Smart Door Locks To Buy

A smart lock is an electromechanical lock used to perform locking and unlocking operations on a door through a sensor. The electromechanical lock receives its instructions from an authorized device using a wireless protocol and a cryptographic key to execute the authorization process. It also detects access and sends alerts for the different events it monitors related to the device status. 

Are you looking for a smart lock to protect your family against any potential harm but cannot decide on one amongst the countless models available in the market? Worry not, for we are here to arm you with all the necessary information about smart door locks. Keep reading to know which smart door locks are creating a buzz in the market and what factors to consider when buying one, with additional tips on how to test a smart lock: 

Where to Buy
August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock – Fits Your Existing Deadbolt in Minutes, Silver
Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave - Smart Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt -Works with Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and More (Hub required, sold separately) - Satin Nickel
Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim In Aged Bronze
Kwikset 99390-002 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock Keyless Entry Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt Featuring SmartKey Security, Venetian Bronze


Best Smart Door Locks To Buy!


After trying a dozen different smart door locks, our team has finally reached a consensus on the best smart locks available in the market. Below are our top picks for smart door locks that will keep your home and family away from any danger:

1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock 

The WiFi Smart Lock uses your existing lock’s hardware, including its keys but replaces its interior thumb turn mechanism. It has a puck-shaped design with small size: 2.8 to 1.8 inches. This lock is available in matte black and silver colors. It has a good grip around the outer edge and includes a removable magnetic faceplate with a backlit August logo. To operate it manually, you have to turn the lock to the left to unlock and to the right to lock. At the back of the smart lock is a reset button along with two wing latches that secure it to a mounting plate. Under the hood, you will find a Bluetooth radio and a 2.4 gigahertz WiFi radio. The package includes two CR123 batteries that power the lock, which under normal conditions last about two to three months before replacement. Along with the batteries, there is a mounting plate, an optional mountain cover plate for thinner doors, adhesive tape, four tailpiece adapters, and a door sensor. Use the August mobile app or the Apple HomeKit Automations and Scenes to gain access to the lock.

2. Yale Assure Lock SL

With its small and sleek design, this new version by Yale Assure surpasses the standard set by its previous models. It offers a secure alternative to the standard deadbolt lock. With this smart lock, you will not have to worry about lost keys or picked locks. For more convenience, you can share your lock access password with close family and friends. The backlit touchscreen enables you and authorized users to unlock the door: a simple tap locks your door with one-touch locking. The package also includes four AA batteries. The iM1 network module for home kit support enables you to give Siri voice commands to lock and unlock, manage pin codes, customize lock settings, check lock status, and create automation via an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. 

3. Schlage Encode 

This lock is best known for its ear-splitting alarm in case of an intrusion. Apart from a great combination of a manual keycode and remote-controlled smart lock, the Schlage Encode supports the Amazon Key service, which allows the Amazon delivery person to unlock the door and place the packages inside the house to make them less likely to be stolen. 

4. Kwikset 99390-002 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Kwikset is known for its rekeyable locks that will remind you of the old times. This new version will connect to your WiFi network directly and has some commendable theft-deterrent features built into its touchscreen. Moreover, it is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa to assist both android and ios users. 

Tips Before You Buy a Smart Door Lock


Before buying a smart door lock, there are a few crucial factors you should be considering. Following are the four factors you need to pay attention to before you buy a smart lock:


Smart locks come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Before buying a smart door lock, see what color, design, and size would look good on your door. Getting the wrong size may bring problems in fitting and adjustment. Smart door locks usually come in brass, silver, and bronze finishes. 


All smart locks are operated by a sensor connected to your home network. Bluetooth or Z-Wave makes this connection possible. Ensure the model you buy can connect easily with your home network to prevent any connectivity issues. 

Connectivity issues may cause the lock to disconnect, leaving your door unguarded. The smart lock can not be controlled or monitored if it disconnects from your home network. Locks are now also available with built-in WiFi, which helps assist network connection. This feature makes connecting to your home network much easier. However, smart locks with built-in WiFi consume more power, so you will have to change their batteries more frequently. 

Lock type

Usually, smart locks have two types: lever-style and deadbolt. Deadbolts are more common; however, lever-style smart locks are increasingly taking over the market. The kind of lock you use will directly affect its functioning. Deadbolt locks, as the name suggests, can only be opened by rotating a key. They are designed to replace your existing deadbolt lock. Lever-style locks, on the other hand, use a set of levers to keep the device locked. They have a lock and unlock lever. 


Your smart lock should be able to automatically lock and unlock your doors based on your routine, activity, and messages. The best smart lock is the one that can connect with all your home devices or connect with Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant. This way, if you enable bedtime on your iPhone or say “Goodnight Google”, Google Assistant or Siri should be able to lock all your doors, and you have smart lights, turn them off automatically as well. You can set up a home security system that will monitor all your activity and keep your home safe at all times. Before buying a smart lock, check the connectivity compatibility with all your home devices to avoid any set-up issues. 

How to Test a Smart Door Lock 

The best and only way to test a smart lock is by installing it. During the installation process, see how well the lock installs on your door. Installation should not be complicated, and a simple screwdriver should be able to do the work. Some smart locks will require you to make connections with your home network and your other devices, which will be another step after installation in your set-up process. 

After careful installation and connection, see how well the lock works in your average daily life. Pay attention to how the smart lock adapts to your activity and routine. Also, notice the power consumption of your smart lock. Too much power consumption will result in frequent battery changes. 

You can also schedule it according to your routine. Check if your smart lock can make flexible changes. For example, if you have a baby sitter or a dog walker, your smart lock should be able to unlock itself only during specific hours of the day. This adjustment should be flexible for weekends or on days you do not go to work. 

As mentioned earlier, it is imperative that your smart door lock is compatible with your other home devices and can connect easily. For instance, if you have smart lights or a smart security system installed at your home, check whether your smart lock can coordinate with those systems or not.

The Bottomline

There are countless different smart locks available in the market, but not every lock will work for you. If you have a flexible enough budget, you should try a couple of models compatible with your requirements to see which one works best for you. Before blindly relying on the lock to automatically lock your house when you leave, test it for a few days. Ensure you have a steady connection between your home network and your smart lock, so you never lose control. Do check our guide on how a door lock is as important as home insurance. 

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