Small Kitchen Appliances That Don’t Take Up Much Room

Have you ever felt that your kitchen was too cramped? Well, you’re not alone if that’s the case, as this problem is prevalent. Several factors might contribute to the impression that a kitchen lacks enough space, including unnecessary furnishings and equipment, poor spatial arrangement, and limited floor area. However, every cramped kitchen has a workaround that does not involve tearing it down and starting again.

This blog will cover small kitchen appliances that don’t take up much room, making your house feel more organized, practical, and user-friendly. These handy kitchen appliances have a low learning curve, fair cost, high utility, and ease of incorporation into your routine. These additions will make your kitchen look professionally designed and built for a much higher price tag than it actually was.

Wall-mounted Racks  – THIS ISN’T AN APPLIANCE

Close-up of metal pots and pans hanging on the kitchen wall

Wall-mounted storage racks or open shelves are excellent ways to convert wasted space into usable space. Any local furniture shop will have easy-to-install shelves. You may also buy shelving from an online shop such as Amazon. Several types are available, so whether you want high-end shelving that makes your kitchen appear professionally designed or a strictly practical item. You are likely to find the rack that meets your demands.

Mini Ovens

Croissant being taken out from a mini oven

A free-standing oven may be best if you pick between cupboards and an oven in your kitchen. It is also perfect for a second home, such as a countryside cottage or beach house. An oven with a moderate capacity, making it ideal for families that enjoy oven dinners and Sundays with friends. There are also small self-cleaning ovens available. Many also include culinary features, so you may prepare your food by just pressing a button on a digital display.

Mini Fridge

 Man taking out a bottled water from a mini fridge

Mini fridges perform the same functions as full-sized refrigerators. Still, they do not require big spaces or a more extensive power cost to operate. These small appliances are ideal for those who live in small flats or dorm rooms and don’t have enough space for a standard-sized refrigerator.

Mini Electric Stoves

Portable electric stove on white background

Mini Electric Stoves are small yet efficient cooking appliances that come in handy in the kitchen when your range fails or you run out of gas if you have a gas stove. If having a large stove is an issue in your little house, buying a mini electric stove with one or two burners is a great solution.


Bread slices popping up from a modern toaster

Toasters and toaster ovens are popular in many kitchens. Toasters crisp pieces of bread and bagels fast and effectively, whereas toaster ovens melt the cheese and reheat dishes. It is one of the perfect small kitchen appliances if you have limited space in your house.

Electric Hot Pots

Electric cooking hot pot

If you don’t have a stove, an electric hot pot can suffice for your culinary needs, allowing you to sauté meals such as chicken, steak, noodles, and eggs. Electric hot pots with a spatula and an egg rack are available in some places. Most electric hot pots can contain up to 2 liters and are tiny enough to fit in a small area. If you are a busy person living alone in a small room, this is one of the perfect small kitchen appliances to own for cooking food.

Compact Air Fryers

Compact air fryer

Air fryers might be bulky and take up a lot of counter space, but there are little air fryers that are mainly built to be compact and suitable for small meals. Some can only hold up to one and a half pounds of food and have adjustable cooking settings appropriate for whatever you’re preparing. Cooking using air fryers is an excellent substitute for unhealthy deep-fried dishes with healthier options. Very little oil is only needed in the cooking process.

Dishwasher Drawers

Dishwasher drawer in an apartment

Depending on your specific dishwashing demands and available space, you may pick between one or two drawers. A single dishwasher drawer may be your best option if you are single, recently married, or dine out most evenings. Single drawers are usually 24 or 36 inches broad and 19 inches in height. Every modest kitchen’s prayers have been answered. If your present dishwasher is a high-volume workhorse, you should think about getting a double drawer. A double-drawer dishwasher is generally the same size as a regular dishwasher. Still, it offers energy and time savings that may help a tiny kitchen become more practical.

Coffee Makers

Modern espresso machine with a cup

Coffee shop visits may be a pricey habit. An espresso machine at home may significantly reduce monthly expenses while providing the convenience of espresso shots, cappuccinos, and lattes whenever the whim strikes. Coffee makers are a must-have little appliance. Like much other tiny equipment, coffee makers may be outside the kitchen. These machines may be found in businesses and hotel rooms because practically everyone enjoys a hot cup of coffee in the morning.


Woman placing fruit slices into a blender

A blender is a must-have portable kitchen device for anybody who wants to mix sauces, liquids, or soups. A blender may “blend” two or more items together. Because its engine is less potent than a food processor and its blades are less pointed, a blender is suitable for liquids and ice.

Portable Electric Grills

Panini maker

Electric grills, whether panini, clamshell, or electric skillet, are popular in the kitchen these days. Electric grills are small, smokeless, and easy to care for. Meals prepared on an electric grill taste great and are significantly healthier than pan-fried foods. Portable electric grills can be stored in practically any area of your kitchen. You may prepare more nutritious meals, many of which are extremely easy to clean, even in the dishwasher.

If you shop for appliances, know how much room you have available. Also, price is always a crucial aspect to consider, whether you have a budget or not. With more costly things, you may be overpaying for features you will never use, or the price may depend on the brand’s popularity. It’s easy to get captivated by a small appliance’s sleek design and fancy features. Still, if it only sits in the cupboard or on the countertop, collecting dust and used once a year, it might not be the best investment. Before you click “buy now,” think about how often you will use the appliance.

There are methods to construct your ideal kitchen even if your space is restricted, including dishwashers, ovens, ranges, and more countertop space. There are more alternatives than you realize. Designing a small section is difficult, but small kitchen appliances may assist. It is beneficial to pause and consider what you truly require in your daily life to determine what to add or exclude.