#SinusStruggle- solved! {giveaway}

I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division, the makers of SUDAFED®. I received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

I know everyone in the blogging and social media world is screaming “It’s fall, ya’ll!” at the top of their lungs right now, but I can’t even hear it with all of this sinus congestion I’ve been dealing with lately. It’s that time of year all right- the leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and my kids are bringing home every lovely germ and illness that the public school system has to offer. Perfect! This is probably my least favorite time of year, simply due to the fact that from here until spring break we’re battling one sickness after the other.

I can deal with a little case of the sniffles, a cough, heck, even a little fever and some body aches. But my least favorite thing? Sinus pain, pressure, and congestion. It knocks my flat on my butt every single time. I hate it! That horrible stuffed up feeling is the worst, especially when you feel like your head is underwater or like your ears are plugged. For me, the throbbing headache I get on top of it makes me feel like my head is being squeezed in a vice, or like maybe I’m being crushed by a car. Add three kids into the mix and it’s usually enough to turn me into a weepy, crying, snotty mess.

Moms don’t get sick days.

Unfortunately, I turned into that weepy, crying, snotty mess just last week, when my sweet children brought home yet another round of germs for the family to enjoy. It was probably the worst head congestion I’ve had in a long time. Thankfully, my husband ran out and got me some SUDAFED® as soon as the symptoms started creeping in. Seriously, it’s the only thing that ever works for me. Within an hour of taking SUDAFED®, my head started to feel like it was clearing up, the pounding headache subsided, and I felt some relief from the sinus pain I was feeling in head. My kids could actually talk and ask me questions without me wincing in pain! I was back to being supermom in no time (or at least I could get up off the couch- same thing, right?) SUDAFED® to the rescue! Just in time too, because by the time I got over that horrible head cold, it was my husband’s turn. Good thing we were stocked up though.


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What’s your best trick for dealing with #SinusStruggles?