Smart and Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas


    With the help of these smart and creative kitchen storage ideas, you can finally get rid of the clutter on your countertops and cabinetry. Despite having a ton of drawers and cabinets, it might come down to how you’re organizing your storage if you feel like you never have enough space for storage in the kitchen. If the items inside of it aren’t organized, no amount of storage will be of any use. Discover the best kitchen storage solutions that will enable you to maximize your available space for storage and even add to it.

    Smart and Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

    1. Hang Floating Shelves

    Add a pair of floating shelves if you have some extra wall space but not enough for cabinets. Install hooks beneath the bottom shelf to hang hand towels, utensils, and coffee mugs. For quick access to your most-used items, stock open kitchen shelves with daily necessities like coffee mugs, drinking glasses, plates, and bowls.

    White kitchen cabinets with a granite countertop and wooden floating shelves

    2. Turn a Caddy into Spice Storage

    Use an old milk crate or metal caddy as mobile spice storage. To season meals at the table, fill them with salt, pepper, commonly used spices, oils, and fresh herbs. Keep the holder close to the areas where you prepare and cook food, then move it to the table for meals.

    3. Magazine Files

    Stack water bottles in magazine files to keep them visible and within reach. Dollar stores carry this inexpensive kitchen storage necessity, allowing you to organize your cabinets while saving money. The cheap organizers can be laid flat on their backs for simple grab-and-go access.

    4. Add Freestanding Shelves

    Reading materials aren’t the only thing on bookshelves. Find one close to your kitchen to keep all of your cooking knickknacks. To make room in the cabinets, pile the storage unit high with cookware, spices, and cookbooks.

    5. Gather Loose Lids

    Makeover the disorganized area where you keep food storage containers by using inexpensive organizers. Separating plastic lids from bases is a simple task that can be accomplished with a wall file attached to a cabinet door. To quickly determine the size you need, stack the lids in order of increasing size.

    6. Incorporate Clear Containers

    Use clear storage containers to maintain a consistent appearance on your countertops. For less money, purchase them in bulk online from kitchen supply stores. Additionally, they work well for keeping dry cereal, pet food, and snacks. A countertop collection of rolling pins can be kept upright in apothecary jars with missing or damaged lids.

    Clear Pantry Containers Filled with Non-Perishable Foods, including Dried Beans and Grains

    7. Hang Pegboards

    Utilizing bare walls, a simple pegboard can be used to store a variety of kitchen accessories. This adaptable solution works for heavy utensils like whisks and large spoons, as well as pots and pans. A wall of inexpensive kitchen organization can be made by combining several sections.

    8. Try Tension Rods

    Consider using low-cost tension curtain rods differently. To create adjustable compartments, arrange rows of inexpensive window treatment hardware inside a cabinet. Use them to hold serving trays, baking sheets, and lids of plastic food containers upright and in order.

    9. Label Pantry Containers

    Make the most of the space in your pantry by using colorful, labeled baskets. To make mornings easier, take individually wrapped snacks and breakfast necessities out of their boxes and into the bins. For improved pantry organization, label shelves with the category of their contents as well.

    Neatly organized and labeled baking ingredients in BPA-free plastic storage containers

    10. Utilize Hooks

    To keep track of keys, umbrellas, bags, and anything else you might need as you leave the house, attach hooks to the back or side of a shallow cabinet close to the family entrance. Use removable adhesive-back hooks for other items so you can rearrange the hooks and their numbers as necessary. Screw-in cup hooks are ideal for holding keys.

    11. Install Island Add-Ons

    Not all storage should be kept in an enclosed space. When you adorn the side of an island with reasonably priced accessories, you can make frequently used items simple to locate and reach. Think about using bars to hold paper towels and tea towels or a recycled wire container to hold cutting boards and rolling pins.

    12. Incorporate Shelf Risers

    When tackling hands-on recipes, a collapsible riser made for cabinet interiors provides increased storage. Place ingredients in the newly created space underneath, then place utensils and dishes on top to create a workstation. When you’re done cooking, collapse the riser and store it in a base cabinet or pantry.

    13. Build an Island From Cabinets

    Standard sofa tables are elevated to a new level by casters and a countertop. It becomes a mobile island and food prep station when the tables are attached and provide additional storage. When you require additional counter space or a set of specialized tools stored inside, roll it in.

    14. Use a Wire Rack

    Add a stainless steel storage shelf to an empty wall in your kitchen to take a cue from commercial kitchens. This strategy makes the most of the height and empty wall space. To make room in your cabinets and pantry for items you use frequently, stock an inexpensive wire rack with rarely-used small appliances, perishables purchased in bulk, or dishware saved for special occasions.

    White and gray plates are stacked for storage in the kitchen

    15. Hang Baskets

    Fresh produce, cleaning supplies, and kitchen utensils can all be organized with baskets. Use a metal rod or adhesive hooks to hang a pair of baskets above a sink for convenient access. Wet dishes and sponges dry more quickly thanks to a wire design that makes it possible to quickly see the contents.

    16. Attach Corkboard to Cabinet Doors

    A practical way to arrange lists and notes is to apply cork to the inside of cabinets or the face of doors. Apply the low-cost corkboard sheets using double-sided adhesive strips or spray adhesive. Use the boards to store recipes, to-do lists, and coupon clippings so that the surface of your cabinetry is clutter-free.

    17. Add Shelves to Pantry Doors

    Add storage to the interior side of any cabinet to increase its capacity. To provide room for single-file lines of tiny luxuries and kitchen dry goods, make sure the shallow shelves neatly fit between your door and the interior shelves. Each door shelf has lips to prevent objects from falling off.

    18. Consider a Plate Rack

    Dishes can be safely stored on the edge of a plate rack while being attractively displayed. Place your plate rack close to the dishwasher so that dishes can be put away quickly, or place it near the dining table for easy access. 

    19. Hang your Stemware

    Your stemware will be stored in style if you hang it. It can be tucked inside a cabinet for concealed storage or hung underneath to display your wine glasses.

    20. Mount a Knife Rack

    There is untapped storage potential in a bare wall. Adding magnetized strips to one side of a finished board and attaching it to your backsplash to hold knives is one way to make good use of this space on a budget. Knives are now simple to pick up, use, and store as a result.

    Domestic kitchen knives arranged on a magnetic knife rack


    These are some clever and original suggestions that you can use to improve your kitchen. Make your kitchen more functional and less disorganized by using these brilliant storage solutions to organize and store your cooking necessities. 

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