites.

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