She’s here! Welcome baby Harper!

Well, I have an update from my last post! (check that out to catch up on what was going on). My blood pressure was still high at that prenatal visit- the doctor decided it was high enough to induce me. That night. Which meant I had about 9 hours to get ready for baby to come (after spending the last 5 days on the couch for bed rest). It was a mad scramble to get everything done since I thought I had another 2 weeks to prepare! You might remember the sorry state of the nursery before, so I had to race home to get her room all ready for her.
My husband and I spent all day preparing for baby, got the kids packed up and shipped off to grandma and grandpa’s house, and even got in a last minute trip to Target for a few last minute baby and delivery essentials. About an hour before my scheduled induction I got a call from the hospital saying that they were full and that there were currently no beds available in labor & delivery. Apparently it was a busy night for having a baby. So I ended up going in at 6am the following morning instead. No biggie really, except that I didn’t sleep a wink that night. It was kind of like being a kid on Christmas Eve. I was just too excited to sleep!
I went in to the hospital at 6am the next day (Tuesday), got all checked in, and they started me on my induction medication around 8am. The contractions started pretty quickly after that, and by noon I was ready to have my water broken and get my epidural. I was only at about 3cm, but we were hoping that the epidural and broken waters would help me progress even faster.
At around 3pm I was barely dilated at a 4 or a 5, so they decided to give me another medication (pitocin) to help move things along and get my contractions closer together. By that point I was good and numb from the epidural so I wasn’t even feeling the contractions at all. Bring them on, I figured!
Around 4:30pm my nurse came in and said that she was going to check me again to see how dilated I was. She left the room briefly and I had a couple of contractions (from what I could see on the screen- again, I felt nothing). This time though, I felt a little pressure down below. Odd. I’d never felt that before with an epidural. The nurse came back into the room and I mentioned that I was feeling pressure. She said that was good, and that she’d check and see how close I was to being fully dilated. She began to examine me and quickly exclaimed Oh! She’s right there!” Meaning, the baby’s head was basically crowning. It was seriously baby time. Like, right that minute! She told me not to move, not to push, and basically hold her in while she called my doctor (who was just across the street at the OB office).
As soon as she left the room, my husband and I both heard something. Yes, we heard a strange sound coming from me. Like something was moving or coming out. I had never experienced something like that before. So he ran out into the hallway, panicked, saying “Uhhhh, someone come in here! Something’s happening RIGHT NOW!” Nurses came flying back into the room and started setting things up for the delivery. They had called my doctor and told her to come immediately and had also gotten another on-call doctor to come in the room on standby, just in case my doctor didn’t make it and we needed someone there to deliver the baby. I remember thinking “Please God, let her be running here right now! Don’t let her miss this now!.” I love my doctor. She’s awesome. I so did not want some strange doctor delivering my baby just because my doctor was 30 seconds away.
Thankfully, my doctor showed up quickly. She had run from across the street and up the elevator to the fourth floor and made it just in the knick of time. I mean, the nurses seriously threw a doctor’s gown thingy on her, put on some gloves for her, she sat down on a stool and immediately said “OK, let’s give it a push!” There was no “Hi! How are you? Are you ready to have a baby?” She just rushed in and we started pushing. It was crazy fast. I gave 3 quick, little pushes and baby Harper popped right out.
Harper Ann, born 7/22. 6lbs 9oz and 20 inches long.
 So tiny!
It took less than 2 minutes and was very overwhelming the way it all happened so fast. I mean, I had gone from sitting in the hospital bed, chatting and joking with my husband, watching Judge Judy and texting my friend baby updates, to holding my baby within a matter of a few minutes. My last text I sent was at 4:38, and Harper was born at 4:45!
I could not believe how tiny she looked when I saw her come out. I turned to my husband and said “She’s so small! Oh my God!” She was 2 weeks early, but she was a full pound smaller than my previous 2 and an inch shorter. Her head looked so small! I just couldn’t (and still can’t) get over her teeny size. And also, the fact that she has hair and that it’s brown. My other babies were as blonde as could be and were super bald. Where did this head of hair come from? Maybe she will be like her mama, since the other two are just like daddy, and she’ll be petite and dark haired like me.


OK, since I’m exhausted and tired of typing here’s a slew of pictures instead.
I took this one at 6am the next morning. Only 13 hours old!
Finally opening her eyes.
Ready to go home! Look how big the headrest is on her. So little!
Finally home and meeting big brother and big sister.
They love her.


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Thank you all for the sweet words and congratulations over the last few days!