Should You Use a Garage Floor Mat?

A covered floor can be the only affordable solution for an improved surface of a garage. If you agree to this statement, then this post is created for you.

Garage floor maintenance and cleaning can be a real challenge, especially at the time of winters, when the snow is unavoidable. It would take just a couple of minutes to turn a perfectly neat car port to a muddy puddle simply by parking a car. Even the thought of this scenario is super exhausting! However, you can fight this endless battle of keeping the garage floor clean and polished by investing in a premium quality floor mat for the space. 

Wondering how it will make a difference because you have to clean the mat instead of the floor for garage maintenance anyway? Get your answer in the post.

Is It Worth Investing in Garage Floor Mats?


Garage flooring mats are available in a variety of colors, styles and materials, like polyvinyl plastic and rubber. Some may seem like rugs, while others would resemble gym mats, a few would be plain and the rest might be textured. 

Just like the garage floor tiles, these protective mats can also be installed over concrete flooring that is cracked or stained. Although sometimes they are considered as an overlooked option, but there are so many reasons to invest in one. Have a look yourself:

  • Protects The Floor From Debris, Oil, Water and Other Liquids 

Garage mats are best known for capturing liquid spills leaked or dripped from the vehicle. In fact, some of them have the ability to collect gallons of oil, water, mud, antifreeze and debris. Hence, these are really helpful in keeping the surface of garage protected and clean, eliminating cleanup time.


Regardless of where the adventures take you; at the end of the day you can confidently park your car in the garage without worrying about the mess you have to clean after. A great deal!

  • Offers Protection and Safety From Slips In The Garage

Slippery surfaces are one of the most common causes of at-home falls, leading to serious injuries. However, this situation is avoidable to a great extent by keeping the garage floors dry and clean to walk on. This is when a good-quality, non-slip mat comes to the rescue!

Wondering how these mats work? As mentioned above, they can hold gallons of liquid or debris and in addition to this; they make sure that water doesn’t escape the surface in any case. You know the best part? The large capacity of these floor coverings prevents water splashes, while driving the vehicle in or out of the garage. 

  • Prevents Mud and Debris From Entering The House

What is the next place to go once you have parked your car in the garage? That’s your house, and no one would want to take the mud and debris from the garage to a tidy house. Would you? Fret not as you can avoid taking pools of oils and water inside your home simply by installing a garage mat. 

This floor covering allows you to enter your place with dry shoes, resulting in non-slippery and neat interior floor.

  • Conceals The Cracked and Stained Garage Floor

Apart from being extremely useful in trapping oils and snow; these mats are one of the best flooring options for a garage. They are also quite functional to enhance the appearance of your car port by covering the unattractive cracks and stains. This way, you can transform the entire look of the area without any repairing work.

Luckily, garage flooring mats are available in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to choose a perfect option that matches your needs the best. Besides, you can still get a mat for your car port if there are no cracks or stains on the flooring just to give the space a clean and fresh look.

Moreover, the containment mats also work great in preventing the water from seeping into the cracks of the floor, protecting it from freeze-thaw damage.

  • Easy To Clean 

You might be wondering, what difference do these garage mats make when you are required to clean them on and off just like regular flooring? Well, cleaning a garage mat is as easy as a pie. You can pour some cleaning liquid and brush off all the debris to make it good to go for several days. It saves you a lot of time and effort. The key is to choose the texture and material of the mat carefully while purchasing.

Above all, you don’t need to do regular maintenance as the mat captures and retains the spills without causing mess for days.

  • Hassle-free Installation 

Lastly, these mats are super easy to install. There is absolutely no need of floor preparation beforehand; simply roll it out on the required area and you are good to go!

Different Types of Garage Mats


No one can understand the need of your garage more than you, so you should be the one making buying decisions. Fortunately, you can choose from several types and textures of garage mats. From fabric to containment to rubber; these floor coverings are designed to cater different situations having diverse usage.

  • Containment Garage Mats

This one is the most popular type of garage mats among the countries with heavy snowfalls. They are designed to hold water and prevent slippery floors when the bottom of the car is more like a snow plough rather a vehicle. 

Containment mats feature lifted edges so that the water or debris can’t escape the surface. They are easy to clean with a wet vac, and you can remove their lifted ends to squeegee the water out. 

  • Fabric Garage Mats

Fabric garage mats are well-suited for the cities with occasional snowfall. They work great for absorbing liquids caused by snowmelt and for providing an anti-slip surface to prevent any accidents. Moreover, this type is made of waterproof material and doesn’t allow the deicing fluids, snowmelt or road salts to reach the floor.

  • Ribbed Garage Mats

Technically, not as good as containment mats, but ribbed garage mats are also meant to hold liquids. However, they are good only for a moderate amount of water having a level floor that can be mopped dry later. You can also use a wet vac to get rid of water and debris.

  • Roll-out Mats

This one is the most common type of garage mats and perhaps the most durable one as well. It is made of a thick and strong layer of fabric that is suitable for absorbing almost any kind of fluid. Moreover, the material also makes sure that no amount of liquid leaks from its surface.

  • Interlocking Tiles

This is usually seen in the yoga studios or gyms. Made of tough but bendable and high-quality polymer foam; the EVA mat is foldable and can be interlocked with the other one in order to form a customized garage floor. Besides, these interlock tiles are versatile in usage and convenient to relocate or carry around. 

