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    Everyone likes savings and discounts — well, who doesn’t? If you’re a certified cheapskate, you might need to shop at Amazon whenever you have a need for a new gadget, an appliance or any item, because great savings await you there.

    Finding deals on Amazon is very easy. From Amazon’s home page, you just need to click on “Today’s Deals” on the top portion, and thousands of discounted products will be displayed. It’s also called the Amazon Gold Box – where Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals and different kinds of savings are offered. Deal offerings that vary every day are the first two, which are:

    1. Deal of the Day

    The Deal of the Day is always available for a few picks set on a special discounted price for a one-day period. Items featured in this category include electronics, cell phones and accessories, women’s fashion and jewelry, and home and kitchen items. Most of the time, you can see a gadget/electronic device or a home item offered in the Deal of the Day.

    You can customize your search by choosing a price and discount range, average customer review, as well as its availability. You can check upcoming deals, as well as the ones you missed.

    2. Lightning Deals

    The Lightning Deal, however, gives you a greater range of choices. It’s one of the most popular Amazon deals you can get. It’s a limited-time promotion with a limited number of discount offers on a specific item. From baby essentials, groceries, electronics, fashion-related items, to DIY stuff, costumes and everything else, the Lightning Deal offers them all.

    Like the Deal of the Day, you can streamline your search with the options presented at the leftmost part of the page.

    You can take a quick overview on every item because Amazon presents them with:

    • A timer – It’s a countdown on how many hours, minutes and seconds are left to avail the product on the discounted price indicated. You can also look at it as the remaining time left for you to make up your mind.
    • Percentage claimed – It’s an orange bar with an indicator of the percentage of total number of items claimed.
    • Option button – For products with variations in size, color and the like, you will see a yellow “Choose options” bar. Otherwise, it’s “Add to Cart.” For products selected for the Prime Early Access Deal, you can see a white “Learn more” button if the deal is not starting yet.
    • Product reviews – Based on consumer feedback, you can see how well the product is received by customers by its star rating.

    Select products offered under Lightning Deals can be accessed by Prime members for up to 30 minutes earlier than non-Prime shoppers if they are under the Prime Early Access Deal.

    Also check out these daily warehouse deals on Amazon:

    So, what are you waiting for? Check out these daily deals regularly to spice up your Amazon shopping!

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