Snack Ideas for Baby Shower

If you have ever planned to throw a baby shower you would know that these festive gatherings bring with them loads of fun, as it gives you a hoard of opportunities to plan exciting games, cute decorations, and delicious nibblings.It gives a platform to rejoice the mama-to-be and make her happy through the adorable décor and celebrations.

The dessert table is one of the most important parts of a baby shower. It has all the cute eatables, giveaways, and most essentially it adds to the overall décor of the event. Hence, when it comes to decorating the dessert table, the snacks are of primary importance.

Moreover, at baby showers, ‘mini’ versions of almost anything are always a hit. Everybody loves colorful treats. Pink and blues are often the baby shower themes representing an expected girl or a boy. These colors can also be used in edibles. Luckily, there are lots of adorable and delicious baby shower food ideas that don’t take alot of time or special skills to make.

Before we delve into all the amazing snack ideas, let us give you a few tips on how to effectively plan a bridal shower menu.

How To Plan A Menu For Baby Shower

There are no hard and fast rules as to what you should serve at a party.There are several things that will make your planning easier and the food, a big hit at the party.

Some of the secrets to executing an impeccablemenu at the baby shower are:

  • Meal Prepping Beforehand:When planning the menu, divide the recipes between what can be prepared ahead and what can be made on the day of the event. Make sure to choose items that do not take too much time.
  • Day/night time affair:Decide whether the event would be in the afternoon or evening. This way you can plan an appropriate menu.
  • Concentrate on the theme:You need to make sure everything coordinates with the party theme. Therefore, it is important you decide what snack items to keep that go well with the décor.
  • Select mess-free desserts:Try to make the guests comfortable if they want to walk around while munching by opting for cookies, cupcakes, tarts, pies, brownies, and other finger foods.

Now for the actual menu, we have listed down a few scrumptious snack ideas that are sure to wow your guests and their taste buds too.

Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas

Set out just a few easy-to-pick party finger foods on the table for people to munch.


Typical Sushi is a big no for pregnant ladies because it includes raw fish. But with the vegan version, which is free from uncooked fish, all is well. You can just add the vegetables of your choice, such as carrots, avocado, or cucumbers, for better taste and crunch. Vegan snacks are always the most healthy snack choice.


You can look into these amazing sushi making kits to make some at home for your baby shower.

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Sliders refer to miniature burgers with buns or crackers. In just one or two bites, the sliders would just slide right down! Are you feeding a crowd on your baby shower party? Sliders are the best, no-stress option to keep everyone happy. Just make sure to make an extra batch because chicken with crackers sliders will finish FAST.


We have listed down a few recipe books for you to make the perfect sliders for your party.

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Quiches are ever loved by people. Quiches filled with savory chicken, cheese, and a dash of pepper are simply mouthwatering and these yummy finger foods will disappear so fast from your baby shower buffet table you will be surprised. A quiche is basically a French tart. You, however, can make mini versions of it for your bridal shower menu.


You will be needing mini tart pans for this and we have sorted this out for you. Below is a list of possible mini quiche pans you can buy for cooking tiny quiches.

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Baby Shower Drinks/Mocktails:

Pink And Blue Punches, Cocktails and Lemonades:

You can serve Raspberry and Strawberry sherbet punch if the baby shower is for a girl orBlue Hawaiian punch for a babyboy. Punches add a kick to your overall menu and will be enjoyed by all your guests. You can also serve any other drinks, whatever suits your mood and theme. Lemonades are a great option during summers.


The most creative way to serve your drinks is a glass dispenser with a tap. It looks stylish and is very convenient since anyone can have drinks whenever they like.

Below we have chosen a few glass dispensers for you to choose from:

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Tea And Coffee:

We love the color of iced and hot teas. Some examples of drinks are Hibiscus Sweet Tea, Classic Sweet Tea, Lemon Iced Tea, PineappleBasil Tea. You can add more flavors on your tea bar and guests will surely enjoy the variety.


Tea and coffee are amazing for parties conducted during winters.

Some options for you to look into to buy a few exotic teas for your baby shower are given below.

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Baby Shower Desserts:

Since it is a celebration, sweets are a must, no? There are so many amazing dessert ideas to choose from be it cookies, jell-o-shots, cakepops, etc. Desserts just make the celebration heavenly. Also, they are a great way to decorate your main table since desserts can be made in a number of colorful varieties and adorable designs.

We have picked out a few amazing dessert ideas for you to choose from and they are mentioned below.


Everybody loves fresh parfaits, and layered version of it makes them quite an impressive statement. Parfaits are a frozen dessert, often made out of fresh fruits and yogurt. Choose colorful fruits according to the color scheme of your party and make them pop by combining them with yogurt.You can also alternate yogurt with whipped cream for variety. Kiwi, pineapple, blueberries, and strawberries are some examples of the fruits that can be layered in a parfait.


You can serve your parfait in one serving miniature glasses that look amazing and are super convenient as well. We have listed down a few for you to look into:

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Without cookies, your dessert table won’t be complete. Undoubtedly, these add an adorable touch to your dessert table. With different shapes, glazing, and looks,the cookies will make your dessert bar stand out. You should choose what suits your baby shower theme and style. Examples of cookies could be gender reveal cookies, button cookies, macaroons, etc.


We have choosen a few amazing cookie baking kits that you would definitely love:

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When we talk about desserts we can never forget about cupcakes. Cake is that element of any celebration which everybody looks forward to eating. Whether you wish to bake something simpler, sparkly, or bite-sized, there are plenty of options and ideas.


Below we have mentioned a few cake baking kits that would you help you in making those cute and adorable cupcakes for the baby shower.

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Food is often the main attraction in events. People love enjoying good food and it sets the mood going for a party. Therefore, make sure whatever you put on the table, tastes yummy and finger-licking good. So, are you ready to start planning for the perfect menu for a baby shower? Do you have all of your food ideas picked out and sorted? If not, feel free to go back over the abovementioned list.