Smart and Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

Unless you have a roomy kitchen with lots of cabinets and a spacious walk-in pantry, you really feel the stress of having to figure out where to store your load of groceries or display your brand-new cookware. If you’re having such dilemma, you may want to look at these brilliant ideas that will help maximize your kitchen storage space.

1. Create slots for your cutting boards, trays, and pans


Hate seeing your cutting boards, baking pans, and trays piling up on top of each other and making a mess on your countertop? Create a designated cabinet with vertical slot separators to store your cooking essentials neatly when they’re not in use.

2. Add hooks on every available wall space


It looks like we’re hooked by hooks! These wall-mounted hooks can turn all your apron or cutting board collection into a focal point. Hooks can also free up other space.

3. Store your stuff in the open


No pantry? No problem! Place your most-used ingredients on a rotating spices organizer and place it on the countertop (ideally near the stove area where you can have easy access to your ingredients). This will free up cabinet space for more stuff.

4. Try a pull-out pantry


A pull-out pantry combines the benefits of maximizing your kitchen space and efficiency. Your spices, dry goods, silverware dinner set, and other kitchen essentials will be neatly tucked away while providing easy access to them.

5. Go up and vertical


Have other goods, cookware or a set of plates and utensils that you don’t use often? Keep them in higher cabinets and pantries. If you don’t already have some, add shelves above the hood or windows, squeezing in as much space as possible.

6. Take advantage of the corners


Put those little corners of your kitchen to good use by putting a multi-tier corner display rack where you can store and display anything, from spice jars to cookbooks.

7. Repurpose old office supplies


Virtually everything in your work has gone online, and you may not need those bulky office supplies that much anymore. But instead of leaving them in the dust, take out those old filing cabinets and in/out trays. Give them a new life by transforming them into console tables with fruits and vegetables, spices or wine bottle display racks. You can take design inspirations like the image above.

8. Add drawers to your kitchen island


If your island doesn’t have some drawers already, add them on both sides for extra storage space! Or if your kitchen has lots of floor space, it’s good to put kitchen cabinets in the middle. There are free-standing movable kitchen carts and cabinets with lockable swivel caster wheels, which can also function as temporary islands.

9. Add storage to your backsplash


Your backsplash can also be an excellent place to store more stuff. Install a storage rail onto the backsplash wall to hang your utensils, pots, knives, chopping boards, sieves and strainers, spoons, ladles, measuring spoons and cups, etc. Or instead of racks, you can add shelves.

10. Hang ’em from the ceiling


The ceiling is often the most overlooked space, but not anymore! Take advantage of the space up there by installing a ceiling-mounted rack to hang and place your pots, pans, spoons, ladles, strainers, and even some of your electronic kitchen gadgets.