Snack Ideas for College Students

College days are super hectic for students. The college phase requires hard work, mental stress and brings with it loads of exhaustion. The constant mental fatigue and busy life requires energy and vigor. You need to maintain a healthy and upbeat lifestyle to stay on the top of your game in college, both mentally and physically.

Ensuring you have the required energy includes keeping a track of your diet. Munching on food whenever you feel hungry during a study session is very crucial in maintaining your overall focus and concentration. This is where snacks come in handy. While you setup yourself for an evening study session make sure you also pick out a packet of scrumptious granola bars to make the sitting more productive.

If you are wondering what snacks to stock up on for your college trips or lectures, read ahead because we have listed down some amazing snacking ideas!

Where to Buy
think! (thinkThin) High Protein Bars
Light and Fit Quarts Vanilla Nonfat Yogurt, 32 Ounce -- 6 per case
Nature Valley Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Protein Chewy Bars (1.42 oz, 30 ct.)
Justin's Honey Almond Butter Squeeze Packs
Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, Teriyaki, (2) 9 oz.
Lebby Chickpea Snacks, Sesame Honey
Palo Popcorn Premium Cheddar Popcorn, 7 ounce bag (Pack of 6)
Baba Small Batch Organic Hummus (8 oz, 3 Pack)
Oh! Nuts Oven Roasted Macadamia Nuts

1. think! (thinkThin) High Protein Bars

These tasty high protein bars by think! are ideal for your study sessions. They will give you an instant energy boost whenever you feel to exhausted from cramming all that knowledge into your head. Each bar has 20g protein and has zero sugars.

It is a healthy snack also suitable for people who are weight-conscious. It comes in eight delicious flavors that would make your study time fun and enjoyable.

2. Light and Fit Quarts Vanilla Nonfat Yogurt, 32 Ounce – 6 per case

If we talk about healthy snacks, yogurt tops the list. Flavored yogurt is also really yummy to eat and can be consumed as a snack anytime of the day. Just stock up on various flavors of these small yogurt cups, and you can devour one whenever your tummy starts growling with hunger.

It is light and also non-fat which makes it ideal for college students as it does not increase on your junk intake.

3. Nature Valley Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Protein Chewy Bars (1.42 oz, 30 ct.)

Granola usually has a lot of sugar in it. However, they are still considered extremely healthy. You should make sure to read the nutrition facts on the nutrition panel on the Granola bars you buy to make sure you buy the healthier ones and not the ones loaded with sugar.

Granola bars are healthy and yet they taste divine hence the reason why they are highly suitable for college students as snacks. The students need an instant boost to their low energy levels but at the same time they need something healthy and filling for their tummies. Granola bars provide the perfect blend of all this for the college students.

4. Justin’s Honey Almond Butter Squeeze Packs

Nut Butters are extremely delicious and add healthy proteins to your meal or snacks. These almond butter squeeze packs by Justin’s Nut Butter are amazing to have during a tiring study session. These are also perfect to stock up in your bag while you leave for studying in the college library.

These are gluten-free and also non-GMO. Nut butters are an extremely healthy snack item. They also have six other yummy flavors which are: Classic Peanut, Honey Peanut, Classic Almond, Maple Almond, Vanilla Almond, and Chocolate Hazelnut.

However, before buying, always read the packets for information regarding the ingredients. There may be added oils and sugars and those are not healthy. Whenever you see unhealthy ingredients, avoid the nut butters altogether.

5. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, Teriyaki, (2) 9 oz.

These jerky packs by Jack Links are the ultimate snacking experience. They are made with lean cuts of 100% premium beef and spiced with simple yet flavorful seasonings.

These beef jerky come in resealable bags which makes it extremely convenient to carry around while you are on campus or travelling back home.

They come in five other yummy flavors which are: Original, Peppered, Sweet & Hot, Wild Heat, and Zero Sugar.

6. Lebby Chickpea Snacks, Sesame Honey,

Similar to nuts, chickpeas are also full of proteins and so they keep one full and energized till the next proper meal. These dry roasted chickpeas by Lebby are coated with sesame honey which makes this snack super healthy yet tasty. These are packed with protein and fiber.

The chickpeas are dry roasted which means no oil, salt or any extra additives are added. They contain 73% less fats than peanuts. Lebby promises high-quality and authentic flavor. You will be guilt-free while snacking on these nutritious food item.

7. Palo Popcorn Premium Cheddar Popcorn, 7 ounce bag (Pack of 6)

Late night snack, or a movie snack! This snack is a sure keeper for the college students. Whether you are watching a movie or back very late from college, this snack is a must in your dorm room for filling your empty stomachs.

This is a must munching item while watching movies with your friends late night or over the weekend. Pop Corns are light and contain very few calories which means you can curb your cravings while not even consuming excessive junk food.

8. Baba Small Batch Organic Hummus (8 oz, 3 Pack)

Hummus is one of the best snacks for college students because of its nutritional value. These single serving portions Baba Small Batch will make it super easy for you to carry around. Hummus is a very healthy snack item. These hummus packs contain organic hummus which means it is of extremely high-quality.

Dip veggies, pretzels or apple slices in it and there you have it, another scrumptious snack! This is no doubt the favorite of many college students. Since it is easy to carry around, you can start munching on it anywhere you want. It is light, refreshing and healthy.

9. Oh! Nuts Oven Roasted Macadamia Nuts

Nuts are full of proteins, but they are also full of calories, therefore they are really effective as energy boosters, providing an instant energy jolt. These snack packs are very easy to carry in a backpack.

Macadamia nuts provide protein, vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, selenium, calcium and other minerals and antioxidants. Nuts are an awesome snack option for people who follow restricted diets.

Final Word

Yummy, delicious, light and effortless snacks are the life of college students, without which their study sessions are boring and lack luster. During study hours or at the campus, snacks should be an essential item in your backpack so that whenever you feel low on energy or are empty stomach, you can munch on your favoritemunchies.