Top Recommendations For Garage Mats 2022

No need to search here and there for the best garage floor mats of 2022 because we have done the homework already. Here are our best recommendations that will not let you regret your purchasing decisions. Guaranteed!

Where to Buy
Drymate Max Garage Floor Mat
Armor All Original Garage Floor Mat
Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate

1. Drymate Max Garage Floor Mat

Drymate Max Garage Floor Mat

The product is on the top of the list for all the right reasons. As the name reveals, the Drymate Oil Spill Mat aims to protect the garage flooring from any type of spills and leaks, all thanks to its absorbent material and waterproof backing feature. It works equally well for the substances like motor oil gasoline, brake fluid and coolant. 

Moreover, Drymate is slip resistant, and it makes sure that the spill doesn’t move around or cause any accidents. Cleaning this garage mat is super simple and requires less effort as compare to removing grease and oil residue from the floor. You don’t have to use bleach or any harsh cleaning agent either because a regular scrub with some soap would be sufficient. All you need to do it, scrub away the impurities, hose off, hang it to dry and it is all set to be used again. 

The top most layer of Drymate is manufactured from recycled material, consisting of non-woven polyester with around 50% recycled fibers. However, the bottom layer has a waterproof liquid bonded backing that is made from polyolefin. 


  • Reasonable price

  • Reusable, long-lasting 

  • Easy to clean

  • Slip-resistant fabric 

  • Suitable for the snowy and rainy season

  • Hold spills and debris in place


  • You may need to do extra measures to keep the mat in place as it can move around despite the claim.

2. Armor All Original Garage Floor Mat

Garage Floor Mat

No matter you want to transform the look of your garage, showcase your ride or expand your living space; Armor All Original Garage Mat can be the best choice in terms of protection and versatility. These mats can be used in the exercise area, basement, greenhouse, laundry room and literally wherever you wish to. 

Armor Floor Mat has a carpet-like feel, look and it is soft to walk on. Moreover, it has the ability to hide cracks or stains and trap leaves dirt, excess water and other elements. Besides, its patented material is waterproof and features slip-resistant backing that holds the liquid and prevents soaking through, such as brake fluid, gasoline, motor oil and coolant, etc. This waterproof backing also act as a barrier between the moisture and vehicles in order to eliminate the risk of rusting. 

The installation of Armor Garage Floor Mat is super easy; no profession help or equipment required for the purpose. Just make sure the surface is dry and clean, unfold the fabric, position it in place and secure the ends using double sided tapes underneath (included in the package). Besides, you can effortlessly cut the mat in require shape or size with scissors. 

17’ × 7’4”
8’4” × 7’4”
20” × 7’4”
22” × 8’10”


  • Made of 50% recycled fibers 

  • BPA free

  • Attractive design 

  • Easy to clean

  • Can be trimmed in desired length 

  • Portable 


  • Users complaint of receiving wrinkles mats upon delivery, but it can get fine within days. 

3. Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate

Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate

The last product on the list is also one of the best sellers when it comes to garage floor mats. The Diamond Plate rubber mat is specifically designed to ensure ultimate underfoot grip and maximum protection. 

The width of this mat is around 4ft, and it is available in various lengths. It is manufactured by using SBR rubber, that is styrene butadiene rubber - the material is known to offer plenty of friction. Furthermore, the top surface of the Diamond Plate mat is covered with industrial-style, highly functional diamond patterned protrusions. You know the best part? This texturing on the mat features shoes with extra traction in order to create a safe surface to walk on. Hence, reduced chances of fall and slip accidents. 

Just like other recommended products, diamond textured garage mat is also easy to clean and install. Having versatile usage, its worth your investment. 


  • Attractive design 

  • Value for money

  • Easy to clean 

  • Features extra cushioning 

  • Available in various lengths 


  • You may notice unpleasant and strong rubber smell with this product


Which One is The Best Option?

Here is a comparison chart to help you in making the best decision for yourself. Have a look:

  Drymate Max Garage Floor MatArmor All Original Garage Floor MatRubber-Cal Diamond Plate
Weight 2.55 pounds12.9 pounds46.89 pounds 
Dimensions ‎72 x 58 x 0.13 inches204 x 88 x 0.13 inches180 x 48 x 0.13 inches
Usage Reusable, versatileCustomizable fit, reusable Conceal stains and cracks 
Key features Slip-resistant, waterproof backing, made of recycled material, BPA freeEasy to install, clean and maintain, waterproof backing, absorbent fabricDurable, easy to maintain, protective cushioned layer, resilient flooring material
Material Polyester Carpet-like Synthetic, SBR 
Color BlackCharcoal Black

All of these items are incredible in terms of performance and quality. You can compare their features and select one that matches your budget and requirements. 

Final Words

Garages are generally the most ignored part of the house. However, a little change can transform the whole place and reduce your cleaning time as well. You are required to invest in a good-quality garage floor mat, and all your problems will be solved. To save you from further hassle; best-selling garage mats are recommended in this post with details to help you choose better for yourself. 

The key is to determine the requirements of your garage first. For instance, if you mostly take your vehicle on sandy/muddy areas or love to go on long road trips frequently, then you must be buying a mat that has the capability to hold all the mess. Moreover, it should be slip-resistant to reduce the risk of accidents. 

So, which one of the mentioned products will you buy?