Simple Hair Styling Ideas for When You Are Running Late


    We all know the moment when we just got home from work but have to leave for a party in only half an hour or are running late to get the kids somewhere. We only get 30 minutes to decide on clothes, iron, shower, and get ready; managing time seems pretty impossible. To top it all up, taming the hair and making sure they look properly styled. Exhausting.

    We all believe that the go-to hairdo when running late is to just let the hair fall straight. But, how about we tell you that regardless of running late, you can still make sure you pull off a super chic hairdo in almost seconds!

    Read along to find out about some simple yet uber-chic hairstyle ideas for when you are running late.

    1. Messy French Bun:

    Buns are underrated. They complement almost every dress and have that air of elegance with a touch of casual. Added advantage, they are very easy to make. Whether you are running late for work, a meeting, or even a dinner, a messy bun updo will do the trick.

    How to: Slightly backcomb the hair on the crown of your head. Pull up all your hair in the front like a unicorn horn and wrap them in a bun. Make sure to tie it loosely, this will give the bun a messy look. Pull a few strands from the top and sides of the head. Voila, your messy bun is done.

    2. An Elegant Low Bun:

    An Elegant Low Bun

    A low bun looks extremely elegant if you wear it for a formal dinner/event. It is also very easy and simple to make.

    How to: Comb your hair properly to remove all the flyaways. This hair-do looks gorgeous if the hair is sleek and properly brushed. Now, make a side or a center parting, whichever you prefer. Collect all the hair in a low pony and tightly wrap the pony around in a bun. Secure it with hairpins.

    3. A Braided Bun:

    This hairstyle would trick people into believing it to be elaborate. However, it will only take a few minutes to make one. A braided bun looks graceful and will go so well with your dinner gowns.

    How to: Backcomb the hair on your crown and pin them back loosely. Now take a strand of hair on the left side and pin it over the tied crown. Similarly, take a strand from the right side and pin it over the tied crown, crossing over the pinned hair. Tie a few more strands crisscrossing each other in a similar manner.

    Braid the leftover hair whichever style you wish. Pull the braid back in itself and wrap it in a bun. Secure it with hairpin right at the nape of the neck.

    4. Milkmaid Braids:

    Milkmaid Braids

    This is the perfect hairdo for a lunch date. Super simple yet classy, milkmaid braids will give your casual outfits a stylish look.

    How to: Center part your hair from the top of the head till the nape of the neck. Braid the hair in each parting.

    Now take the braid on the left side, wrap it over the head and pin the end to the opposite side, behind the ear. Take the braid on the right side and do the same. Secure both braids with hairpins and your hairdo is ready.

    5. Half Tie Back:

    Half Tie Back

    You will love this one if you adore wearing your hair down. An uber flawless hairdo for your night out is wearing them half tied to the back. The hairstyle would look prettier if you add a chunky, jeweled clip over the tie.

    How to: Comb your hair and make a center parting. Grab the hair on the left side of the crown and pull them towards the back of the head. Secure them with a pin. Do the same with the right side. Add a pretty, glittery clip over the tie and your hair-do is done. How simple is that?

    6. A Messy Ponytail:

    A Messy Ponytail

    A simple ponytail can look very beautiful if done properly. A high messy ponytail should be your go-to when running late since it never goes wrong.

    How to: Backcomb your hair slightly to make sure the pony doesn’t lie flat. Take all your hair and tie them high with a scrunchie. Make sure to tie the hair a little loose so as not to give a flat look. Tightly tied ponytails tend to make the face look chubbier.

    Once tied, pull out a few strands right above the ears, on both sides. Also, slightly tug a few strands from the top of the head. This gives a nice, messy look to your pony.

    You can also backcomb the hair in the ponytail, right below the scrunchie, to give the pony a fluffy, lively look.

    7. Tie a Hair Scarf:

    Tie a Hair Scarf

    Accessorizing your hair can make the simplest of hairstyles stand out. Use a colorful headscarf and tie it around your head to give your hairstyle a funky and fashionable look. Trust me, it would take a few minutes but give you the coolest hairdo.

    How to: Side part your hair. Pull them all together and wrap in a loose bun just mid-way through your head. It shouldn’t be too high since you will be tying the scarf around the head. Make the bun a little messy by tugging on hair strands here and there.

    Now take a headscarf, any color that goes with your outfit, and wrap it around your head. Tie the ends of the scarf in a bow. Your hairdo is done. Simple yet stylish, this hairdo would go amazingly with your outfits for lunch dates with friends.

    8. The Side Swept Hair:

    This hairdo is common sense and no brainer. It has been in the fashion scene since forever and can look uber chic if carried properly. Just a few styling technicalities and you are good to go.

    How to: Select your best side. Now pull all your hair to this side over the shoulder. Next, you will need a hair spray to flatten the other side. This will make sure hair doesn’t find its way back over the shoulder. Also, stick a few pins to flatten the hair out more.

    If you still got time, take a curling rod and curl the ends loosely. It will make the style look better. However, if you are running late then skip this part, the hairdo looks good with straight hair as well.


    Pulling a hairstyle when you are in a hurry can be a difficult task. However, follow our simple hairstyling ideas and look amazing even when you are running super late.


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