Small Nook Home Office Ideas


    The times have changed, and everyone is shifting from strict corporate jobs to doing wonders from the comfort of their homes. Most entrepreneurs and work-from-home employees, employers, and teams have started to designate a corner or a room in their homes as a “home office.” 

    Most of you live in an apartment or small home that might not have enough space for an ample home office. However, when running short on space, you can always go for a small nook home office.

    Limited space doesn’t mean limited ideas and compromises on design and artistic ambiance. With a few little pieces of furniture, plants, organizers, and creative ideas, you can indeed create a place where you can emit your productive qualities and feel good. 

    Here are some small nook office ideas that are sure to inspire you and keep you going!

    The Corner of The Living Room Is an Ideal Space

    Nook home office in the corner of the living room

    Do you long for that coveted end-of-the-hall workspace? Camping out in the corner of the room has benefits, such as a better view position (useful for keeping an eye on the kids while you work) and more personal space for concentration. 

    When looking for a place to set up an office, any spare corner of the house can do, from the living room to the mudroom. Spice up your corner office with baskets and hanging home plants, wall-mounted lamps if you’re short on space, and some motivating posters on the wall. 

    Don’t Spare the Area Under the Stairs

    Home office under the stairs

    You can’t afford to waste any available square footage if you’re very short on living spaces. If the area beneath your stairs isn’t required for the house’s support, you may convert it into a home office. 

    Wall-mounted shelves and rolling bins are a space-saving addition to any room. Add some color to your workspace by painting an accent wall, putting up removable wallpaper, or selecting eye-catching desk accessories.

    Cloffices Are Excellent for Small Spaces

    Nook Home office in a closet

    A spare closet might become a pleasant home office if you have more storage space than you need. After it’s been cleaned up, you can set up your shelves, install your task lighting, and relax in a comfortable work chair. 

    The term “cloffices” is short for “closet offices.” The thought of working out of a closet seems extremely odd, but in reality, it might be rather practical if you’re short on square footage. A miniature yet effective workplace that doesn’t need to serve any other purpose may be created out of your existing space if you lack the luxury of a complete room.

    Use A Drop-Down Desk in The Kitchen

     Home office in the kitchen

    This is a fantastic space-saving solution for those working in the kitchen instead of any other part of the house. 

    A drop-down desk that can be brought out for work and simply hidden away in a storage corner when you have finished work can create a quick home office that does not intrude on the kitchen area.

    Organize An Empty Wall

    Home office in the corner of the room

    Even with a modest home office, storage is essential and should be planned for. You may make the most of your quarters by installing a built-in workstation and storage unit against a single wall. 

    This arrangement requires no more floor space and efficiently uses vertical real estate. You should aim for various storage options, such as drawers, shelves, and open and closed cabinets. Consider adding a computer desk or printer stand.

    Add a Floating Desk in The Hallway

    Suppose you have a large family with members who often come and leave. In that case, a wall-mounted floating desk might be the perfect solution for providing everyone with a compact workspace that can be taken anywhere. 

    The desk’s surface is just the right size for a laptop, and it comes with several convenient drawers and shelves for storing stationery and other office supplies.

    Utilize Window Sils And Beams

    Workstation on the windowsill

    Using windows, rather than just depending on indoor plants, might be a terrific method to balance out natural exposure in places where the architectural layout permits. The desk may be “docked” to the center beam of the wall or wedged between the brims of two enormous windows.

    It’s well-known that spending time in natural environments may significantly calm one’s mind. Removing yourself from the digital world and focusing on the natural world is a great way to relax your eyes. 

    The only problem you could have is that you’re too distracted by what’s happening outside to pay attention to what you’re doing on the computer.

    Make Use of Wall Panels

    Although wall paneling has traditionally been associated with large older homes, it may be utilized successfully in modern settings to lend a sense of class and texture. Wall paneling is a popular option since it can be easily customized to fit any space and design aesthetic.

    Don’t Forget the Attic

    Home office in the attic

    Given that the attic is the pinnacle of the home and a place that is mainly secluded from the rest of the rooms, the pitched roof, typical in most buildings, creates a casual and pleasant environment, and the windows provide wonderful views. This ensures its individuality and offers you some personal space.

    Utilize Guest Bedrooms

    Obviously, we won’t have overnight guests all year round, so we shouldn’t expect our guest room ideas to be constantly put to use. These rooms often serve as a walk-in closet, a place to hang clothing, or a dumping ground for random items.

    Turning this space into a home office should be easy. You may utilize the multipurpose furniture as a couch to work on or a bed for overnight guests.

    Office Nook in The Laundry Room

    Your house’s laundry room may also be an excellent home office choice. Laundry rooms often need to be more inspired due to the fact that they serve a purely practical purpose in the home. 

    Make it more aesthetically pleasant by painting the cabinets a little different with a more exciting color or laying down a gorgeous rug. Since it is a laundry room, there is a potential for water splashes and detergent spillage. If you don’t want any electrical shocks, ensure your devices and cords are kept away from water sources.

    Organizing Tips for Small Nook Home Offices

    Here are some organizing tips to make the most of a compact home office, regardless of size or location.

    1. Add Wall Hanging Storage Shelves

    Wall hanging organizing shelves

    Utilize wall space if you have to make do with a cramped home office or a cloffice in another room. Shelving units should not be so high that they block the desk’s access to natural light and valuable vertical space.

    Instead, install wall-mounted storage options like planters for office supplies and a picture panel for books. Using spice racks as bookshelves is a brilliant hack that may also serve as an eye-catching design element.

    2. Add Houseplants to Your Workstation

    Having some houseplants in your home office is a great idea. Decorating with houseplants, whether fake or genuine, has been shown to reduce stress and increase focus at the office.

    Use hanging planters to keep them from taking over an already limited workspace. While live plants for the home usually give off the most excellent aesthetic results, fake plants are a good, low-maintenance alternative if you’re worried about damaging your walls by lowering a heavy planter to water it. 

    They are just as effective at relieving tension without the risk of water pouring down over your work.

    3. Add Soothing Colors to The Walls

    If you live in an open floor plan, consider painting partitions to separate your work area. Cover a wall section in a different color than the main wall, making it around the width of your desk and slightly below the ceiling to make a defined background for your workstation.

    4. Add Shelves Between the Workstation and The Living Room

    Procrastination is a significant problem for those who work from home, especially if their “office” is the living room.

    An excellent way to make yourself feel more ‘at work’ and less like you’re working in your living room is to create a physical barrier between your workspace and the rest of your home.

    5. Adorn Your Home with Eye-Catching Patterns

    Choosing things that make you happy may be a terrific approach to spark your imagination, improve your ability to concentrate, and boost your mood. Enhancing the room with finishing touches, such as various patterns of varying sizes and sorts, may positively affect people’s emotions.


    When switching to working from home or studying on your own time, having a well-equipped and tidy workstation will assist create concentration and boost productivity. 

    A home office is a luxury, but one that can be afforded even by those with modest means. You can make due if you don’t have a designated space. Remember the area under the stairs, the spare bedroom, the attic, or other unused spaces in the house!



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